Top 5 unusual things to do in Kuala Lumpur!

unusual things to do in Kuala Lumpur

I am sorry for being so silent lately… I have a mild version of writersblock and am trying to get over that at the moment. this is why I searched through my old stuff and stumbled across an old post I never published. Enjoy a funny view onto Malaysia 2012 πŸ˜‰

Here are the Top 5 unusual things to do in Kuala Lumpur , in short KL!


1. Get robbed by monkeys at the Batu Cave

Want to be able to tell an amazing adventure story to your friends at home? How about an attack by monkeys? I mean you don’t have to tell them that the monkeys were no bigger than cats πŸ˜‰ The perfect place to meet up with a monkey her are the Batu Caves.

SONY DSCA famous Buddhist cave, with a huge golden Buddha Statue standing in front of the cave. Along the stairs up to the temple is where most tourist meet their arch enemies.

Slim and fast monkeys who will steal any chocolate, camera, cellphone or food of any kind, which you don’t hold onto enough.

Usually they are quite harmless, sometimes too lazy to move, but now and then one of them will advance. That is your chance, get the banana out (no chips and chocolate, that food is not good for you, and even less for animals) and wait. With a big of luck you will get the story on how the monkeys attacked you and you had to defend your life in front of one of the most amazing Buddhist Temples/Caves.




SONY DSC2.Rent a tall men to trick the sexist sellers at the night market

This is for the ladies. If you are in a relationship great, if not ask somebody in your Hostel to help you. Now walk over the market and start haggling, maybe wear a short skirt, sooner or later you will get very dubious offers.

Important is that your “boyfriend” (real or rented) is a bit farther away and it is not clear that you are together. Now right when the seller starts getting really disgusting, call your male counterpart “Honey what do you think should I buy this”, even better if you introduce him as your “husband” who was in the army. Enjoy the look at the face of the seller and haggle down the price a real bit more, with your intimidating counterpart supporting you πŸ˜‰



SONY DSC3. Dress up like a Moslem and look if it would suit you

SONY DSCNow I love Temples and Churches of all kind. But actually Mosques are the most amazing. All of these you have to be dressed for properly. But the Mosque in KL makes you dress up completely. Time to cover yourself (yes even guys, if you don’t have long Pants and proper Shirts).

So put on the purple sack/dress/cover and if you are a girl, put on the headdress. Yes you have to cover your gorgeous hair. Respect the religion! But just for the experience it is already worth it. and let’s be honest some girls look stunning with those( I am serious here, not kidding) .But my face clearly isn’t suited for it, that’s what I definitely learned πŸ˜‰



SONY DSC4. Get your Adrenalin Kick in a Shopping Center

Usually a shopping center is simply a place where you buy clothes. Maybe there are a couple of play areas for kids, but in KL you have a whole amusement park inside of the shopping center.

A rollercoaster with a looping, several speedy and stomach turning rides and even a small ghosthouse. It isn’t the cheapest (prize) but it is a one of a kind experience…just careful when you go shopping later and you are still feeling sick, not to make a messΒ  anywhere.




SONY DSC5.Eat yourself through 3 different countries.

Kuala Lumpur, no Malaysia in general is Paradise for everybody who loves good food. Here you have 3 totally different cuisines in one country. There is a huge percentage of Indian and Chinese descendents and there is the Malay.

Which means you can eat yourself through China, India and the traditional Malay Food. So how about starting with Chinese Breakfast, heading over to the Indian Quarter for lunch and finishing dinner at a Hawker.


All of these may not be your typical attractions to see/ do when sightseeing…but I like to give you a little twist on the oldfashioned travel. Try out new stuff, get out of your comfortzone and dare to be crazy. You will have a bag of awesome storys to tell when you get home.


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