Fitness Challenge Day 3 =) – Great Workout

Wuhu great Day and great workout =)

Welcome back to my Fitness Challenge Day 3 !

My headache is finally gone and I was able to go running, because my Beginner to 5k Program with Runkeeper started today (here you get to the article where I write about all the apps I am using for the challenge).

So I did my running…it starts with a easy 2.4km jog.

My mom joined me and we picked a relaxed pace…ok we where horribly slow 😀 but that’s why I am doing two extra sessions alone during the week, so that I can pick up the pace a bit 😉

Otherwise I tried Sworkit…which is a 5 minute workout, with changing exercises every 30 seconds…not bad it warmed me up enough for my morning Yoga =)

Here is the Video. Today I decided to go for something more useful for my martial arts training.

Split practise =D

The Video is great, I found a rather unknown Youtuber, who definitly deserves more attention so check her video out =) Her name is Liel Cheri and I had a great morning workout thanks to her^^

30 Days Fit : 7 Box Pus-Ups (woman pu-ups), 20 Sit-Ups, 20 Wide Squats, 8 Chair Dips and 25s Plank.

Freeletics Program is just for tomorrow =) They’ve sent me a week plan with 3 workouts, which I will do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Ohh and I did my Martial Arts Exercises.

100 calf raises, 2×2 min Mabu, arm conditioning, 20 sek Finger Plank, 1 min headstand. (I will try to make you a video with these exercises this weekend =) So that you can practise them with me, even without a book. )

Sadly I don’t have a Video for you today, but I will have one on wednesday =)

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Frankfurt for a couple of days and this is the perfect opportunity to make a Video on how to stay fit while traveling…so I will be back on Wednesday with Day 4&5.


See you then and happy training :*

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