5 tips against muscle aches – When you feel like a truck just ran over you!

Nothing feels better than an intense workout, if there just wouldn’t be the horrible muscle aches the next day.

Sometimes like when you are training in a Kungfu School you have no other choice but to suck it up and deal with it. Because you are training everyday.

Here are my 5 tips against muscle aches – to get over the worst.

1. Stretch after the workout. For some reason people ignore the stretching often, but it should always be part of your workout routine as it improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles so that they can heal faster. Stretch also when you already have the muscle ache for the same reasons. Just take your time and go with your breaths.

2. What many sports people are doing, they actually take a bath in ice water, which comes of a bit extreme. But cooling down stops the swelling, so you could go for a cold shower or put some Tiger Balm (the white one with menthol) on the muscles that hurt, to cool them down. Do this after the training, before the actual pain comes.

3. Drink Cherry juice (I do not know if this is more of a myths or actual a bit of truth inside, but supposedly cherries help you to get over muscle aches faster. They help the muscle heal. (If it is more a myth, then it at least tastes good and stops the worst sugar craving after the training 😉 ) or eat/drink things with lots of Protein, Magnesium and Calcium…in short eat healthy and try to get all the nutrients your muscles need to heal, especially magnesium.

4. If the muscle ache is already there, warming up will help. No more cooling down. Now the blood has to flow freely, so that the muscles can be repaired faster. Hot showers, red-flower-oil or hot water bottles will help to release some tension.

5. Light training. This is the one I am totally ignoring right now, because there is no light about this training in china, but you do not have to overdo it like me. Go for a gentle jog. Losen up the muscles a bit, so that they do not get all stiff.


And then just keep on Training =) After a while, something pretty cool starts Happening. Your body will naturally adapt to the intense training and you will start to recover from muscle aches much faster.

And you won’t get them so fast anymore either.

So hit the gym, go for a jog or do your exercises, the pain will pass, but the results will be pretty amazing 😛


Btw. do you have anymore tips against muscle aches? Feel free to share them =)




  1. Jonathan Leyland Reply

    Hi Sabine,

    Your an inspiration to anyone wishing to travel and live and learn KF or any martial arts.

    I really like your blog and how you write.

    I hope your masters teach you most of the pressure points while your training, as they themselves are more protection than any brute force may give, and you never forget them trust me, the pain your going through will not go away, the more you will learn the greater the pain, however your body will melt the pain into positive motion and pain becomes just another sense that is easily controlled. Your balance and speed will flow with time, and the mind will grow greatly, giving you insight to all the nature around you.

    Your a very strong minded individual, I wish their were more like you Sabine.

    Myself I made the big move just over 10 years ago now to live in China, I live in central-ish China in Sichuan province.

    I shall place your blog in my fav list, and try and keep updated on your new happenings and read about your experiences in the school. I am glad its just a small school and 3 teachers their, as you will learn more and quicker.

    All the very best Sabine, Best Regards, Jonathan

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Hey Jonathan, thank you very much for this comment =) It makes me really happy that you like my Blog and my Writing Style, that means a lot to me!

      We get a bit of pressure points, but not as much as I would like to, as those are usually more often taught in the Internal Martial Art Styles, but here I try to research by myself a bit =)

      I am stil adapting to the training but what you say is right, it just takes patience, what I am struggling with a bit 😉

      Seems like once Chinas got you, it won’t let you go easily^^ Sichuan sounds like a nice place to live at, hope I will get the chance to travel there soon, as I have a couple of friends there^^

      Feel free to write me whenever you feel like it.

      Have a lovely Day =)

  2. Zhou Reply

    Hi Sabine/KFM,

    Greetings from Suzhou in Jiangsu Province (one city west of Shanghai) Keep pushing through the pain. Way back in the day when I was athlete and undergoing the brutal push through the first weeks of a season, we had a few tricks too.

    Stretch often, especially after the workout, before you go to bed and when you get up. Drink a lot of water. Avoid milk products (not a problem here in China!). Swear a lot. Learn some new swear words from your tongxue (classmates) and practice often. And ice baths. 15 full minutes. I don’t miss those.

    Good luck, have fun and remember that soon, your gongfu will be better than their gongfu.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Thank you for this lovely comment Zhou =) The first weeks are always the worst, no matter which sport it is^^

      I love your tip with the swearwords 😀 But I think if I swear to much my Sifu will make me do many, many push-ups as punishment xD So I guess the swearing will have to be just in my head 😉
      We luckily do not have the possibility to do icebaths, those Sound absolutly horrible xD

      Thank you for sharing your tips and thanks for the wishes, I will try my hardest and will push through the pain =)

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