Visit Inis Oirr / Aran Islands – Why they should be on your Ireland Bucketlist !

inisheer inis oirr

Many people who travel to Ireland go to Dublin, spent a week there and maybe do a Day Trip to Galway.

But that way you haven’t seen anything of Ireland yet.

You have seen the most touristy places, but sometimes it is worth your time to get away from those Hotspots.

The Aran Islands are magic!

You can get there from Doolin (Cliffs of Moher) or from Galway by boat and there are three of them.

We decided to go to the smallest one, Inis Oirr or otherwise known as Inisheer , as it was easy enough to reach, had a Hostel and was convenient to discover by foot.

Why we loved Inis Oirr

And as always in Ireland it was stunning. So instead of loads of talking I will simply show you some pics and take you on our tour, back into an old forgotten time.

If you like places where you can watch the sunset alone or wander along small stone walls without meeting anybody, you will love this peaceful tiny island!

It is strange, because this island lives from tourism, but it doesn’t feel like it. Difficult to describe, the people there simply live, nothing is thrown at you. If you go there, you will know what I mean =)

3 Tips on making it a great stay!

  1. Bring your own food if you want to cook in the Hostel – It’s an island, everything is a tad more expensive.
  2. Stay overnight to really experience the Island. So much nicer when the Day Tourists are gone!
  3. Don’t pet the Dolphin! Yes there is a Dolphin, who sometimes visits the beach, but it’s a wild one and shouldn’t be played with. There have been several unlucky incidents before. But dare to go for a swim, even if it is cold^^

Starting Off!

All of these pictures are from my Ireland Trip August 2015.

inisheer boat stormysea
We arrived by boat in the morning and the weather pretty much sucked!
kungfuprincess two woman
I am absolute no morning person, but I also had a very bad cold and started getting a fiever that day…thank you windy Rock of Cashel -.-
Fishing gear
Nevertheless after a long nap we decided to at least get some fresh air and took a stroll over the paths behind our Hostel. The Island used to live of fishing.
Like I said…nobody around! Most tourists just come for Day Trips, so if you stay overnight the island is all yours after the last ferry leaves^^
This is one of the “tourist sights” of the island…well it did look nice 😀

cows in grass
Cows…definitly more cows then people…they were everywhere xD
beach kungfurpicness
Dfinitly not missing the beach fotoshoot 😉 we are on an Island after all…time to go back to the Hostel!

SECRET TIP: There is a Pub right next to the Hostel and lets say, unlike other places in Ireland, the Party really goes all night long. But I was still out with a cold, so we decided to take it slow.

By the way, I had the worst possible roommates at this lovely place…stupid drunks -.- never was this short before really screaming at somebody! Loud, throwing around stuff and waking everybody up on purpose! But no more…let’s get on with the story^^

Back in the Hostel, you will find these lovely cards, so you can figure out super easy where the next hostel is and give them a ring…loving this…no need for internet =)
Next morning and who doesn’t like to be greated with this view^^
Over stones and paths and roads we hiked once all around the island =) Loved it, but you will need sturdy shoes, otherwise you might twist your ankles…very rocky!
Well why not…a boat…on land…rotting away xD
Supposly it was to expensive to bring it away, so they just left it there, now it’a all for the tourists xD
castle ireland
Lastly the last standing parts of a former castle…not much of the glory left, but great view from the top over the whole island =)
If you do not want to walk, take one of these and let a local bring you to all the “major” sights^^

Bybye Inisheer/ Inis Oirr, may we meet again…but hopefully without a cold next time 😉

This is all! Hope you enjoyed this and if you got any questions or need help on how to get there, just drop me a comment.

Otherwise I really would appreciate it if you could pin or share it with your friends! Help a girl out 😉

Have a lovely Day,

your Kungfuprincess


    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      It is Miriam…especially if you go there off season…maybe there are some tourist during the day, but as soon as the boat leaves, it’s just you and the locals =)

  1. Stella the Travelerette Reply

    The Aran Islands look really gorgeous. I love all the rocks and dramatic water, even if the weather was not good. I’m going to Galway this summer, so I hope I’ll be able to see these then!

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      They offer loads of Day Trips =) I really enjoyed it, I hope you will too^^

  2. Vaisakhi Mishra Reply

    The place looks so secluded and stuck in time! Cant even believe that there was once a castle there! Nice pictures 🙂

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      It is, which is why I loved it soo much^^ and thank you Vaisakhi =)

  3. Divsi Reply

    It’s a pity you had a bad stay experience, the place looks just so divine. Any nature lover would absorb in its beauty! The cliffs, the stone walls, the meadows, it all looks straight out of a Enid blyton famous five adventure. Wonderful pictures!

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Well you know how it goes with Hostels, sometimes you meet the most awesome people, othertimes they drive you insane. It’s just travellers luck^^ But the place made it all good again. I am glad you liked the pictures^^

  4. Punita Malhotra Reply

    To be honest, I haven’t Ireland at all. But Aran Islands does give me a good trailer of what kind of landscapes to expect from this country. The rock formations look wonderful, specially the one with the gaping hole.

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      You should at some point. It is one of these places that just breathes magic 😉 But glad I could give you an idea of what it looks like…let’s just say it’s very green, the water is very blue and the people are good company^^

  5. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    Ireland is teeming with so many picturesque landscapes but the idea of staying at one of the islands never struck. We are completely in awe of those pictures of verdant landscapes and the shimmering sea. We would love to visit someday and explore the castle ruins and the boat.

  6. Bhusha Reply

    Ireland was what I missed when I was in UK. Aran Islands, esp Inis Oirr looks stunning. The rocky terrain and the castle in ruins all for yourself?? That’s totally my kinda place to be. Hope I’ll get to go in future!

  7. Shane Prather Reply

    I’ve actually never heard of these magical islands! Isn’t it a wonder that although it’s dark and rainy in Ireland a lot, it still manages to be so beautiful?

  8. Ami Reply

    Aww…I am so sorry that the cold spoilt your fun. It does seem like a lovely place, especially the castle part. I know you would have had a better time exploring had you not been feeling so down.

  9. Suruchi Reply

    Wow! I simply loved your post as well as this place. It is actually my kind of nontouristy place. Aran Island looks beautiful and that touristy sculpture too is amazing. I will surely love to explore Ireland in the future. Your pictures are stunning too.

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