Killarney – Pearl of Ireland


If you ask people which is the most beautiful part of Ireland, many are going to say Killarney and the area surrounding it.

Or at least everybody from Derry will say that 😉

But it really is a stunning area. We, my sister and I, went there to hike a bit in the National Park and loved it, even though it was horribly touristy down there.

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We started of with walking to Ross Castle. It lies directly at the lake and originally we wanted to check out the castle, but for what ever reason we where not really in the mood for that, so we decided to take a boat out onto the lake instead
and to check out the monastery ruin on one of the islands.

The monastery ruins look pretty cool right?^^
The monastery ruins look pretty cool right?^^

There are three options the big speed boat, the smaller speed boat or you row out there yourself. The big boat was rather expensive and didn’t stop at the island, it is if you want to take a tour onto the whole lake.

So one out, two left.
Driving with the motor boat would have been the easy way, 10 Euro per person. Rowing out there sounded like more fun 5 euro per hour, per person. Prices would have come to the same.

As I was in need for some sport we took the rowing boat. It took me sometime to figure it out as I never rowed before, but after 5 minutes I think I handled it pretty decent 😉

My cute little sister struggling with the boat =)
My cute little sister struggling with the boat =)

My sister was giving the instructions (she tried to row, but we were kind of moving in circles 😉 ) and I gave it my all. When we finally arrived at the Ireland I was slightly exhausted xD

After a short break from the rowing we went on a discovery tour^^
After a short break from the rowing we went on a discovery tour^^

But it was so worth it. You might have noticed I like places with not many tourist and there where literally with us just 10 people on the whole island. The ruins where still in good shape and we strolled around the island.

Killarneys Treasures
Sunrise through the trees, old trees, the wind silently whispers…imagine at night the fairies coming out and dancing in the valley 😉 Loved this place^^

Some places had this very eery, kind of scary atmosphere. My sister had goosebumps all over. It just felt like you where in a totally different world.

All empty, just old trees, ferns and old stones scattered around. That place was breathing history and untold stories.

We had lunch on the island, it is a great place for a picnic, just please take your trash with you and enjoyed the view over the lake, before heading back. We just rented the boat for 2 hours.

Killarneys Treasures
Last picture of the Island…this place was stunning, like the rest of the area =)

That was so much better than the castle could ever have been.

On the way back we hitchhiked back to the main road (saving us a 30min walk), and from there we hiked into direction  Muckcross abbey and Muckcross House, which took us forever walking next to the road, as the area is private and no hikers where allowed.

But once we made it to the entry of the national park we found a nice spot at the lake and took a break.

My sister had to pull me away from there, I totally loved the lake...I want a house there, can you imagine a better place to write and be creative?
My sister had to pull me away from there, I totally loved the lake…I want a house there, can you imagine a better place to write and be creative?

It’s a scenic hike, if you stick to the path through the woods, just be careful, as there are no markers telling you were you are, just now and then you will find some signs telling the directions.

We didn’t go into Muckcross house. It was one of these days we were more into enjoying the scenery instead of doing the sightseeing.

But we enjoyed the garden and lied down on the huge lawn outside.

From there it was just a short way to the Torc Waterfall.

Killarney Treasures
The Waterfall =)

Along the road a musician was playing traditional music, which really added to the atmosphere. The waterfall itself was great, we took some pictures, rested a bit and went back.

There are some great hikes along the hills, but we were really done for the day.

All in all we probably hiked about 16km and 4 km back, before somebody felt sorry for us and gave us a lift back.

In the end I would recommend to rather take a bike, because the distances are quite big and it would have made our journey a bit easier, but then we would have had to skip the parts where we hiked through the woods along the lake, which were my favorite part.

In the end it is up to you to decide =)

Have you gone to Killarney yet? Anybody seen the Gap on Dunnloe?

Lovely Ireland !
Lovely Ireland !

We were not able to go there, but I would love to hear if it is worth it, for the next time^^


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    Wow, these pics are wonderful. I have never been to Ireland, only England and Scotland but I really want to! Happy Monday

  2. Kim M Reply

    Someday. Someday! But for now I feel like Im visiting though all your photos! Its beautiful!

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