Part 2 Fitness Workout for Traveller – Get into shape in 30 minutes!

Fitness workout for traveller

Welcome back for Part 2 of my 30 Minutes Fitness Workout. I am super happy to have you back. If you missed last Mondays Workout, head over here to get the morning session.

This is the Evening Session of my Fitness Workout for Traveller

I know you maybe are tired from running around all day, but you’d be surprised what a bit of sweating can do for your body. It might just wake you straight up again, because endorphins don’t just make you happy 😉

Do the session whenever you feel like it. The important thing is to simply take those 15 minutes to do something great for your body. Best not directly after you have eaten and I’d prefer doing this before I go for my evening shower and get ready to go out in the evening.

Warm up

Why a Warm-Up? Because it reduces risk of injuries and muscle strains and prepares your body for the actual exercise to make them more effective. It basically triggers the fitness buttons 😉

Each of these exercises should be done for 30s, just set a timer. and repeated twice. The first time a bit slower, to get the body moving, the second time full speed to really warm you up.

  • Jumping Jacks – Tense that body and really go as fast as you can for the second round.
  • High Knees- Nice and high, best hold your hand up to your chest and try to hit it with your knee.
  • Arm Rotations- Start with small circles and widen them, until you are rotating the whole arm…for the last second the circles should be as large as possible to really warm up your shoulders.



Do 5 Sets. Try to do as many as possible in 30s, then switch to the next exercise.

  • Shadow Boxing – Don’t just punch, stay light on your toes,jump lightly and when you punch twist your hips and always twist back to neutral. Kickboxing is not without a reason one of the sports which burns the highest amount of calories in an hour. Practise your right hook 😉
  • Elbow Planks – Go into Plank Position, lower yourself onto your elbows and get back up onto your hands. Repeat. Keep the core stable and the back straight.
  • Bicycle Crunch – Lie on your back. When you crunch, the left knee goes to the right elbow and the opposite way. Always straighten the leg you are not using again. Keep the core tight.
  • Kicks- I know these might look not as great as a roundhouse kick, but they are really great for your muscles. Keep the foot flat on the ground, leg and back straight. Extend the leg and kick straight upwards. This is also great for flexibility…Splits anybody? Don’t just lift the leg up, kick it with power and when you reach the highest point pull it back down. Do it like you mean it otherwise the training is useless and it won’t be as effective.

fitness workout

Cool Down

  • 30s easy Jog on place and shake it all out
  • Stretch : Hamstring, Arms, Bend Forward Wide Legs, Neck

fitness workout



Now you can be proud of yourself. With the morning Workout you got your 30min of sweating. Feels nice to do something good for you Body doesn’t it?!

If you are like me you’ll have a big grin on your face now, because:

  1. You kicked laziness into the butt
  2. You will look great in those new clothes you bought
  3. You learn how to kick ass while traveling
  4. And lastly you really are going to enjoy the Pizza later 😉

I am proud of you! Keep on rocking and I hope you will keep on following my Blog for more Workouts and Travel Tips!

Be awesome and strong!


Your Kungfuprincess =)

Disclaimer: All of these pictures have been taking in Maling Kung Fu Academy . Now if you really want to become fit and strong while traveling China, you should consider training in a Kung Fu School, that would be the ultimate Workout. Trust me, I will be here for at least a year 😉

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