Letting Go – Sometimes life is a Bitch!

letting go

One of the hardest things when you travel isn’t organizing a journey and saving the money, but letting go.

Letting go of the usual comforts, people, lifestyle and throwing yourself into a new culture.

What is sometimes even harder is staying on the Road.

Now and then you will meet people, that sneak into your hearts, but have so fundamental different lifestyles that there is no other option but letting them go, for your own and also for their insanity.

Because in these cases, one would have to change in ways that go against many things that make them who they are. Or the other choice is a life of constant compromise. We know these things are hard to work and often they simply fade out, day by day.

If characters differ, things can work out, but when lifestyle, values or goals are opposites, it will be a constant clash.

This is the moment where you either go insane and give it a try, give up who you are and hope that just staying with them will make you happy, which sometimes works out.

Or it is the moment when you let go.

When you lean back, look at the situation and accept that not every good story has a happy ending, because life is never as simple as the movies. When you realize giving up your goals and lifestyle might very well break you and you in the worst case will start resenting the other person or yourself.

And you will have to let people go. Friends, sometimes family or the one you fell in love with.

Because in the end this is your life and you have to live it the way you feel is right for you.

Changing yourself for somebody, won’t ever change your core and if they love or admire you for who you are, they anyway do so for who you are, not for what you are pretending to be.

So when things are worlds apart, you let go.

But not simply kick them out. Keep the door open. It might be more difficult than just cutting them out, they deserve a little bit more respect then that. And life is sometimes a wonderous thing and sometimes things never happen exactly as you expect them anyway.

The people who you have to let go, can still be your inspiration, your strength, your peace or your friend.

Even if they are not with you, they are still and always will be a part of your story. They formed and changed you in one way or the other.

Maybe your chapters together are over, but their importance never will be!


  1. John Rodgers Reply

    I am sure this is true in many people lives. After 18 years I will have to keep Laurel LOL. Still I do understand your meaning. Leaving home and letting go of family you are used to sharing with on a daily basis, children, grandchildren etc. can be hard and sometimes heart breaking.

  2. Mimi Reply

    So true, it is so hard when you travel because sometime you make a strong bond with whatever and you know you will have to say goodbye to it. For friendship though, thanks to social these days, they are kept forever!


  3. Punita Malhotra Reply

    Reading your post makes me recall a quote I read somewhere recently. “Sometimes others around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to…it’s not for them.” We tend to mix up ourselves with others and that’s where we land into trouble.

  4. Blair Villanueva Reply

    Hello Kungfu Princess!

    Letting go is tough but we have to do this in order for us to welcome new opportunities, friendships, and blessings with open arms, without having that guilt-feeling. I’ve been there and because I have a goal to change it, its only tough for just few weeks… but now I am thankful I did it! Just keep the keys when you closed each doors… coz time will come you have to have peek at least (*wink)

    For Urban Women

  5. Karen Reply

    It is true, but as someone who has lived in over 12 different countries, went to over 8 different schools, I rather like letting go and discovering new places and meeting new people!

  6. Janine Good Reply

    Letting go can be difficult in many ways. I have trouble if it has a nostalgic connection to me. When I moved to the UK for awhile, although not a huge culture shock, I still needed to let go of some Canadian habits to get used to the way things were done over the pond πŸ™‚

  7. Tom Reply

    I know you meant to focus on people here, but i can’t help but think about letting go of other things–habits, wants, possesions, assumptions, deep-held beliefs. These are things that can come up when we travel.

  8. verushka Reply

    letting Go such a hard lesson of life …. lots of tears and heartache but some chapters need to close so new books can start ….Sending you love and light x

  9. Christina Reply

    Yes, especially if you are on a lifelong voyage, I can imagine how letting go can be so difficult. Also, if you are moving from place to place, it means letting go more often than not. However, hopefully, it is all worth it and you are able to grow with each experience.

  10. Indrani Reply

    Yes, best to let go sometimes.
    Travel may be easy but not when it gets complicated with a mix of unwanted emotions, feelings and people.
    Great read, very different kind of travel related post.

  11. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    Today when we have taken up travel as our passion our lifestyle is much more different than it was a few years back. And then the ways parted with companions from older lifestyle it is not exactly a clash but we are happy in our own ways contented with our own choices.

  12. Jenn Reply

    Well, I thing that after that first time you go and change from tourist to travel you accept that every time you go and take a plane, the person that leaves will no longer be the one that arrives. It is sometimes hard, but better than just remain the same because it is comfortable. Safe.

  13. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    I can completely relate to your post as just recently i let go of all inhibitions and restrictions and set out on an adventure to Wales myself. I think sometimes you just have to let go. I read a quote recently and I think Its apt to share it without you- β€œMan cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

  14. Joanna Reply

    There are so many times when I hugged someone goodbye and then jump on a bus or on a train, and try to hide my tears. We meet wonderful people when we travel and even if it’s just for a few days, we feel that they are special. And it’s so hard to say goodbye…. when we know our paths are different. But traveling will always make us friends in all corners of the world.

  15. Laveena Sengar Reply

    Letting go is the most difficult and the most important thing to apply in life. You grow as an individual when you are capable of letting go.

  16. Terumi Reply

    Letting go is hard and I like the idea of keeping the door open in travel and in life.

  17. EG III Reply

    Not just sometimes, oftentimes life’s a bitch! But letting go is the first step towards truly being able to grab hold of your life (if that makes sense).

  18. Vaisakhi Mishra Reply

    This was a very different travel related post. Sometimes when travel is just not the thing to do and continue or when something hurts, letting go is the only thing you can actually do.

  19. Judson L Moore Reply

    Preach it girl. I so feel this. Too many times… As a nomad myself, I have just set myself up for a lifetime of heartbreak. But such is life.. we learn to deal and love and live, even if it all seems so complicated, or even doomed at times. But it is worth it, isn’t it?

  20. Tamshuk Reply

    This is such an inspirational post and I can totally relate to these words.
    Actually this was something I needed to read especially now when I find myself a bit demotivated. Never give up on your dreams, that is what I wanted to hear and read today. Thank you for this post.

  21. Ana Reply

    I can totally relate to your post! Letting go is the best thing otherwise, it will trouble you from within. On my trip to Atalanta, Georgia, I parked my car in the public parking of a 5-star hotel and lost my i-Pad from the glove box of my locked car. This incidence impacted my entire trip and I wasn’t able to enjoy things out there. But then I learned from that mistake to be more cautious and let it go!

  22. Veronica Reply

    You know, I was trying to think of people and lifestyle that I have to let go when I travel … and I realized that in my case, the hardest thing with travel is coming back home. I guess I am over letting the people go years ago and now I am too addicted to road…

  23. Liana Reply

    It’s really hard to let loose and make it like it’s easy letting go of friendships you spend months to build, because somehow you’re moving out of the country because you’re travelling. I’ve been through this, and it was really hard. I totally get your point, but even tho you gotta to move out, you know you can keep in touch!

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