The first time that I have trouble saying I am proud of Germany =/

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“I feel at home, in Syria was hate too.” (Quote from a Syrian Refugee)

This my dear friends is the first time I actually feel ashamed for Germany, the first time I struggle saying I am proud to be German.

What the hell is wrong with you people?!

I came back from China, being cut off from most news, turn the TV here an and all over the news there are demonstrations where people are screaming things this country heard once before.

To make this clear, 70 years ago.

PLEASE WHAT? I thought we learned our lesson and now the craziness starts again? Things get tough and you go back to that bullshit?

While 5 years ago everybody would have turned away from the couple of racists ,and let’s be blunt, nazis out there, today they all meet legally on the streets and scream their paroles together with those proper people telling themselves they are doing the right thing.

What right thing? Making kids cry who were hoping so much to find a peaceful place and walked through half of Europe because they heard great things about the freedom we enjoy?

Way to live up to it. This one time people love Germany, because it is a country full of opportunities, where everybody has the same rights and some stupid Germans just have to try to prove the opposite, because they are about to pee in their pants because of some terrified, tired refugees who just want to get away from war.

Gosh I am not saying to take everybody in, that isn’t possible, as strong as our economy is, it helps nobody if we take more than we can handle. There has to be a limit and the organisation of immigration affairs have to improve greatly.

But we can handle a lot and we should try the hardest to help those in need. Just because we were lucky that we are born here, we shouldn’t take everything we have for granted.

I am sick of this hate. It’s ok to be skeptical, things never go smooths when different cultures clash, but it is up to all of us to make this work. Instead of complaining, how about you try to improve things, come up with good ways of immigration and education, so that everybody can live peacefully together.

Screaming idiotic paroles isn’t helping anybody. Being mean and hurting others even less. Some refugees maybe are criminals, but then are you so much better by burning down refugee homes, throwing smoke bombs and beating up people?!

Who are the criminals now? You didn’t even give the a chance to prove how they are, instead you just judged them, without knowing even a single one of them. Intolerant Idiots all of you.

How many of you actually have been reading the German Basic Law Art. 16a , Satz 1.

The law code that is the base of all your rights and freedoms. The law code that states that all people are equal? The code that makes the country you are so proud of, to the country it is?

Gosh right now I am really wondering which country has the bigger douchebags when it comes to this question. England, who tried to colonize the whole world, but now refuses to take in refugees, Hungary who built a freaking fence, Greece who is trying to make profit out of the whole situation (even though I know that they will definitly need financial support, otherwise they won’t be able to handle the situation) or the German Idiots screaming : We are the nation.

I used to be proud of Germany, because even if people sometimes had a stick up their ass, they still knew what is right and wrong and sometimes where even a bit to uptight with doing the right things.

But now? Now you have the same people going crazy because things get a bit uncomfortable.

Wake up Germany! The world has been uncomfortable since years. Easy to talk if you are not affected, but now that it knocks on your door, you get all stupid and scared?

Where is your talk about human rights and democracy?

If you are screaming, we are the nation, why do you not live up to this?

Live up to the laws that built the foundation of this country. All humans are equal. Live up to helping those in need. Live up to treat everybody equal and to give everybody the same chance.

These are the things that make Germany awesome. Give the refugees a hand, show them how great it is to live in Germany, show them what one can achieve if he works hard.

We are all part of a world, not just a country and it’s time to face the fact that we are all playing a role in making this world a better place. If we close our borders things won’t simply stop, face it, the world is connected, there will always be consequences for every action a country takes.

I really thought Germany changed, I even thought Nazis are a rare reminder of the past, but gosh there are a lot that where hiding under the mask of being good citizens. Great that you are now showing your ugly faces.

It’s the first time I have trouble saying I am proud of Germany, the first time I wonder if Germany really can handle the situation, because I always figured if everybody works together there is nothing we can not handle, but with so many idiots screaming around instead of working on solutions I feel like Germany lost his most important virtue, the rationalism and figuring out how to solve problems.

That is what we are known for in other countries, figuring out problems, setting up a system and making it work smoothly…in combination with our laws and our social ideals (let’s be honest we are a pretty social country, everybody has the chance to get support if in need) this situation is controllable.

We need immigrants, we need people, most families have one kid, Germany my dear friends is dying out...give them a chance to work, give them a chance to be a Part of Germany and together we can be really good.

Gosh I really had to say this all…feels good to finally have said everything.

Don’t like it? Fair enough I probably do not like your opinion either, but that’s what free speech is for. Deal with it!


  1. Sarah Reply

    Something is really missing in the writing.
    The fact that germany, austria, sweden most of the refurees need to deal with because the want stay just there and for the people who screamming is possibly just to much refurees coming, unfair at all that a lot of europe countries give a shit on it. Unfair for those maybe later on dont get a penison and other state grant etc. feeling unfair on it that ever refuree get a start benifit etc.
    Who to Deal With Integration how get teacher nobodys know.
    By the way that they criminals or screaming on are mostly localeted in the east middle germany, rather people not having to much.
    the fact that much more people help refurees in germany help the imigrants to get here well than those which scream parols original getting criminal. Germany is, if we can trust newspaper, that one with the most helping hands.
    the fact that the City/Village very often really not bound in the refurees plans, the inhabiters getting really frighten by that way to manage.
    Very often the gouverment give a shit if the number of refurees they should stay in the village is comperative with the number of inhabitans. If you have a vacant bilding go often get until no vacancies any more. You also can not bump inhabitans to have place for refurees.
    In Sachsen Anhalt a hotel had got refurees, the employee got the notice, nobody informered they before, even if the hotel prob had problem you need to inform they before.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Thank you Sarah…I know this is far from perfect this post just mirrors the emotions I feel at the moment in Germany. I totally understand that Germany and many other countries are taking in a lot of people. But the problem is not really the people that come for asyl, but those that tag along for financial reasons. Because looking at our economy and also the economy of europe, they actually can handle the crisis.
      The problem is just that the European Union is as usual not pulling on one string. Do the refugees want to go to east europe? No not really, but if you tell them that’s where you go otherwise feel free to go back home, that’s what they will do. At least the once that are really running away from war. Is it fair? No but still better then being bombed everyday. But the issue is that as soon as a crisis starts all the countries just think about themselves and thats it with the union-.- at least thats how I feel…

      So what happens? we leave the refugees in the countries that are already struggling, for example greece…

      And I do not think we have to worry about our pension. Speaking about germany I am actually happy that we have refugees aka working people, because we do not have enough kids…there is nobody who will pay my pension in the future…So if we can integrate them properly into our economy, they actually are going to play a role in paying pensions, because it’s not like we do not have enough work.

      Otherwise do you really have to fear for your grants? Because lets think about this, you have a home? a roof? enough to eat? how many tvs? how many cellphones? Did anybody ever try to kill you? Or even to beat you into a pulp in front of your family? I am me idealistic, but I prefere to share the less I have with those that have to leave everything. Germany takes good care of their citiziens, we just sometimes tend to forget that if we do not leave the country often enough to see how things work at other parts of the world. I lived in the US, Scotland and China…From what the state does for you Germany is pretty awesome…which is the problem. Some are so spoiled by the good life, that they start going crazy out of fear without actually being restricted…

      Sorry so far I haven’t felt any terrible results of the refugees. And what the hell we get freaking paid even if we are workless…so why shouldn’t we support the refugees? Do you want them to starve…how can we have different standarts for them, then we have for ourselves. They are human, we are human, same rights for everybody!

      And damn the west paid over 20 years for the east. Didn’t hear them complain that much about helping the east, which was basically destroyed from the communism. They have enough, they are not starving either, they have the same stuff and they get the same stuff.

      And here I agree totally with you, there are so many, many great helpers, devoting their time and their money to help the refugees. These people do awesome work and they help so much. (You are my heros, you know who you are).

      But there will be elections soon in the state I live in and let me tell you, the atmosphere is a bit scary. Also even though there are so many great people, that’s no reason to let the bad behavior of others slide.
      There are nazis that take the unrest as a chance to grow in strenght. There is no other way to say it . Quoting: You should shoot them at the border.
      What the hell?!
      What was subtle hidden the last decades now got out again and because everybody is either a bit worried or angry about the situation, they find people who are actually listening to this crap. Look at all the other right movements in other countries, which grew in power.
      The political situations get more radical and let’s hear it from a German, that’s never a good thing.

      And come on, you have to place the refugees where there is space and for example on the countrysides there is a lot more space then in most cities…or do you want to kick people out of their homes? It’s easy to say the governemnt doesn’t give a crap…but you try to organize it..any better solutions?

      Because if you do, share them and get things going, because I am sure every help is appreciated.

      They definitly need to organize things better and also to prepare people better, but that’s always easier said then done if you are under pressure. How well can you ever prepare people…Right now the most important thing is to give them all a roof over the head and a warm place where they are protected from the cold…then we can start to properly organize everything…

      It needs help, lots of work and lots of planning and great ideas…but complaining just ain’t helping…

      I get it, people are scared…but this could also be a chance..not just a issue =)

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