3 Stretches to do while watching TV

stretches to do while watching Tv

Time for a quick Monday Post =D

As I now established Mondays are my “How to…”, Funny Post, Healths or Qickies…so now topic special topics, just some stuff one should know or some stuff to make you laugh 😉

Ahh well in short Mondays are my Fundays 😉 (or maybe rants:P )

So I was thinking about what I can share with you today and due to the fact that stretching today was awesome but I am still stuck on the stupid splits and will have to do some extra work, I figured out I will show you how I practice my stretches outside of training 😉

To make this even better, here are my 3 stretches to do while watching TV !


  • Split : Now this one is called a passive stretch, you are not using any extra power, but the weight of your own legs. Put a pillow under your head and the Laptop onto your belly or otherwise the turning the head part isn’t the most comfy if you have a normal TV,  but it will be fine for 10-15 minutes. Later feel free to make the amount of time longer. Enjoy and relax 😉stretches to do while watching Tv
  • Butterfly : This one is my favorite pose to chill out on my Bed. It is great for stretching the Inner tights and also the hips, which will improve your kicks a lot. Just sit down and stretch…lean forward to deepen the stretch, but try to keep your back straight.SAMSUNG CSC
  • Bend Forward : Well this one is obvious and easy to do..keep the knees straight, fold forward, back straight and the aim is the head done to your knees…but then you also can just keep the head up and try to reach more forward so that you are missing nothing of your TV show 😉SAMSUNG CSC


And that’s about it.

Three simple things that can greatly improve your flexibility, stretch out your muscles after a long day of sitting and are relaxing, without you missing out on your favorite shows^^

Ok time for me to eat Dinner now…I am staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving 😛

Have a lovely evening and stay flexible^^


Ps: That would be me hanging around in my room in the Kung Fu School in China, Maling Kung Fu Academy , where I am training for one year. =)



  1. Dave Reply

    Just a suggestion for the last one: whenever you feel tired, you can always rest by laying your chin on your toes;-)

    Have a good stretch!

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Not there yet Davide 😉 But working on it^^

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