A perfect Day in Cork -Travel Itinerary

a perfect day in cork

So you were wondering about what to do in Cork?

Let me tell you what a perfect day in Cork looks like, if the weather is kind of decent 😉

Morning Program

Start off at the Cathedral St. Fin Barre’s, a stunning cathedral at Bishop street. The entry costs 5 Euro for adults or 3 Euro for students/kids, but it is worth every penny.A perfect Day in cork

You will get a leaflet telling you all the details and the staff working there is really helpful too. You know there are certain places that just have this mysterious vibe and this building certainly has it. Just soak in the atmosphere and stroll a bit around the building after your visit,  old graves and scary looking gargoyles.

Exit at the back, make it up the stairs and follow the street down to the old fort. What can I say it’s free 😉

a perfect day in cork
The old fort, which was guess what??? Closed-.-

Looks quite nice too and you will have a stunning view over cork from there, if you’re not making the same mistake then we did.

It’s closed on Mondays-.-

Next to it was this really cute cafe at the end of the road you followed when coming from the cathedral, before turning left to go to the fort. You can get books there too, 2 Euro for any paperback, if that doesn’t sound like a deal 😉 just sit down and start reading one or stock up on your travel entertainment.

The coffee was excellent and we even got a tiny cake to go with it, some coconut, lemon and dark chocolate fudge mix, which was not just interesting but really yum too.

A perfect day in cork
The English Market

From there it goes back into the city center. If you are hungry, I would stroll to the English Market and get fresh ingredients there to cook for yourself.

If you don’t want to cook, I still would go there and have a look. The stuff there looks absolutely delicious and fear not, there is food for you too to eat straight away =D

A perfect day in cork
It’s the simple things that make me happy =D

We got an egg-sandwich, which was super fresh and tasty. We wanted to get some tea mix and soap there too, but decided against it, still had two more weeks of traveling, didn’t want to carry too much with us.

From there is is just 5 minutes through the city to the art center, what can I say shops, shops and restaurants, pubs, bars…enjoy the stroll.

At the Art Center (free) you can look at some modern art and upstairs loads of old paintings. The whole place is a bit like a labyrinth, which makes it fun to discover.

If art isn’t really yours, I still would look at it, there you will learn a bit about the history too and it will just take you about 20-40min to stroll through.

And check out the toilets at the top, these are a piece of art in themselves. Took us some time to actually figure out how to open the doors xD

a perfect day in cork
Just some cool artsy stuff =D

I would suggest to take a break now. Go and eat somewhere or cook your meal,before starting the afternoon.

Maybe stroll along the river a bit.

If you are wondering why I ain’t talking about the brewery tour?Well it doesn’t exist anymore. I was so exited to have a peek inside of a brewery, which isn’t the Guiness one, but Heineken bought the Beamish brewery and they set the tour on ice. Sucks I know =/

Afternoon program

In the afternoon we walked to the city goal. It is a bit on the outskirts, but we (my sister and me) kind of prefer walking to the hassle with figuring out how the local bus system works. I think the tour buses drive there too, but come on, you should be able to walk those 2km in under 20 minutes.

The Goal (prison) costs 8 Euro for adults or 7 for students and the tour is included if you wish to take one, otherwise take the leaflet and go by yourself, which we did.

a perfect day in cork
The prison, where ghost stories, history and human life-stories meet!

Lots of fun stuff, like lie down in a bunk bet in a prison cell and close the door. The stories about the prisoners are great too and you can have a peak at the untouched prison hallways.

Would have loved to stroll through them, they looked amazingly creepy. Especially the dark one up on the second floor, don’t miss it, looks like there is a ghost at the end of the hallway. I tell you my hair in the neck was standing up…

There is a ghost tour on Thursdays in the evening. If you are in Cork on a Thursday I really would consider taking it, the building is made for creepy stories 😉

In the end there is a little “play” about the different prisoners and the purpose of the prison and it really was well made. Again I just had goosebumps.

This is one of my favorite museums so far.

Stroll a bit outside through the prison grounds, maybe you will find the dark whole in the wall too?? 😉

a perfect day in cork
This is the cute little alley you have to take to get to the park =)

Exit the goal and turn to your right, go down the street, there is a tiny way with some stairs. Now you should see the cutest and smallest bridge ever (just for walkers) and yeah you are in a park 😉

This is the place where you finish your official sightseeing tour. Enjoy the view along the river. If you have kids the playground looks amazing. If you are not tired yet there is a small museum about cork inside the park.

Nice place for a picnic too.


Last go to a pub (there is always one with life-music during the summertime, just ask at your hostel) or try out some Irish dancing lesson (every Tuesday, you can look it up in TripAdvisor or Facebook, just look for traditional Irish Dance, Ceilidh in cork)

It’s 5 Euro for two hours and great fun. You will meet people from all over the world there and you don’t have to worry, most are beginners too 😉

I do know that this is a pretty stuffed day and lots of walking, but it covers the most important and you can simply switch different stations for other stuff, for example instead of art museum you can go to the butter-museum.

You know what I mean, this is just a little outline, up to you what you will do in the end 😉

All in all I have to say I absolutely loved Cork, because it was so cozy and relaxed. Most places where not overrun by tourist and the people were not hustling down the streets. The river and city itself is quite nice too and there is something for every taste. So thumbs up for Cork.

a perfect day in cork
Come on, this is just perfect, totally in love with this city =)

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  1. Shann Eva Reply

    Sounds like a really fun day with lots of great activities. I’d love to take an Irish dance class.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      The dances are amazing and good fun, but be prepared to sweat a bit….many places in Ireland over these classes for tourists or as day activities, just ask around a bit when you are there =)

  2. Ginger Marie Reply

    This is such a cool post! I love visiting markets of different cities. You never know what you’ll find!

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      I totally agree on the Markets, they are so much fun, I am checking out some amazing markets in Shanghai at the moment, like a flower or an insect market, pretty sure there will be some interesting posts coming up =D

  3. DT Reply

    I like your itinerary, nicely planned out 🙂 Love that last picture!
    — DT

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Go for it, that place at some corners that seriously gave me the creeps, the nighttour on thursday must be fantastic, but I think you have to book ahead for those =)

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