Top 5 Things to do in Galway – The Live-Music Hotspot of Ireland!

top 5 things to do in galway

Still looking back to Ireland and I just noticed that I never actually wrote my post about Galway. How could I, right?!

I mean it is freaking Galway =) So I will do this today.

Here are my Top 5 Things to do in Galway

1 . Go into a pub. That is what Galway is known for, rightly so. I can dare you that no matter which day of the week you will be able to catch some live music session. From concerts to spontaneous playing instruments together, to traditional dancing. There is always something going on. Simply ask at your Hotel or Hostel, the locals know best 😉

Pub Night with my sister…sorry about the bad lightning, but it was really cozy 😉

2 . Check out Salthill and the Seaside Promenade. It is a nice walk along the coast and beaches, to the kind of entertainment area, with restaurants and pubs. If the weather is great, the walk is definitely worth your time. We didn’t have such great weather, but we still walked, which resulted in nearly getting blown away by the strong wind 😉

seaside walk galway
Windy, but stunning and great walk =)

3. Eat Seafood. The whole of Ireland has glorious Seafood, but Galway really takes it up a notch.

Galway Night View
Never made a picture of the food, but how about a picture of Galway at Night 😉

4 . Enjoy the street artists. I have never heard such great singers perform on the streets. Take your time and enjoy, they have some great shows there, right on the streets 😉

Well and if you are not that interested into Street Artist, how about the Museum of Irelands Gladdach Rings? Nothing better then love stories^^

5 . Walk through the city and enjoy the views. It’s a quaint little town, with loads of pubs and cute little stores. A typical tourist town, but nevertheless awesome for a walk. If you can, check out the medieval wall and the spanish arch.

galway city
Cute little walks =)

In short, I don’t think Galway is your typical Sightseeing city, but more a holiday place.

A place where you hang out at the beach, drink and eat with friends and enjoy a good time. And the atmosphere definitely is right.

I really enjoyed our stay there and I wouldn’t skip it, because every traveller needs a place to relax at during a journey.

Did you go there yet? What was your favorite thing to do`? =)


  1. Juliana Reply

    It seems like Galway is stuck in Dublin’s shadow, and like many situations like that (Toronto to pretty much everywhere in Canada), it sure seems like Galway could be the real star – especially with the more of a local vibe that you describe.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Well for traditional Irish Folk it definitly is =) But same at so many places, people head for the capitals and rarely make time to discover the rest of the country =/ I mean most people I speak to have been to Berlin, but never seen anything else of Germany (maybe the oktoberfest), it’s just half of an impression then…Or Toronto how you said..I’d just love if I could drive for some weeks through Canada =D

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