Travel in Yantai – Wine, Beaches and a Bar Street

Travel in yantai

Did you ever here of Yantai?

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to discover the true China-Visit Yantai Click To Tweet

While everybody always knows about Shanghai and Beijing, nearly nobody bothers to get away from the tourist hotspots to discover the “real China. Which is super sad, because that way little gems like Yantai will be missed.

It is by far no city with many sights, but it is the perfect place to relax on the beach if you just need some time away from work.

The coast in Yantai =)

My last days in Yantai have been fun, even if the visit in the Kungfuschool has been a tad disapointing. The city is adorable.  There are parts where you feel like anywhere but just not China.

You really can see the traces from the Colonial Time.

There is just one Hostel in Yantai and it lies very conveniently at the end of a nice Bar Street. Whatever you like, this is the place to find it. Even a Irish Pub can be found. Careful there you will have your most expensive Guinness ever 😛 Might choose Maggies or the Hostel to drink your Guinness if you really need one ^^

So what is there to do in Yantai?

Many Beaches, a couple of parks, one just when you exit the Hostel to your left with a nice Lighthouse. Lastly the Wine Museum, ohh and the possibility to do a Day Trip to Penglai.

One of the many copper (I think it is) statues close to the colonial buildings =)

(Which I didn’t as I was so hangover that there was no bloody way I would have entered a Bus- sorry that I missed it, but I had an awesome night out, so whatever…Sometimes fun is just as important =D)

What time to go to Yantai?

Best in the summer. It is a Beach City after all. In the winter (like now) it gets freezing cold.

My perfect Day in Yantai?

Ok let’s say you take a Day, I would recommend two, so that you can make the Day Trip to Penglai, don’t be as lazy as I was 😉

But if you just have one Day. Take it easy, Yantai is great to relax.

Drop of your stuff at the Hostel or your Hotel and walk to the Coast. Enjoy the view and if you are feeling like it visit the Lighthouse. It’s 50Rmb if I remember it right and looks really pretty at night. I wasn’t there, couldn’t be bothered to be honest, that day I just felt more like taking a stroll along the coast instead of heavy sightseeing 😉

Frozen the night it actually froze parts of the sea !
Frozen Beauty…in the night it actually froze parts of the sea !

Now if you walk along the coast you will get to a huge hospital, take the road to the left and walk down there to get to the Wine Museum.

I actually loved it. It is a strange little place, but well made.

The world worst selfie ;)
The world worst selfie 😉

You pay 50 Rmb Entry, but you will get a small bottle of Brandy and you can taste their white and their red wine later in the cellar.

The forbidden picture*caugh* don't tell on me, but I had to capture the creepiness :P
The forbidden picture*caugh* don’t tell on me, but I had to capture the creepiness 😛

So after I bought the tickets I had to leave the building and enter the actual museum, which was hidden in the back.

There are several rooms telling you about the history of Wine in China and the Brand itself.

But the highlight was the cellar. I went there under the week and there were no tourist at all. So here I was strolling between huge barrels of wine in a dark musty cellar, all alone. Gosh that place gave me the creeps, but in a good way 😀

At the end I was sitting at a huge wooden table and trying my wines in perfect solitude. It were just a couple of sips..the white wasn’t bad, the red was a tad gross xD

I know this was barely a sip, but considering how less some chinese can drink, I do understand the small portions ;)
I know this was barely a sip, but considering how less some chinese can drink, I do understand the small portions 😉

After the cellar I went up to the second floor, which will lead you to the exit later.

Up there you will find the history of wine in general. Nicely made. Then they lead you to all of their special wines and gifts, you can paint your own wine bottle opener and some other crafty stuff. All in all a fun visit and a nice place if you have nothing special planned, to waste some time 😉

Walk back to the coast and just stroll.

There are tons of restaurants and old-fashioned colonial buildings to your right side. I bet in the summer that place would be buzzing. In the winter it is kinda dead.

From there you will get to the first beach, which has the most lovely stones and seashells there. My mom would have loved it 😀Yantai

If you keep on going you will eventually reach the university. There was a fun looking seashell park, but sadly it seemed to be closed.

If you are done walking and starving for food, just take Bus number 17 back, it brings you straight back to the city.

There you have loads of restaurants and some great street food places. Hop in when you see something you like, but be aware, you are not in one of the big cities anymore, you are on the countryside. There won’t be street food after maybe 9 at night and many restaurants close rather early.

After you are full, head to the Bars and enjoy some good drinks.

Some of these Bars are adorable, with little alcoves and comfy sofas. You can play pool, sing Karaoke or dance, pretty sure you will find something you like^^

So that is Travel in Yantai.

I know there is so much more to see, but to be honest this right now is a bit break and learning time for me. (Currently taking two courses at open university)

And it is to freaking cold to go all out with Sightseeing!


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    We met in Yantai, I was the DJ (french) in one of the bars you went! Do you remember? 🙂

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Hey there =) Sure I remember, that was a pretty fun night out for me ^^ How are you doing, still in Yantai?^^

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