Get out there and go for a walk! NOW!

 Ok now before you think, what the hell does that crazy woman want from me, read this and judge me later 😉

My favorite shoesI will give you 6 pretty good reasons why you should get out into nature alone and why taking a walk always is worth the time and effort.

Due to the fact that I am studying I tend to sit in sticky university rooms too often and when I go home and I basically fall onto my bed, turn the TV on and don’t want to move around anymore or do anything that requires thinking. But now it’s spring time, sun is shining everything is green and yesterday I just remembered why it helps so much to just go for a walk sometimes.

  1.  Fitness: Let’s state the obvious, it is good for us. Moving your body after hours of sitting, helps you to loosen up and it strengthens your joints and even muscles, not to mention it will burn some calories ;).
  2. Health: More importantly, when taking a walk outside you’ll get some sunlight, which helps you to get some Vitamin D. This stuff is simply amazing, it gives your immune system a boost and some people swear it makes you happy immediately. It, also is said to prevent cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and more ( but better ask your doctor what he thinks about it, because there are always lot’s of different studies to these topics, which might say different things). I call that a pretty good reason to go for a walk, hey you lighten up your mood and you’re doing something for your health. (Just remember to be careful, don’t risk a sunburn )
  3. Dreams: Let´s get to the less obvious reasons f.e. dreams. You can call me a hopeless romantic now, but I love taking a walk and letting my mind wander. I love imagining what could be and to do so I need the right surrounding.A place where I won´t get distracted and where I have the inner peace to just let go of the present. If you are able to do so in the city I congratulate you, I can´t. To many distractions and too much noise, to big is the risk to get run over by a car. But out there in the park or woods, there is space and air, sometimes it feels like you are in a different world. It´s just you and your thoughts. I tend to start dreaming about f.e. a knight on a horse sweeping me up and kidnapping me into a fantasy world or playing a female Robin Hood. (yeah I know, totally born in the wrong century) If you like it a bit more realistic start dreaming about what would be if you just could do whatever you liked or could travel wherever you wanted.Forest in Scotland
  4. Creativity: This one is pretty similar. I am often stuck not knowing what to paint or what to write about next. If that happens I go outside and just let go of everything. I try to take in as much of my surroundings as possible and usually new ideas just hit me. Actually this post was one of these ideas. Sometimes when we work all day and try to force ourselves to come up with ideas, even if our mind is blank, it feels good to let go and just concentrate on yourself. If you don’t find any new inspirations right away, don’t worry. Taking a break will give you the power to get back to the work, because your mind had the chance to rest for a bit.
  5. Social Contact: This may sound weird, but going for a walk alone can help you to socialize a bit. Nowadays we tend to go out just with our friends or family. We don’t even know how it feels to get into contact with strangers anymore. So go out and just smile and say “Hi” to the people you meet. Whenever people take a walk they are much more relaxed and have the time to respond. If your lucky you even will have some nice small talks. But it already is a great feeling when another person takes the time to greet you back, especially if you’ve spent the whole day inside, working or studying. In my case it makes me feel  much more connected.
  6. Sense of achievement: It is an easy way to make yourself feel like you can accomplish everything. When you go for a walk or maybe you even decide to take a real hike, nothing feels better than making it to the end. You did it, you started the walk and you finished it. Now you have a reason to reward yourself. And me being German I tend to reward myself with a nice cool beer. Otherwise chocolate or a massage or whatever. I love it when I have reasons to reward myself and make myself feel good. Yes this basically destroys the losing calories effect of a walk, but I see it this way: because I moved and did something good for myself, I earned this beer 😉SONY DSC


So, these are my 6 reasons to get out there. What are your reasons? Do you like walks and if you don’t, what are the reasons? Feel free to share some. Maybe we can make this list even longer together =)

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