Blarney Castle – Tourist Trap or amazing Castle?!

blarney castle

Every tourist coming to Ireland will have to decide whether they do want to go to Blarney Castle or not.

And many won’t because they think it’s to touristy and just not worth it.

I need to check things out for myself and let’s be honest, touristy places are touristy for a reason.

Even if there are more beautiful places (there always are) there is still something worth seeing.

And I absolutelyloooooooovedBlarney!!!

No kidding I had a blast there.

But you have to get there early, before the crowds start coming. Arrive there at opening hour and head for the castle first.

Blarney Castle tourist trap
Exploring the Dungeons (tunnel is about 30m long, so not soooooo long 😉 )

There is a dungeon with a cave that leads up into the rocks under the castle. Don’t go in there if you are claustrophobic, because it is really narrow and you will have to crawl a bit. But if you like playing Indiana Jones you will love it.

The castle itself is amazing too, loads of places where you can climb on and many tiny rooms to discover. Yeahi playground 😀

But be careful, it is all at your own risk and some things are not really secure, which makes it even more exiting or dangerous, however you like to put it.

blarney castle tourist trap
Looking forward to kissing the stone =D

Up on top you will have a stunning view and then there is the stone to kiss.

I would simply do it for the thrills alone.

Imagine leaning backwards, head first and under you there is nothing. Ok there is this guy holding on to you, so that you don’t fall and two hand rails for you to grip too, but still scary feeling.

Give the stone a smooch and up again with you.

Supposedly it will give you the gift of eloquence.

Have to be honest I didn’t notice any changes yet, but maybe it is late to kick in 😉

From there enjoy the rest of the castle on your way down. In the castle yard you will find information about the history of the place and famous people visiting and strange events happening at the castle.

blarney castle tourist trap
Old trees and interesting shapes, take your camera with you 😉

Now that you are done with the castle itself, don’t go home yet. Explore the gardens. There are tons of things to discover.

Most tourist won’t take the time to discover the huge castle grounds, but that is rather sad, they shouldn’t be missed.

At first I would go to the stone garden, where they have all the mystical things, because there it can get a bit full later on the day.

So where is the witch?!
So where is the witch?!
There she is! OHHH STOP, wrong alarm, that's just me :D
There she is! OHHH STOP, wrong alarm, that’s just me 😀

You will have lots of signs telling you about fairytales, myths and religion a long time ago and don’t forget the wishing stairs…supposedly you have to go backwards down, with your eyes closed while thinking about your wish, for it to
come true. Just to make sure to this upwards to and backwards again…3 times is the magical number 😉

blarney castle tourist trap
Useful knowledge found there for all of you having evil stepmothers or parents in law 😉 THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE…don’t you dare taking me serious right now xD

From there I would walk through the poisonous garden, which has enough dangerous plants to kill a whole army and then walk into the direction lake for a nice stroll.

blarney castle tourist trap
Without words 🙂

As usual in Ireland the woods have this calm and mystical atmosphere.

There is a little garden with magical plants and then there is the fern jungle. The lake itself is not very grand, but it is a great place for a picnic and to rest a bit.

Otherwise skip it and go straight to the Blarney residence.

It is a private home, which means you are not allowed to just enter, but there are tours offered. We didn’t take any, because we were already rather tired and not in the mood for paying another 5 Euro.

But the garden around the house, getting you back to the castle is really nice too. Loads of very old and very big trees.

blarney castle tourist trap
I just couldn’t help it, the forest is amazing for spontaneous photo shots 😀

So what is the closing line? The castle itself was fun and adventurous, the stone garden very interesting and the rest of the gardens definitely worth seeing if you enjoy strolls through beautiful and rather quiet areas.

For me I have to say I would go again. I really enjoyed my trip.

Ps. Entry prices are 13 Euro for adults and 11 for students and from Cork it is the easiest to simply take a bus to get there, if you don’t have a car, I think we paid around 7 Euro for a return ticket, just ask at the your Hostel/Hotel which one to take, they start at the Bus Station.

The bus driver usually even will tell you when you have to get off and then it is just a 3 minute walk to get to the castle entry.

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The final goodbye picture...want to go back xD
The final goodbye picture…want to go back xD

Have a lovely day =)

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