5 Things you can do anywhere to stay fit when you travel!

Hey guys and galls,

got the same problem then I? Every time I travel I barely find time to workout.

So how can you stay fit when you travel?

There are a couple of things everybody can do when they are travelling without losing precious holiday time in a gym or going for the obvious jog through the city.

I started doing these things after my first holiday by my myself in Malaysia ( Read here about my special tips for KL or what I learned from my first time Backpacking) and am adding new things to the list. Especially now that I am actually living and training again in China ( Here to why I am living in a Kungfu School).

If you are interested in coming to China to train in a Kungfu School too, head over to the website of the school I am training in to check it out, Maling Kung Fu Academy.

Otherwise keep on reading^^

5 Things you can do anywhere to stay fit when travelling!

  1. Calf Raises – These do true wonders for your Gluten or let’s be a bit more frank, Butt.
    woman at beach
    Do your calf raises if you want people to see your muscles 😉 Even though this pose isn’t the most flattering xD

    You can do them while brushing your teeth, getting ready to go out, even in the shower(careful don’t slip) or while waiting for the bus. If you do them in public, they are pretty unsuspicious and even if people stare, let them 😉 You will have great legs, so definitely worth it^^ Try to do at least 2-3 sets of 40-60. They become harder if you are standing on your toes on an edge of a book or sidewalk, so that your heels are in the air.

  2. Walk more.
    woman with map
    Grab the Map and go to discover!

    Yes, don’t jump into the Taxi,Bus or Metro for anything shorter than 2km. You can very well walk that. This way you will actually see something of the city and I discovered quite a couple of great spots this way. I really just take the public transport when necessary. For example look up all the sights you want to see and see if you can plan a walking tour to connect them all with each other. Walking is good for you 😉

  3. Take those Stairs
    You don’t have to walk that many, but if you have the chance, the view is usually worth it 😉

    If you are staying in the 4th floor in your Hotel, walk those steps instead of taking the Elevator. Your body will thank you for it and imagine you would get stuck on the Elevator instead. Better walk, a lot safer 😉

  4. Drink enough water. In between the going out, splurging and buying soft drinks, because they are just so damn refreshing, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Best already drink a glass of water when you wake up. That will get your body going fast and helps you to digest much better.
  5. Wall Sit. Instead of sitting down when waiting, find a wall and wall sit. This is actually an exercise we do here for power training in my Kungfu School. It trains your tights and legs and is going to make them feel like they are on fire, so in short a great workout 😉 Also if you do it for a while it comes quite in handy, because you won’t need a chair anymore to rest 😉

Special Tip: Many Citys now offer Sightseeing Runs, where you jog in a group from sight to sight. But I’d adivce that just for people who do go jogging at home, because the runs can be up to 2 hours or longer. Do the others a favor and be able to keep up 😉

I know this may sound like not much, but it is often the small things that keep you fit when you travel. You maybe already knew about all of these things, if that’s the case, stay tuned for the post this Sunday, where I set together a 30 minute Workout for Traveller. Hopefully that will help you more.

Otherwise how about implementing these 5 tips first, you will be surprised on how much fitter you might come back from your holiday.

Have a lovely journey and feel free to share your own fitness tips here with the other readers^^


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