Where to get the best Aperitivo in Milan – Best kept secret of the locals!

best aperitivo in milan

Ohhh I am going to blow it for quite some locals with this post.

I am going to tell you where you can get a very authentic aperitivo at an adorable location with the most amazing food.

What is an Aperitivo?

First let me explain the concept of the Aperitivo, as it is something you simply won’t get around if you want to experience Milan.

It is a drink you can get in most bars in the evening. Usually they slowly start around 6pm and end around 8-10pm, depending on your location.

It is meant as a small meal before actual dinner, but  it changed over time, so many places offer now quite a lot of food. But remember it’s not an all you can eat buffet. Don’t overload your plates and dear please don’t leave leftovers! That’s just impolite! Instead enjoy the great food.

So in the end you pay for the cocktail and get a lot of snacks for free.

Obviously it depend on the place you go, whether it will be a buffet or a plate of food, which they bring to your table.

best aperitivo in milan

A common price for an Aperitivo is somewhere between 8-13 Euros, but remember food included 😉

The Aperitivo itself is often bitter, to get your digestion going or so they say. I am not the biggest fan of bitter, but if you go through the card, you always have some non-bitter alternatives, but you might need to practise your italian a bit to read the card 😉

So now are you itching to know where to get the best Aperitivo in Milan?

My Couchsurfing host decided to share her favorite Aperitivo place with me. It’s a bit outside of the city, but definitely worth the stroll.

fonderie milanese
Don’t forget to ring the bell, otherwise you will stand in front of a closed gate =)

One might walk past, as it is hidden in a courtyard and you actually have to ring a bell to enter. But it is totally worth it.


fonderie milan aperitivo
Pssst…I didn’t tell 😉

Welcome to the Fonderie Milanesi (website isn’t done yet, but it at least has the address^^ )

When you go there, show them how many people, they are often very busy, so you don’t want to arrive too late. 6.30 or 7pm is perfect.

They will show you to your table, where you first order your drink. We waited until these arrived, before we went to the buffet in the main room.

Just leave your drink on the table.

That’s it enjoy some really, really, really good authentic Italian Food 😉

aperitivo fonderie milanese


But be aware that they don’t really speak much English there, you are under locals. If you are prefered to point and ok with not understanding every ingredient on the card, you will be just fine.

If you want an authentic experience, you have to be a tiny bit adventurous !

Now enjoy this awesome little secret place 😉 If you want more help or tips, just drop me a message I am sure I can ask my lovely couchsurfing host to help me out and give you the most authentic milan experience ^^

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best aperitivo in milan

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