Girls Talk- 10 things woman love or hate! Your guide to crack the code!

10 things woman love

I figured I will start a new series called: ” Girls Talk”.

This my dear friends is because I am studying in a Kung Fu School with mostly guys and most of my friends during High School were boys. What I noticed is that then and now most men still have no freaking clue what goes on in a womans mind.

Some even have ridiculous ideas about how woman should behave.

I quote: ” Womans don’t pee. That is so gross. ” – Dude I am so sorry to burst that bubble, but I sometimes pee a freaking waterfall after a couple of beers.

So let’s just get to the point!

I am a woman and I will without any shame and restriction answer the biggest questions that the male world has, clean up with some ridiculous ideas and hopefully make you understand the complexity that a woman is, a bit better.

Because we really ain’t that difficult to understand…Most of the time…

So for today I figured I will start of easy and also help you out a bit with great tips for your next date.

10 Things Woman Love or Hate!

  1. We love it when you know that every woman is different

    No we do not all like flower or chocolate. What we really like is when you take the time to actually think about what we as a person like. For example if you get me tickets to a boxing match or for a short trip,I might very well marry you. If you bring me flowers I will say nicely thank you and that’s it. Be original. Just to get it straight there are many woman out there who like flowers a lot, but at least figure out which ones she likes!!!

    A photo by Leonardo Wong.
  2. We love it when you treat us as an equal partner.

    We all like to protect what we love, but that doesn’t give us the right to make decisions for the other person. While some woman may like that behaviour, most don’t. I for example rather have somebody who will trust my skills to protect myself, but will have my back in dire situations and vice versa. Many woman like a man they can trust to be strong and to protect them, because they maybe are not able to, nothing wrong with that, but maybe she still would like to decide by herself if she comes home late from work or not.

  3. Compliments.

    Yes we do like them. Who doesn’t?! They stroke our egos and make us feel like we are the one most important person. When they are truthful. Don’t lie to us or go overboard. Like in number one, think about who we are as a person.

  4. We hate when you underestimate us.

    Don’t ever try to tell a woman what she can do and what not, and nothing worse than if you are going to act surprised by her lifting something heavy. REALLY?! Many might be not physically as strong, but that just means we have to be maybe a bit more resourceful. Ice Age is over boys, we are in every way as capable as a man. And want to know something funny, sometimes some woman just act a bit weak and slow because they are simply to lazy to carry the big bag themselves and know you are more than willing to take over. You are being played boys 😉

    No better woman to get this point across!
    No better woman to get this point across!
  5. Woman love it when you make them feel special.

    Nothing is nicer than if you, for example, offer a massage, even though you don’t like massaging. We do not want to ask for every little thing. Sometimes we want you to think for yourself and figure out what would make us happy. Because many woman do exactly that, but then feel not appreciated because nothing comes back.

    Bringen home our favorite Icecream on your way from work, without us asking, will usually bring you in more then just a thank you =)
    Bringen home our favorite Icecream on your way from work, without us asking, will usually bring you in more then just a thank you =)
  6. We hate it when you feel the need to tell us that you are a good guy.

    Because firstly if you are a good guy, there would be no need to mention it, you simply would show it through your actions. A good guy doesn’t have the need to advertise his behaviour. And also it tells us that we are the assholes if we don’t go out with you, because you are a good guy right? So it gives you later the chance to blame the whole failure of a relationship or date onto the woman. Plus it just asks of us to pity you. And Boys pitiful people just ain’t sexy. The same way you don’t like it when we go compliment fishing and say ” I am sooooo fat”.

  7. We love it when you sneak us a surprise kiss/hug while we are working or a cute sms.

    Anything that tells us that you are thinking about us. It makes us look forward to seeing you again and reminds us of you. Keyword here is surprise. Now and then, don’t make it all the time, because then it feels like it is a habit, more than actual showing affection.

    Anything to keep the sparkle!
    Anything to keep the sparkle!
  8. We want you to have your own opinion.

    If we would like to have a puppy who follows our every lead we would get one and not a man. It gets boring very quickly if we get everything we want and it also leads to us not really accepting you. So if you don’t like something, just say so, otherwise we feel like we are taking advantage of you or you just don’t even give a fuck about anything concerning us and just want to please us to get into our panties.

    Don't be scared...we usually don't bite if you are having a own mind!
    Don’t be scared…we usually don’t bite if you are having a own mind!
  9. We want to be play a bit of a game.

    Flirting is fun and nothing kills of the thrill of a new romance more than having the feeling you are being pressured. Sparks come slowly, a hand touch here, a long look there…tension needs to be created. Not after a drink on the way home, you suddenly turn around and demand that she takes you home. Slowly test the terrain and either it happens or it doesn’t. No need to ask after the second drink if she wants to have sex later. Instead of knocking, you just kicked the door down and every bit of tension usually goes puff…worse even if she first agrees and then changes her mind and you try to pressure her. We decide if we feel like it or not. And if not then we are just not into you. Take it like a Men and stop begging for a Lollypop like a spoiled Brat.

    Play the is supposed to be fun!
    Play the game…life is supposed to be fun!
  10. We hate it if you treat other woman disrespectful.

    No we do not want to hear you call anybody else bitch, cunt, slut or anything else. Worse even if it was one of your Ex-Girlfriends. That just tells us that you have no respect for woman in general and how you will most likely talk about us, when things don’t work out.text


Well obviously these are all things of a womans perspective. I am sure that some man can relate to these things to, just the other way around and that some woman out there probably completely disagree with some of my points.

But I talked about all of these points with my friends and we pretty much agreed on these.

But there ain’t no one shoe fits all, like Point 1 already states.

Which means I would love to hear what you (men or woman) love or hate.


I hope you enjoyed this and let’s see you soon again for the next round of “Girl’s Talk”.

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