Second Stage for my Germany Tour – Preetz to Henstedt-Ulzburg – The Day of Pain

My mother hated me today.

It’s the 9th of August.

She was done with the world, and I have to say I understand her. On the second day, when the whole body is already sore and hurting, 76,8km on the bike, well, it was pretty exhausting.

Still fit and smiling at the start of the day. Go Mom, you did awesome!

Here is the picture of our route.

germany tour

Those first 5 minutes after a day of break on the bike. I just wanted to start crying. I never knew my behind could be in so much pain xD We both where just like nooooooooooooo before we started to get used to the pain again.

The route itself was pretty cool. We where riding along little villages, up and then down again. Not many cars, calm streets. Lots of pretty fields and because I was able to take breaks waiting for my mother, I was able to take all the scenery in.

Fields of Gold..makes the drive really fun =) So pretty views!

Our first stop was after 26km, but by then it was already 1pm in the afternoon.

We stopped in Bornhöved, Cafe Elend.

cake and coffee
Who can say no, to a piece of lemon cake, like that?! Sooo yummmmmmm!

Now don’t mind the name, the Cafe is great. All of the cakes are baked there and ohh boy those cakes where awesome. We went for a coffee and a piece of lemon cake and one chocolate roll and both of us where in heaven. Really delicious.

The owner is fun too. He leads the place together with his daughter and is there for a nice chat. He will tell you all about the local stuff, but you need to bring some time 😉 I really enjoyed our little chat and can wholeheartedly recommend this tiny Cafe 😉

cafe elend
Cutest Cafe with the best cakes =)

From there we went to Bad Sägeberg, which was a true pain in the ass because the bike signs where so confusing.

If you got some time and you are into cowboys, go there on a Thursday- Sunday for the Karl May Spiele during the summer month.

Karl May was THE main Western Writer in Germany and his books are famous all over the Germany.

If you got time, don’t miss it in Bad Segeberg!

We just had time for some yummy ice cream, because there was still quiet a bit to go.

We somehow managed to find the main road and from there the last 25 km where along this road. There luckily was a bike way, but a scenic tour is something different.

But my mother was pretty much done with the world and wanted to arrive.

Somewhere on the way her bags also fell off and both plastic holders on each site broke. So we had to somehow tape them onto the bike. With a lot of creativity we somehow managed and in the evening I took all the heavy things into my bags, so that the would at least hold until Hamburg.

In short it was a painful, long day and when we arrived at 7pm in the camping place, my mother nearly passed out in the tent and was not to be moved anymore.

I will write a post about camping places and camping rules in Germany, but let’s say this, not many have WiFi.

At least we did it. The stage started of very pretty, became a bit boring along the way and was maybe a tad too long for a beginner.

camping pool
Our camping place even had a small swimming pool and I just had to jump in after this long day. But the water was soooooooo cold =/

But tomorrow we are finally reaching Hamburg.

Easy 40 km into the city =)

See you for the next stage of our Germany Bike Tour!

Don’t drink and drive, super narrow way, we had to really concentrate while riding!

Remeber this is all for a good cause. I am trying to collect 1 Euro for each km for Amnesty International. This will bring you straight to the official Donation Page. Show your support and save some lifes!

And here to why I do what I do!


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