Sunday Update – Being injured and going to start screaming if I have to do anymore Pushkicks!

This one is for my family and friends. Figured I will try to give you small updates on Sundays from now on about Life, Training and living in China.

I really can’t keep up with writing the long emails to everybody, so instead you get this here…want to know more leave me a comment 😛 Ok you can also write me a mail ^^ I try to improve my answering time =)


Can you believe I am already nearly since 2 months in China? Time just flew past and what is even more strange is that I feel like I have been here already since a lot longer time.

I have been in Shanghai to pick my stuff up, there was already one Grading and loads of stuff happened.

It is weird how fast one gets used to living with people and how it just becomes so normal that you feel like you’ve been knowing them since months if not years.

But I guess that is just what happens when you see them 24/7. Well so far at least I didn’t scream at anybody yet or closed myself into my room, which is a good sign. I am so not used to being around people anymore and then well you know me, some people just rub me the wrong way and annoy the hell out of me.

I confess I am a horrible person 😀 But so far all good, besides minor mean comments I am pulling myself together 😉

But I guess the reason while I was so much on the edge the last two weeks was more because I was injured and my bad temper kinda showed.

Getting injured

There is nothing worse than being injured, even if you know it was bound to happen.

Sunburned and injured :P Yeaaaaah not my favorite combination -.-
Sunburned and injured 😛 Yeaaaaah not my favorite combination -.-

I was stretching and while going into the front split my kneecap decided to do it’s stupid jumping. I am kinda missing a part of the bone which holds my kneecap in place, making it really easy for it to jump out on the inner side and bruise my tendons.

The noise was horrible and I was rolling on the ground because it always hurts like hell the first 5 minutes. Fun times-.-

Well I immediately rested it and was cooling it down after class, nevertheless I knew this was going to be a pain in the ass the next weeks.

Like any bruise it takes time to heal and will hurt for a long time, but gosh I didn’t figure I would be out for two weeks.

I knew I had to take it easy for at least 3-4 days for the knee to become stable again, which I guess lead my master to believe it was quite severe. With meant I ended up having to sit for all the lessons, which was fine with me the first week, but slowly really bothered me the second week.

As soon as I pulled a face I was out on the bench, even if my knee was just itching. At some point I was sent to the bench without it even hurting.

I know I could have just kept on going, but it did hurt slightly, so maybe I should rest was what I was thinking at first and then there is this problem with disagreeing with your master. There is this fine line with respect and following what your shifu tells you. But having an overly careful Shifu can make once life a bit difficult.

I know myself pretty well, if it hurts too much or feels fishy I will stop, but I literally had no choice in this. I was supposed to do Push Kicks instead, sitting on a bench, but these severely messed up my hips, with them cracking every single time, with me getting more and more annoyed with the exercise.

I do not want to doubt my Shifu, because shouldn’t he know best? But gosh you know me, I am the impatience in person.

Everybody helping to plant the new grass...first my Shifu wanted to sent me back to my room, because of my knee, I flat out refused and set onto my bottom instead of kneeling...He couldn't say anything against that :P
Everybody helping to plant the new grass…first my Shifu wanted to sent me back to my room, because of my knee, I flat out refused and set onto my bottom instead of kneeling…He couldn’t say anything against that 😛

So after he went away on Tuesday until this evening to visit somebody in Shanghai, the first thing I did was going for a run. I felt like a teenager drinking behind my parents back xD. And surprise, surprise I can do the 1km.

So the last days I took part in the normal classes, besides Take-Downs, which I didn’t want to risk and so far my knee is fine. Sure it acted up a couple of times, but then I simply stopped and did something else instead.

So this week I will train normally, I will flat-out refuse to sit down or do those damned pushkicks anymore.(Feeling like a teenager in a rebellious stage right now xD).


Otherwise I am finally getting a bit a hang of Tai Chi…We are learning a fan form at the moment, so that is kinda fun. I just love Fans =)

Besides that, I feel like I got worse again, because I was resting so much because of my injury and being frustrated with not being able to train properly.

I think I really have to start doing extra training, to improve my overall performances. I do want to get better, but I feel like I am already kinda stuck in a weird rhythm I can’t get out of. Kicking my Ass from now on and training at least 1-2hours extra..but then when do I find the time to write? Problems over Problems xD

But nevertheless to improve I have to start to train and to get organized. No more excuses.


What else has been going on besides the training?

Well I have been going out on the weekends and am enjoying the time in the City, even though Xinyi isn’t quite my favorite city, I at least get a taste now of normal Chinese life, far away from tourist attractions and huge cities.

Xinyi still is huge, but it is I guess rather poor or well at least not as well-developed as many tourist cities are. There are still some great bakeries and coffee places, one can get food which isn’t Chinese and all the small stores are fun to look through. For example discovered a discounter for cosmetic products or a fake “miniso”, which sells all kind of useful and useless stuff for the house and cosmetics.

It is fun discovering more and more of the city and a welcome break to the training. Sometimes it feels like time just flows different in the school and the weekends are like catching up to normal life.

Last week all of us went out to the cinemas and watched Captain America: Civil War and it was great. The cinema was a tad tiny, but still this bit of normality was very welcome.

I hope that I can travel a bit in June, as I am itching to discover China a bit more, maybe I just take a couple of short trips to the cities around here.

This weekend was actually nice and relaxed, the once before where a bit rougher. Three weeks ago we had a performance after a very fun and very alcoholic Good Bye Party for Brage, a Norwegian Student.

I was literally proud of myself for not falling over my staff, hitting myself by accident or throwing up after the performance. I survived barely, but it was kinda fun 😀

But besides that I behaved, just here and there a beer. My, I can’t help it I am German 😛

Ohh and the weather is getting HOT. I already got a lovely sunburn even with sunscreen and am getting pretty tanned. But they filled the pool finally with water. Ok it isn’t really a pool, they plan to put fish in soon, but until they do so, I guess we all fill take the chance to take one or more dips into the water after training 😛

Now filled with water, this is just to amazing not to jump in after training out in the sun =)
Now filled with water, this is just to amazing not to jump in after training out in the sun =)

I think that’s about it =)…This one came out a bit long, but I will be writing regularly now, so that you don’t have to read this much at once 😉


If you got any questions about what else I have been up to, or you just want to say hi, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you =D


Love ya all and keep on being awesome :*

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