The BEST Alternative to the Oktoberfest

The best alternative to the Oktoberfest

If there is one thing everybody knows about Germany, it’s the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Worldwide there are thousands of copies of this festival. You can celebrate it in China, in the States, in Great Britain and recently in nearly every big city in Germany.

But let’s be honest they are just not the real thing. But what if you are in Germany at the end of September, the beginning of Oktober and you try to get to the Oktoberfest, just to find out that all the Hostels are overbooked, couchsurfers are busy and hotels charge horrendous prices?

Because that is what is happening every year. If you are not early enough, at least 3-6 month before, even better a whole year in advance, you’ll have some real problems finding accommodation.

So what to do? Is there actually an alternative?

Well sure there is =D

Cannstatter Wasen
Cannstatter Wasen

It’s called the Cannstatter Wasen and is in Stuttgart. Just 7 years younger than the Oktoberfest and two hours away from Munich. Stuttgart is not known for much, besides Mercedes and Porsche, but they know for sure how to have a party and how to enjoy a good beer.

All in all it is a lot less hectic there. Under the week you might even be able to get a seat without having to prebook. There are beer tents scattered all over the place, just have a peek and pick whichever you like the most.

On the weekend it usually will get as busy as the Oktoberfest, so if you actually want to get into a beer tent, you should arrive early in the afternoon, in the evening you probably won’t be able to enter anymore.

Alternative to the Oktoberfest
Do enjoy some good German food 😉
Alternative to the Oktoberfest
Just one of the many fun things to do, besides the beertents

While there will be a lot of drunk people, what else to expect with those big beer

Alternative to the Oktoberfest
So, this is what I call a proper beer glass 😉

glasses, it won’t be quite as bad as in Munich. So chances are good that you are able to go home without somebody throwing up over your feet.

Now if you are worrying about not seeing any Dirndl and Lederhosen, fear not they wear them there too.
I myself own a Dirndl too (as you can see 😉 ) and it is a must to wear (just be careful on which side you make your bow, in the back means widow or waitress, left that you are single, right side you are in a relationship and middle means virgin 😉 )

So if you are in the mood for a bit more relaxed alternative to the Oktoberfest, with a lot of history and great beer, give Stuttgart a visit and enjoy the music, beer and pretty girls 😉

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