Travel to Duisburg – What to do/see in this German City!

Travel to Duisburg

First of I loved my Daytrip to Duisburg. It’s super close to Düsseldorf and just a 20min dive by train and it’s so quirky.

Duisburg has a bit of this industry-but-still-cozy chic and some great sculpture stuff going on for any art-fan!

I went there with my sister, because we had Groupon Coupons for Glow in the Dark Minigolf and we figured why not check out the city too.

First Duisburg is easily walked in a couple of hours, there are just two sights where you will need to take the Underground or Trams.

I think it makes a great Day Trip from Cologne or Düsseldorf if you are in the area and got some spare time. I really liked the feeling of it and can recommend it =)

So we started out at the tourism office, where we, like good tourists got our free map of the city center. No worries, they do speak English there and are more then happy to help you out.

So first stroll down the main shopping road.

Travel in Duisburg
Here you will find many very strange fountains 😀 This one was our favorite!

From there you will get to the old Market Place and a lovely old church, which is free to visit. I just love the peaceful feelings of these stone churches and they are great to hide out from the summer heat 😉

church duisburg
…and we were not disappointed in what we got to see!

After that is just a couple more meters until you get to the river and the harbour area. There were some good looking, but rather pricy restaurants and a fun children museum, which we skipped.

Duisburg harbour
A short walk to the city harbour. TIP: On special days there are flea markets at the Marina.
And check out the red building…there are no Windows!

Now walk along the canals and go back into the city for a stroll through the shopping centers and small streets.

We decided not to go to any museums, but the sculpture and ship museums sounded quite interesting. We just didn’t really feel like it. Not like every short trip needs to include museums 😉

Travel in Duisburg
Sometimes a simple stroll is enoug too. I just loved the edgy feeling of Duisburg

From there we had two options.

The big huge park up to the north or back south to the Magic Mountain. Because the Minigolf place was south of the city, we decided to go to the Tiger&Turtle Magic Mountain.

Who can say no to Tiger&Turtle Magic Mountain?

Sights in Duisburg
Et voila. I present Tiger&Turtle Magic Mountain. Who gets ideas like that?? Just awesome 😀

It is a sculpture outside of the city, free for everybody to climb on and it looks like a freaking roller coaster. So we had to walk all the way up the hill, which was a bit a pain in the ass, because I so didn’t feel like walking upwards. But it is a tiny hill 😉 The whole construction is with stairs you can climb, just the looping is closed (well duh…would be a tad hard to climb that bit).

But be careful it isn’t for those with a fear of heights, because it likes to swing with the wind and you can see down to the ground while climbing it. It freaked me out and I actually love stuff like this.

Travel to Duisburg
When we walked down we stumbled over this strange park bench. What a nice view, isn’t it? Some bushes and trees 😉

On top you’ll have a great view over the whole area and it’s perfect just to sit down and enjoy the view. Especially at night when the whole rollercoaster is lit up (we sadly missed that part- because we had to get to our Minigolf game).

By the way I maybe would consider a quick game of Minigolf if I am already in the area. The prices are totally reasonable and well it is “Glow in the Dark”. What more do I need to say. We had a blast!

what to do in duisburg
The Glow in the Dark Minigolf is about 1km away from the Magic Mountain.

After that we headed home, but I think I will visit Duisburg again, I am curious about their “Landschaftspark”. Heard they got a light show in the evenings and some great picture opportunities. So I think it is time to plan a picnic  =)

Here some more pictures!

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Enjoy your visit to Duisburg and let me know if you think I missed out on some sights. I’d be more then happy to get to know more about this cute little city =)

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