Enchanted by the Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

What is the first picture you are having in your head when you think about Ireland?

Is it the Cliffs of Moher?

The steep 300m high cliffs at the west coast of the island? Pretty sure many of you said yes.

It’s the scenic spot you will see on most postcards and pictures and they are stunning, so it’s totally understandable.

Today I will try a different kind of post…Instead of my usual blabla I will show you more pictures and in the end you 5 things you should know about traveling to the cliffs of Moher.

Enjoy 😉

Doolin Port -Check it out in the evening when you arrive or after your hike, before going to the pub. Total different landscape there, just have a look for yourself^^
Doolin Port -Check it out in the evening when you arrive or after your hike, before going to the pub. Total different landscape there, just have a look for yourself^^
Cliffs of Moher
Take a deep breath and just enjoy the scenery for a moment or two 😉
Cliffs of Moher
This is where you will start your hike if you come from Doolin. It takes you right along the cliffs…careful don’t take this hike if it is windy =/
cliffs of moher
Don’t forget to turn around now and then, you will be definitly rewarded =)
Cliffs of Moher
Be cautious the area is tricky, there are holes covered with grass and stones can come loose- Don’t do anything stupid…
Cliffs of Moher
See that’s what I mean, don’t do anything stupid, even if it is a perfect picture opportunity. Careful around the tourist center are loads of people, it can get very crowded.
Cliffs of Moher
Stunning view and by the way, can you see that I actually was having a horrible cold and a slight fever? See what I am doing to get some good pictures for you, hiking 10km while being sick 😉
Cliffs of Moher
Lastly treat yourself to some good food in one of the pubs and come back for some awesome life music in the evening, the area is famous for the music, especially Doolin.

Where to stay?

Doolin if you are a Backpacker, there is a bus and they have a couple of Hostels, but book ahead during summer season! Doolin is also where the hike along the cliffs starts, but if you have a car other villages will be more relaxed and less likely booked out.

Other important information:

  • There are no supermarkets in Doolin, buy everything you need before arriving there. The next tiny shop is a 3km walk.
  • From Doolin you also can take trips to the Burren, this weird alien-like landscape.
  • When hiking around the cliffs, be careful, there are holes under the grass and the ground sometimes gives in a bit. Step lightly and hope for the best 😉
  • I’ll say it again, go to the Pub and enjoy the lifemusic, you could be lucky and somebody famous will be playing.
  • Doolin is a great starting point to take the ferry to the Aran Islands


Hope you liked the information, why not leave a comment or share if you did =)

Even if you didn’t, feedback is always good 😉


  1. Jaimee Reply

    The Cliffs of Moher are simply fantastic! I went this year and was completely amazed by the beauty of the cliffs, but also of how dangerous they can be! I’m afraid of heights so I couldn’t hardly believe that you can walk at the very edge of the cliffs. Great post, definitely making me miss it.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      A fellow wanderer =D I just been there this summer too…At some point I want a nice little appartment in one of the villages in that area…I am in love with that place =) but yeah the hike was a bit of a challenge for the nerves, especially because sometimes the ground isn’t as solid as it should be and you can see it moving under the persons shoes walking in front of you…still loved it =D

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