Beijing Blind Massage

blind massage in beijing

I do not like Beijing, but I like massages. And what better way to pass the time in a smoggy city, then going for a massage.Β 

Guess what…that ain’t fog, it’s smog…welcome to Beijing in the winter! That’s one of the reasons I don’t like the city!

(I was there in December 2016 for a couple of days)

Now going to a massage place in China can be a tad scary, as some places offer all kind of services. And with all kind I mean all kind. *cough-happyending*

So finding a clean, proper and good place takes a bit of a skill.

First rule, if the ladies all dress in very short skirts and dresses, do the math and consider your options πŸ˜‰

So I did my research and next to all the fancy Spas, there are some other options *poorstudentcough*

One of them is the Blind Massage in Beijing.

Yeah you heard me, all the people working there are blind or pretty much close to blind.

Being disabled in China is as in so many other countries without much social security and inequality problems, one of the worst things. There are not many jobs, quite a view end up as beggars or worse.

So the possibility to get a massage education in the big cities is definitely a good thing. Maybe not for everybody, but I like the idea. Also it is said that they have a much better sense for tensions and how to knead them out.

And knead they will. But more to that later.

So I did my research and voila, found a place that sounded great. This is the website, but don’t be fooled the prices for the place I picked went up quite a bit and where 3 times the price. No they didn’t rip me off, I checked the prices written on the board. It was 160Rmb for the whole body massage.Β Chaoyang address: ζœι˜³εŒΊε€–ι¦†ζ–œθ‘—η”²1号

blind massage beijing
Down the rabbit hole we go!

But I just came from my Kung Fu school, I deserved this massage! A girl has to splurge once in a while πŸ˜‰

Otherwise just ask at your Hostel, they might know a good place and maybe even a place where somebody speaks English.

blind massage beijing entry
Well you’d never expect to find a massage place in there, I was rather expecting my organs to get stolen xD But first impressions can be deciving

Because nobody did that at the Mang Bing. Pretty sure they haven’t seen many foreigners there either. So I had to explain with hands and my lovely translator app what I wanted (PLECO- saves your life in China). And I had no clue what to expect xD

This is what happens during the Blind Massage in Beijing:

I was being led into a room, with some other beds, which is pretty common. Often there is even just one room, so if you don’t like people happily chatting away, this massage ain’t for you.

You also leave your clothes on when you lie down.

Then the masseur will start. Quite fascinating, he was using a white towel at all times, so there never was any skin contact. I guess it is for hygienic reasons, but it still was strange. But hey he was bloody skilled.

He found every single knot and ohh boy did he find them. Sometimes short to tear up, especially when he did my calves and shoulders. Every time he found a spot, he had this slightly evil smile and pressed even more, causing me to make some kind of “ouch” sound, signaling him where to keep going.

We started at the back, down the backside of the legs, over to the arms, head and the front of the legs. That’s what I opted for. You also could get just a shoulder massage or foot massage. Well and if you can speak chinese I am sure you can tell them what to focus on.

With ouch and “hao” we communicated and somehow it worked. Still a strange experience, but it’s China. Nothing ever comes as expected.

At the end he also tried a good cracking and while shoulder as well as fingers and toes made a satisfying plop sound, all twisting didn’t bring my back to crack. He tried, but failed…I guess my back really is uncrackable πŸ˜‰

I got up, paid in front the price shown on the board 160Rmb and left. Do I know if I now got a full hour or not, nope, didn’t watch the clock. But I honestly don’t care. It was great and desperately needed.

And I pretty much walked back on clouds through smoggy Beijing πŸ˜‰

The best thing after doing yourself something good? Do more good and eat a portion of dumplings πŸ˜‰

Definitely an experience I would recommend, but you have to be able to take some pain ^^

Ps, If you guys know any other adresses for blind massages in Beijing or any other kind of massage place, please share them with my other readers. It would be great if you can tell us =)

Love ya and have a great Day!

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