Life in Shanghai

Time for my Wednesday Qicky.

I am not sure if you noticed, but my posts on Wednesdays are generally a bit shorter than the ones on Monday and Friday. That is simply because I need something simple and short in between all of mine huge 1000 word posts.

So today I will be just showing you some pictures from the area I live in. Lets take a tour through my “hood” in Shanghai 😉

Me and Shanghai have a bit a Love-Hate Relationship. While Shanghai has more to offer then you could possibly imagine, ( f.e. I think I could eat every day at a different restaurant for the next 5 years xD ) it is too much. China can be so confusing and you just don’t know where to start. From the 500 Massage Places, which one offers professional and inexpensive Massages and which one offers strange extra services??Which seller at the fabric market is being honest, which one you have to struggle with for hours to get things done your way?

Life would be a lot easier if I at least would be able to speak the same language.

But enough whining. In the end Shanghai is just a tad too western sometimes and missing the feeling of real China. Live can be so different on the country side and I think I kind of prefer live there =/

But nevertheless Shanghai is an amazing city, which I really hope to explore even more. I’ve done most of the big sites, time to find the treasures and maybe even the real china, I am missing so dearly 😉

Well if I have the time xD Currently my schedule is so stuffed that I can barely go out. I have my two Blogs, Chinese classes and law classes. Right now life is crazy, especially I have so much stuff planed for my Blogs.

But whatever I will manage, maybe not according to the schedule, but hopefully at least with no big delays.

That is pretty much all that is going on at the moment. Struggling to find time to explore Shanghai, annoyed that there is no 7Eleven or Coffee Place close to university, getting grey hairs while trying to learn proper Chinese, eating out far to often at yummy (or not so yummy) Chinese Restaurants and writing as much as possible for you guys to read ;).

Busy Bee is all I can say^^

Let the picture show begin 😉

Living in Shanghai
Cloud Nine, the Shopping Center close to Zhongshan Park and our University. That thing is huge with 9 floors, prepare to get lost and it has Carrafour, which is pretty much my savior if I am in desperate need for some imported food 😉
One of the many wet markets in Shanghai. While I maybe wouldn't buy meet there, the veggies usually are amazing ;) and who doesn't love a stroll through a busy market^^
One of the many wet markets in Shanghai. While I maybe wouldn’t buy meet there, the veggies usually are amazing 😉 and who doesn’t love a stroll through a busy market^^
Living in Shanghai
Thank you world for bubble tea…it got banned in Germany, but luckily it will be found in Shanghai at every corner…yes I am absolutely in love with it (especially because it just costs 1.5Euro 😉 )
Living in Shanghai
Did we talk about love-hate??? Yeah well the highest and most modern buildings, but sometimes they still built houses with bamboo…safe is something different-.-
Living in Shanghai
At night, there are lights everywhere, even the plainest Metro Entrance turns into something slightly magical =)
Living in Shanghai
Zhongshan Park…I love the park, I really do…I just don’t love the fact that I have to cross it every time I want to go to the Metro…stupid 20 minutes of walking-.-
Living in Shanghai
The Bridge in the University…The complex is divided by a small river and lit up completely at night, it was a bit early when I took the pictures, that’s why the lights are not turned on yet ;)…it is such a nice view and one of my favorite places to hang out at =)
Living in Shanghai
One of the many new buildings. I pass by this house everyday on the way to my classes and it is already nearly completed. Amazing how fast they finish these buildings^^
Living in Shanghai
My old dorm, this is where I spent my first month…looks a bit like prison, but well you get used to the building and the curfew pretty fast =)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and sorry for this absolutely not informative post. I was just feeling like rambling about live for a change 😛

Have a nice Day, your Kungfuprincess =)

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