I love my clothes – definitly not another minimalist backpacker!

Kungfuprincess rants

Welcome to another session of Kungfuprincess rants!

As some of you might know, I am currently travelling in Ireland. And as any good planner I wanted to prepare myself and watched several packing videos to check out new tips and tricks and to figure out how to make the most out of my clothes and my backpack.

And I was totally stunned. Did you see those Carry-On travellers????

There is no way on earth that I would be able to pack all my stuff for 3 weeks into a little piece of luggage.

And I didn’t even want to try to! Most of these packing tips are for hot regions or at least warm ones, others are just for a short amount of time and then there are people who are just tiny.

So my excuse is, I am bigger I need more space 😛

No really, going minimalist is an art. I admire you for doing so, but let’s be honest!

How often do you have to wash your clothes????!

These videos really intimidated me at first. I am travelling since years and yes I did my share of overpacking.

For example my luggage for one week of Rome was so big, that I got over the 20 kilo limit xD But it was Rome!!! I just needed fashionable clothes and to be honest my luggage also was stuffed with food, because I love to be prepared and am the queen of late night snacks 😀

But from that time 5 years ago, my stuff became less and less.

Now I am travelling with one backpack (10-12 kilos) and a daypack with all the stuff I need for work. Camera stuff and my laptop and idea book.

I am able to travel in a carry-on, if I am on the road for less than 5 days, but definitely not for 3 weeks.

So here I am saying you it is ok to not go minimalist. While it is great to carry so less, it has it downsides too. You will need to wash your stuff more often, there will be just room for one pullover and a jacket, which can get boring soon, especially if you like fashion 😉 and last but not least, buying essentials on the road is kinda stupid if you have them at home!

For Ireland my backpack was not really full. I left a bit of space for shopping and when the food is gone (just some tiny snacks, gotta be careful to always have something with me for health reasons) there will be even more space 😉

I am saying stop the minimalist madness and YES take that extra shirt with you, if you look stunning in it.

You don’t need to feel ashamed for having one unnecessary piece with you, even I as an experienced traveller ( I lived in other countries more than two years+ 2-3 shorter trips a year) am not able to go minimalist.

Just remember you still have to carry it, if you are like me, you will take the extra kilo and see it as a special exercise 😉

Ps. SHhhhhh don’t tell I have four pairs of shoes with me. No way a woman can go with less xD

So what are you?? Chronic overpacker or absolute minimalist? How much do you carry with you??


  1. Liz Benoit Cozby Reply

    Sabine, you crack me up! At least you have your priorities in line! A fabulous shirt and four pairs of shoes are definitely must haves on a trip. You never know when you need to look awesome. I always carry two pairs of shoes, sometimes three if I need to bring heels. I am not a minimalist, EVER, but I don’t mind just buying essentials when I get to my destination. Also, I found that sometimes you can just mail your souvenirs home instead of packing them. 🙂

  2. Kate Reply

    How fun!! Enjoy the travels and pack lightly! The days are long – the years are short! –I’m going to do this someday, too!

    • Kungfuprincess Reply

      Thanks Kate =) so far we are having a good time, maybe seeing you on the road next time? 😉

  3. trenna Reply

    I think you should take Liz with you next time and let her lug the extra things in her baggage. Leave it to a pro right? Great rant!

  4. Michelle H Reply

    This is awesome! We travel now with 4 kids so even if we pack minimal it feels like we’re bringing the department store. But I also remember being in Rome having to do laundry every 3-4 days and that just got annoying. I say, if you can carry it, bring it.

    • Kungfuprincess Reply

      Michelle I totally understand you, while I was travelling with my parents our car was usually loaded, but we tuned it down a lot as I and my sister got older…still it is just easier if you have what you need, instead of wasting time searching for it while travelling or doing the laundry =)

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  6. Megan Gonzalez Reply

    I can pack minimalistically when I want to, but I am not a minimalist. I want to be prepared. This month I will be going to an important conference. It’s one weekend, but I fully intend on bringing my large suitcase. I’m not entirely sure how everyone will dress, so I want to be prepared for every occasion. Also, it’s in Texas, so it’s likely going to be hot. I want to be daisy fresh at all times.

  7. Joanna Bell Reply

    I try to pack enough to not do any laundry while I am traveling, is that weird? This can make for much more luggage and likely is not practical for long trips but I just can’t imagine having to make time for laundry if I was in ROME!!!

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