10 Types of Men you meet when you travel ! The reason why I think I’ll stay Single ;)

men you meet when you travel

Every time I go back home, I am dreading the visits of my relatives. I came into the marriageable age already some time ago. The least that is expected is a long-term boyfriend.

Otherwise how could I have to the time to marry, build a house and have kids in the future. The princess needs a prince.

That is at least my relatives opinion.

The princess things more: What the fuck xD

I have people asking if I would be gay because I am always single…sirriously what has one thing to do with the other. Every time I am home somebody different tries to set me up.


I am always on the road. For a relationship you need time, you go on dates you get to know each other. You don’t just go after the second date: “Hey you know I will be leaving the country in two weeks, you want to come with me?”

Not like I wouldn’t like somebody to accompany me, but there is no way I will stay at home for somebody. Either I have somebody to explore the world with or I do it by myself. No problem with both solutions.

After basically eliminating about 90 percent of men who are not interested. There are maybe 10 percent left, already traveling or willing to travel.


Let’s say these 10 percent are 10 different types of men you meet when you travel !


1. Party LionΒ 

That guy goes wild. His travel is not just a normal adventure. He doesn’t want to just see the world but also fuck himself through every possible country (Sorry for the language πŸ˜‰ ). Stay clear, he isn’t ready for anything serious yet. If you just want fun, he is your man πŸ˜‰

2. Bro-Gang

Men you meet when you travel

Him you will most likely meet in the Party areas. Italy, Spain, Thailand.
He will never be really alone but always with his gang. Travel for him is about
having a great time with his Bros and getting drunk.Sightseeing and Culture?
Not so much.Β Also you will not get him alone, he just comes in a package and a pack of drunk guys really ain’t something you want to do to your sanity.

He won’t join you on your tour. He has to get back to his normal life and job and likes this regularity. This one holiday is the only time he does something remotely crazy.

3. The Hippie

He is all about peace and no rules. You notice him on the slight Marijuana smell. His favorite word is chill and he is chilled. Maybe a bit too much. While he totally loves travel and to discover the world, going on a date would be just to exhausting for him. Peaceeeeee let’s maybe drink some and maybe have a nice night you know free love, free world. You get me, definitely not relationship material.

4. The Homosexual One

I am sorry for this picture...it is horrible and clichee and usually very far from the truth, but remember this is simply a post to make people laugh a bit so I hope nobody takes offense =)
I am sorry for this picture…it is horrible and clichee and usually very far from the truth, but remember this is simply a post to make people laugh a bit so I hope nobody takes offense =)

I don’t mean that in a discriminating way. It is the plain and simple truth. One of them just likes the same guys you do. Ergo he is out of the game. But he will make a great friend and gosh nothing is more fun than judging how the guys across the bar look and giving them grades with a fun companion and a good drink.

5. Has a girlfriend at home


No more to say.

6. Has a girlfriend he travels with


Usually the dude you are having a lovely conversation in the Hostel with, until a girl comes and he introduces her as his girlfriend. Yeah life sucks πŸ˜€

7. Mr. Solo


He usually just got out of a relationship or he simply likes being alone, or he thanks all woman are horrible creatures made to torment men. Right now there is no room for traveling with somebody. He loves his solitude and he won’t be giving it up any time soon. If you can convince him otherwise, well done, he often is real good relationship material
(maybe not if he just hates woman in general πŸ˜‰ ).

8. Mr. Hot but doesn’t know it


Well he is often surrounded by outgoing people. So he isn’t used to getting any attention. Even though he travels, his confidence just isn’t there. Absolute clueless that others might think he is attractive. You won’t have a clue what is going on in his head. Whether he is interested
or not is a huge big fat riddle. Figuring this out takes time, which you usually won’t have when you travel.

9. Mr. Know it all


Now this one is a pain in the ass.You meet them at home, you meet them when you travel. That dude who will tell you what you all are doing wrong and how you can do it better, even if he is a total newbie traveler. Maybe he is a nice and decent guy, somewhere under all that bullshit. But I for sure as hell won’t try to dig, because after a 10 minute conversation the urge to strangle him just becomes to big.

10. Mr. Right


Yes he is out there. Somewhere. You meet him and you just immediatly hook it up. It works you are on one wave lenght.

Now you just need to have a similar travelstyle and the same travel plans. Which you usually don’t. Means very often you go your way, he goes his and you will be asking yourself the whole time what if. Ohh but don’t forget to meet him you first have to be in the same country and the world is a big, big place.

So I am sorry to dissapoint. No prince for me.

I just am loving travel too much and really can’t be bothered with searching, I rather search for the next streetfood place:P

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men you meet when you travel


  1. Desirae Reply

    I really love loved this post. I never did the travel thing, and truly admire those that do this. Just keep on going on.. you might bump into your prince one day. Funny thing… I did take a mini trip and met a friend down in Rome for a week and one of the guys staying at the hostile did not fall into one of these categories. If I wasn’t married with 4 kids… he might have been prince worthy.. So you never know… there is one for you somewhere πŸ™‚

  2. Castaway with Crystal Reply

    He he he these are funny! I feel the same way. Wayyyy too hard to find someone, and when you do start liking them it’s like “Um we have about a month to figure out if this is going on or not cause after that I’m out, with or without you…” πŸ™

    Crystal recently posted… Budget Guide: Japan

  3. Paul Reply

    Haha that’s such a funny post! You shouldn’t try too hard finding the right guy, just stay single until the time feels right!

  4. Criz Reply

    I feel for you. Though I have a boyfriend, still people expect me to marry instead of staying single. πŸ˜‰ I hope you’ll find your Mr. Right soon! πŸ˜‰

  5. Ashley Hubbard Reply

    Haha this pretty accurate, not to mention hilarious! Definitely hold out for the right one!! πŸ™‚

  6. Anna Nuttall Reply

    When I go travelling – I do it with my husband. I might stay away for those boys when i’m out. πŸ˜‰

  7. Dani Reply

    Fun Post! I can recognize myself as the dude travelling with a girlfriend πŸ™‚

  8. Natasha Reply

    Hahaha this post is hilarious and very true! I’ve meet a lot of interesting guys on my travels, definitely no one I can take home ha!

  9. Meiyi Cheng Reply

    Hahaha, nicely summarized! It looks like parents across the world have the same expectation when it comes to the tradition of marriage πŸ™‚

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