Qibao Food Journey – Xiaolongbao and other Shanghai Delicacies!

qibao old town

Remember when I told you about Qibao (you also will find the directions on how to get there in this post)?

Qibao is a small part of Shanghai and pretty much nearly all that is left from the old water city.

And it also is where all Shanghainese People go to when they have the craving for some food, the traditional Shanghai delicacies or need cheap souvenirs for friends and family living far away.

Today I want to introduce you to some of the typical Shanghai Delicasies you can get there.

  • Xiaolongbao. Little Dragon Buns. That name already sounds delicious. You can’t visit Shanghai and not try them. If now at Yuyuan Garden or in Qibao, doesn’t matter, but you have to try them. They are steamed Dumblings filled with a delicious broth. Slurp away;) But careful they are very hot and a bit tricky to eat^^

    Make yourself a Vinegar and Chilli dip, to eat the Xiaolongbao with!
  • Anything from the Bird. The spine, the wings, liver, hearts or maybe little Baby Birds on a stick. Every part gets used and cooked in a broth. This is for the adventurous souls. Be brave, try something exciting 😉 Or go for the wings! Never can do something wrong with wings^^
    Buffet for the Brave
    Buffet for the Brave


  • Barbecued Skewers. Do you like mutton or do you prepare squid. Well how about both ? Barbecue can be found at any corner and there is no better Snack in Shanghai. If late at night after a Party or in Qibao, get your daily dose of meat on a stick 😉

    I confess I am addicted
    I confess I am addicted!
  • Prefer Tofu? Well my favorite one is this slightly crispy in Vinegar and Spices covered Version! Love the flavors, but it is really filling and you will have to eat fast, otherwise it gets all soaked and squishy.

    Tofu on a Stick? Why not^^
  • Now let’s add something to drink to the mix. You could try out a classic Coconut or you are more like me and try the fresh Lemon Tea. I am addicted to them. Careful the are quite sweet. Absolutly delicious 😉
    I was tempted to stil the whole pot and run off with it ;)
    I was tempted to steal the whole pot and run off with it 😉



Qibao offers something for every taste. There are so many more things. Like steamed rice candy, steamed buns, smoked Duck Eggs.

In the end go there with an open mind and try at least one thing you don’t know, I dare you 😉

Enjoy and tell me what you tried ^^

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