Kiel to Preetz – The first stage and 3 things you should know before taking a bike tour!

3 things you should know before taking a bike tour

Wow first of, who ever said North Germany is flat, is a freaking liar. We where off to a hilly start…up and down and up and down and somehow the “ups” always seemed so much longer then the “downs”.

Instead of following the “proper” scenic Bike Routes, we took a couple short cuts and managed to finish the tour  with 58,9 km. And we also kind of needed1 hour for 10 kilometers.

Here are the Pictures of our route.

route kiel to preetz

Now that might sound like we where really slow, which we where. In the beginning it was rolling smoothly but those last 20km where a pain.

So here are 3 things you should know before taking a bike tour.

We just learned them today xD

1. No matter how comfy your seat is, your butt is going to hurt. Those first 20 seconds after a break back on your seat are simply cruel and my mother and me nearly got tears in our eyes everytime we saw a “Bumbyroad ahead” sign. I always stood up when there was something uneven, my poor mother was so exhausted that she didn’t even managed that anymore, thus our butts feel elegantly said like they are bruised pink and purple.

2. Don’t waste time planning every tour detail, because firstly Germany has plenty of signs showing you all the bike routes and secondly you might change plans on the way anyway.

Bike tour signs
These I mean, they are everyyyyyywhere…at least along the baltic sea we hardly needed any navigation with the cell phone =)

3. You won’t take as many pictures as you thought you would. Because when you ride up a hill, there is no way you are going  to stop and lose momentum and when you go down a hill there is no way you are going to stop and not fully use the extra speed. At some point we where so in zone and itching to finally arrive, that we simply pushed ahead.

Back to the Tour

We enjoyed the ride along the Baltic Sea until we got to the upper corner of our route, where the wind decided to come from the front, which is pretty much the worst possible case. Slowly edging forward, we managed to at least make it half way and decided to get an ice cream and eat something.

ice cream eating baltic sea
My mother really enjoyed that little treat =D much needed sugar^^

The Schnitzel was half way hidden under majonese, but who cares when you are hungry, right? And I am not sure if I am a fan of Northern Beer, it was called “Flensburger”. Quite bitter, I like them malty better, but that ice cream was a blessing, just what we needed =D

flensburger beer
Trying out the local beers…flens wasn’t really ours…

By then we already had 14 o’clock and just 33km behind us. Which lead to my mother slightly panicking and me being totally exhausted. Which is why we decided to cut our tour short.

Another thing we realized was that people who ride bikes are awesome. Lots of them greet you or help you out when you look lost, it’s like this big community and I gotta say I like biking. You see so much beautiful scenery and cool places and it kind of has something calming.

hay snoopy
And you find funny picture opportunities and lots of cool stuff along the road 😀 Because the ground looked sooooo comfy 😉

When we finally arrived in Preetz we went straight to Netto, which is a German Discounter and settled for some Spagetti Napoli and and some juice, because we where not simply thirsty, but itching for some calories or something sweet.

After such a long time, it felt like our batteries had run out. Which is pretty much the same feeling, like I have when I am training Kung Fu. A craving for sugar and sweets and loads of carbs.

Well that’s what camping food looks like, still was decent enough..can’t go wrong with spagetti 😉

Sadly we didn’t really visit any sights on the road. We where so focused on finding our way and making the first round. Tomorrow I plan to change that, which is why we also are leaving an hour earlier.

We still had time for a short stop. Who can say no to Blackberries? I literally jumped off my bike, pointed at them : “Mooooom look, you got to pick them I have to hold my bike otherwise it falls over” – Gosh they where good 😀

Same goes with the fact that I wanted to jump into the baltic sea today, but not knowing how much exactly would be in front of us  and my mother slightly panicking we would be too late at the camping place or whatsoever, I didn’t get the chance, but around  3 pm it was anyway already quite cool and so I was like, cool whatever, then I jump in the lake when we arrive in Preetz.

preetz bike tour
Preetz is actually a cute little town, but by the time we arrived most shops and cafes already closed 🙁

Well by the time we arrived at the camping place, which is in a lovely setting, it started raining. Just some drops, but then I really couldn’t be bothered anymore. Instead I had a beautiful hot shower, which felt pretty much like magic.

And also not even been doing any of the interviews which I had planned yet.
My que, time to write down some notes and get to work =)

Next update tomorrow.

Remeber this is for a good cause. I am not just suffering for the fun of it, just partially. I also want to collect Money for Amnesty International. Because Human Rights belong to everybody!

Please share and help me spread the word!

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