30 Minute Fitness Workout for Traveller Part 1- How to stay fit when you travel!

Fitness workout for traveller

Like we already talked about last week, staying fit while traveling is a pain in the ass.

But here is the solution I promised.

I created a 30 Minute Fitness Workout for Traveller !

You can stay fit when you travel, all it needs is a bit of effort and 30 minutes of your time. Split it up to 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening and it sounds even less taunting.

Now 30 minutes won’t get you that six-pack nor help you lose a lot of weight. Let’s stay realistic here. But 30 minutes are enough to get you a bit more toned and to get rid of the guilt, so that you fully can enjoy that great italian pizza or spanish paella.

All of these exercises can be done in your room and are fairly simple.

Let’s start with your first 15 minutes of your Fitness Workout for Traveller

In the morning I at least am rather lazy, without coffee I barely want to move, but this workout will get you going and wake you up for an energized start into your day. We don’t want to get you to tired, because you might have a lot of walking ahead of you.

Now figuring that I am training Martial Arts, this might hold some elements of it.

Part 1: Morning Session of the Fitness Workout for Traveller

The Morning Workout contains of two Elements.

Yoga and Strength. So pick what you want to do first. I’d go with the strength exercises to warm up and later let loose and energize with Yoga, before you hop into the shower^^

The Strength Part is fairly simple, you got 5 minutes!

  • Push-Ups – There is no better whole body Workout then a Push-Up. Shoulders, Arms, Back, Core. Do them correctly and try to do at least 10. Add one more every Day. Do them correctly. (For the correct form head over to this website- Womans Health, perfect explanation)Push up
  • Calf-Raises – They tone the rest, especially your Butt and Legs. You could actually do them while brushing your teeth, saving even more time 😉 Do at least 40, best if you could do them on some kind of Ledge.calf raises

Both of these you can break up in smaller portions. By the end of your holidays you got some real skill to show of when you get home. Imagine the surprised faces when you suddenly are able to do 30 Push-Ups 😉

Now it’s time for our Yoga Session.

Nothing nicer to wake up to. And we are keeping it really nice and simple. Who knows the Sungreetings?

I know guys, urgh Yoga, how so not masculine. But it greatly improves your flexibility which is a must for Martial Arts as well as strenght…it looks all nice and easy, let me tell you it isn’t. Plus it makes your general movements a lot smoother, and come on everybody prefers to walk like a Tiger and not like an Elephant 😉

Find a small corner… you literally need enough space so that you can lie on the ground. Take the socks of for a better grip and relax.

  1. Breath in and lift your arms, breath out and sink into a forward fold. For the first round you can rest here a bit. Swing, let lose and feel where you have the tension. Maybe even bend the knees a bit if that is more comfortable.sungreeting
  2. After a couple of breath, step back into a lunge when breathing out. From here get into the Plank position.lunge and plank
  3. Breath out and lower yourself straight to the ground. Breath in and lift your head into a small Cobra. The arms lie shoulderwide apart, but do not use them yet. Lift yourself solely from the strenght of your back as far up as it goes.upward facing dog
  4. Breath out and push yourself into the Downwards facing Dog. Rest here for a couple of breath. Stretch the knees out, with small steps and pull the shoulders down and forward. Find what is comfortable for you, but always keep your back straight. downward facing dog
  5. Breath in and step into a lunge. Close legs and breath out into the forward fold. Breath in and lift up. Keep back straight, best bend your knees when lifting up, so that the lift coms from the sternght of your legs and not your back.sungreating

That’s it your first Sungreating.

Repeat at least once more, but all good things are 3-times. For the next two times, try to move with every breath in or out to create a flow. Try to keep your breaths as long as possible.

This will warm up your whole body!

After you finished sit or lie down for a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts and get mentally ready for an awesome Day of Traveling.

The Evening Workout is the more exhausting Workout. I will upload it this Friday, so stay tunned for Part 2!

So after you finished the first 15 minutes, be proud of yourself and enjoy that Pizza 😉 Because after all you should splurge a bit on Holidays, that’s what they are for^^

If you have any questions or suggestions write me a comment!

Hope I will see you again for the second part on Friday^^

Have a lovely Day!

fitness workout

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