Day 1 of the Germany Bike Tour : Arriving in Kiel and the first short bike ride!

germany bike tour

Day One, the 7th of August 2017, well if you really can call the drive with a train Day One of the Germany Bike Tour.

Remember how I told you I would be riding all alone?

Well the world is a funny little thing and my mom decided to join me for the first week, which I find highly interesting, because for her the theme of my route has a different meaning and I love getting her view on things.

bike tour

We both started off in DĂŒsseldorf, where I had to learn the first valuable lesson for a bike tour. Your normal kickstand won’t keep your bike up, when it is fully loaded.

It promptly fell over, and I learned my second valuable lesson: You really get what you pay for. Those lovely 21 Euros Bike Bags have now a minor tear at the top where I tried to grab it with
the string that’s supposed to keep your sleeping back.

Obviously there was no time to search now for a needle and some yarn, which is lesson number three, always pack them ahead of time just in case you need to fix things.

Well tape will hopefully do to.

So far the whole trip was very educational and we haven’t even left the flat.

At the train station we meet with a guy from the News Paper, who was going to take pictures of me, starting the tour. And he while I talked with the reporter who wrote me, my mother was in the back with the camera man and promptly forgot my age, because she was so nervous about the whole thing. Thank you mother, for making me 4 years older. As if time isn’t already passing fast enough.

We barely made it into the train and on the way we where. Like a good train, we had a delay, but where able to get our connecting train in Dortmund and get into the right wagon. Which is just one for bikes, sucks if you stand at the wrong end of that train 😉

Well anyway, the train ride was surprisingly pleasant. Had some nice chats with fellow bikers, comfy seats and dosed for a while.

We arrived in Kiel at 3 pm, by the time I was absolutely starving. Because I heard that a simply cup of coffee already cost 3 Euros on that train, don’t even want to know what the food prices where.

bike tour kiel

Before we got of the train station there was a couple waiting for their train and randomly started a conversation. They asked where the tour would be going, they themselves just came from Norway.

I was absolutely surprised.

I wonder was it because we where simply more relaxed and approachable because we where on holiday and then I am in a riddicioulus good mood anyway or because it is the simple North Germany flair, which just seems so much more approachable.

People have been great so far. Super helpful!

My moms first request for the day was simple: she wanted a bun with fish. Well nothing easier to find in Kiel, which isn’t just Germany’s Sailing and Navy City, but also great with fish.

How good does this look for 2,5 Euros. Sooooo yumm!

So we went to the *Kieler Förde* which is the harbour and got ourselves some yummy traditional Northern German Food, a Bismark Bun for my mother and a Lachs Bun for me. And ohh boy they where good, especially because of the view over the harbour and the find around our noses.

So there we where sitting in Kiel, my Bike lying on the ground, because it was refusing to stand, enjoying the sun and protecting our food from the sea gull. Isn’t that a perfect start?

kungfuprincess on the road
Nooooo not my food 😉

Afterwards we made our way to our hosts which we found over “Warmduschen” a couch surfing platform for Bikers.

Getting Insider Knowledge from the locals

And without a GPS we where a tad lost and looked like it. An elderly man stopped and asked if he could help. We later found out he was born 1939, do the math yourself, he sure didn’t look like it. He explained the way and also explained the term: Kaiserwetter to us.

Supposedly Kaiser Wilhelm just visited Kiel when the weather was nice and sunny, without clouds to enjoy a ride on his sailing ships, which is why now when the weather is great, people still say it*s Kaiserwetter. Never heard of this term, but loved this.

This is what I love about travel, getting to know all the little storys from random people. We talked a bit more about bike touring, which he seemed to have done quite a bit and off we went, with a pleasant memory and a great story to tell.

We made our ways to our hosts and while my mother at first was a bit skeptical about this whole process, Claudia and her husband quickly helped her to get rid of any prejudice.

We felt right at home, a great couple, super friendly and really experienced on the bike. Time just flew past and we sat outside, enjoyed the lovely weather and chatted for hours.

Our first host in Kiel, what a lovely garden, right? Thank you guysvery much, we loved it! If you are in Soth Germany you are always welcome, we would love to return the favor!

Really can’t wait to get started with this journey tomorrow. I have the feeling it is going to have a huge impact on me.

Tomorrow I will start officially my What is Germany? Am I Germany? project and please be a part of this and do something good.

Help me collect money for Amnesty International. This link will bring you to the official donation page.

Let’s make the world a better place, so that at some point everybody simply can hop onto their bikes and take a tour to whereever they want to, whenever they want to. We are so blessed, with all the freedoms we have, that it is time to work together so that everybody can have them too =)

Otherwise thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope you like my stories and I will keep you up to date 😉

Pleaaaaase share it so that it can reach a lot of People it won’t be possible without your help!!!!

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