Qingdao – Beer and Beaches, but what to do in the Winter?!


So from wine and beaches in Yantai, we are moving on to beer and beaches and from chilling to freezing…

I was stuck in Qingdao for a week a month ago. One one hand a good thing because I was able to get some much-needed work done, on the other hand frustrating, because I wasn’t able to stick to my travel plan and learned another lesson the hard way. Read about it here.

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So that’s what I did.

I spent 2 days sightseeing and here is what I found out about Qingdao for you.

When to go to Qingdao?

Do not go in the WINTER.

Really just don’t.

Qingdao is like one of those touristy cities in Spain. When it gets too cold to swim, it’s literally dead. Perfect in the summertime (if you like it crowded) completely empty in the winter.

The empty bottle collection in front of a closed Bar xD
The empty bottle collection in front of a closed Bar xD

Most restaurants and coffee places where closed and well finding people to hang out with in the evening is close to impossible.

Qingdao=Summer…if you like a lot of action go there for the beer festival .But don’t forget to prebook.

Why to go?

Well firstly, if you like your beer in China, you kinda have to go to the place where it comes from.

One of the places where it actually is possible to get fresh beer from the Keck. You will find it at every corner. Qingdao is the Birthplace of Tsingtao^^

And the Beaches make it to the perfect weekend getaway. Hang out at the Beach, go for a swim, enjoy the sun and drink some beer. Perfect little holiday place.

Can't say it isn't nice there, the beaches are quite pretty =)
Can’t say it isn’t nice there, the beaches are quite pretty =)

What to see?

While Qingdao is definitely not boasting tons of amazing sightseeing places, the
brewery is a must. Read my article about the brewery here. Very well made and in my opinion totally worth the money.

Walk along the beach promenade and visit the may 4th of May square at night for the view.

That would be the 4th of May Square…and even though I was freezing my ass of, that picture was well worth the coldness 😉

Go to the old town for some culture and old buildings and if you feel like it head into the catholic church to get a chinese impression of religion.

What else what I did not do?

Climb mount Laoshan, visit the island, little Qingdao, museums.

Why did I not to these?

When I was there temperatures where always around -5 to-13 degrees. Not even I am in the mood for hardcore sightseeing at these temperatures.

What to eat?

Easy, Seafood. They are famous for it and you can get it at every corner. I had
a hot-pot Meal at the Hostel with other guest and the best seafood ever. loads of
squid and clams, some fish and other delicious stuff…if they know how to cook one thing it is seafood and usually it is super fresh.

Fish and Chips at the Hostel, and yes it tasted really good ^^
Fish and Chips at the Hostel, and yes it tasted really good ^^

Where to go for Drinks?

This is a bit a tricky one.

Most Hostels have their own bars.

Otherwise outside of the brewery are a lot of different restaurants and bars. Some single ones can be found when you walk through the old town, keep your eyes open.

But otherwise I couldn’t find a specific Bar Street.

Just to show you how cold it was...not kidding with the freezing ;)
Just to show you how cold it was…not kidding with the freezing 😉

Supposedly there is an expat bar street, but when I asked at the Hostels they had no clue. Online I found it, but that street is crazy long and there where no information at which part of the street or numbers. So I decided not to walk the whole thing when it was freezing outside and instead had my beer at the hostel.

Alone, because there where no tourist…not even I enjoy that much solitude-.-

Where to stay?

There are enough options to choose from, all pretty cheap. I first stayed at the
Observatory Hostel. Great bar with a great view, rooms all right, they had central heating.

But it was in the middle of nowhere in a park, so when I was coming home in the evening, I had to walk alone in the dark(not enough lights at all) through the freaking park.

Not cool!

And the heating broke when I was there, meaning no hot water. No wonder by these temperatures it froze solid.

So I changed to the Kaiyue Hostel. Not Partner of YHA but still cheap. Rooms where clean but the Hostel was a tad rundown. But they had a great restaurant, which was perfect for me to get some work done.

Chilling in the Hostel =)
Chilling in the Hostel =)

Just don’t be late for breakfast…EVER. After 11am they do not serve anymore. Even if you just left your luggage at the counter and checked out. I was 5 min
late and she refused to serve me.

I just got myself a coffee and was a tad annoyed.

I mean come on the restaurant was empty, I just checked out a little bit of customer service, wouldn’t have hurt her.

definitely was not going to eat fish and chips for breakfast or ordering anything else for lunch. Not my problem, she was losing the money.

So in the End:

Qingdao was not really holidays for me. I was busy with visiting the school and
writing some important stuff. Read here. So maybe I just didn’t give the city enough of a chance.

Probably not, I was annoyed as hell that I was stuck there.

So I have to say it was great once, but I doubt that I will go back there.

If ever then just in the summertime with friends, but not for sightseeing, just for chilling at the beach.

It’s a city, it’s not too bad, but it definitely isn’t one of my favorite places in

But then as a German I kinda had to go there at least once, while being in China 😉 and what can I say, the beer actually was pretty decent 😉



Have you ever been to a place in the wrong season? How did you pass the time? Did you actually enjoy it or did you regret it?

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