China is graceful – The beauty in it’s Traditional Arts!

china is graceful

What is the first thing you think about when you think about Chinese Woman? Tiny, graceful, nice and always smiling? The idea of how a woman has to act and behave is deeply ingrained into Chinese Society. I already wrote about feminism im China in an earlier post. But figured it should be mentioned here too.

Afterall the ultimate goal is to be absolutely graceful. Think Tea Ceremonies or even eating. Don’t eat to fast, chew a certain way, talk with certain hand movements, gentle, not too fast. Definitely never powerful. But this is not the actual example I want to use to show ou why China is graceful

China’s Arts are mind-blowing. Graceful, flowing, elegant.

Here some of my favorite examples!

Caligraphy :

While for some just a weird mumbo-jumbo of tiny pictures, China’s writing is a true art. It is quite a common study subject, and true artists are found. With pencils and ink in all sizes, creating scrolls, which not just Chinese will have hanging on their walls. The simple black lines and elegant flow catches many attentions, why would there be so many Chinese Writing Tattoos (please check first the actual meaning, before you get one 😉 )

Man writing onto ground
A common practise is to write on the floor with water, usually attracting a crowd of people watching the artists. photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG Water Calligraphy via photopin (license)


Not known for bold colors, but more for minimalistic paintings, wonderful soft flowers and mountains. There is not much more to say!

china is graceful
photo credit: .gsr. Sumi-e via photopin (license)

Martial Arts:

This is the reason why I have chosen to train Chinese Martial Arts. It’s like dancing. It looks effortless, but takes so much skill. Well trained artists look like they fly, while showing power and strength, which will make you question their humanity. Even the hardest external style is graceful, besides the Kickboxing 😉 Especially famous for their straight sword. Watch them fight with lightning speed.


Not many cultures have so many different minority cultures and so many different cultural dances. All focusing on feminity and grace. One of my personal favorites is the Court Dance.


The Music:

Ever seen anybody play the Guzheng? It is pretty much the most graceful instrument I have ever seen, next to the harp. We had a small lesson, while I was in China in my Kung Fu School and let’s say we failed miserably 😉 But the teacher was just amazing!

China Instrument



This list could go on and on!

In China they ask for perfection in their arts and training. They push their students to do better than everybody else. Maybe it is because of the high competition. I think it is more the way they are. Nothing is ever good enough, if there is nothing to criticize you just did well enough. I mean look at the Chinese Circus or any Gymnast. They push their athletes to do the impossible, which results in inhuman gracefulness.

I have the feeling the striving after mastery is ingrained in their culture and they are willing to work hard and sweat tears to reach it. China is graceful!

If you want to see more examples of Chinese Arts. Feel free to check out this website. I find they give you a good overview over different Arts and also have some good travel adiveses and tips =)

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