What to do in 1 Day in Frankfurt – Stock Exchange and Skyscrapers

1 day in frankfurt

Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany and very often this is the place you will head to for a buisness trip. Next to Berlin, Munich and Cologne/Duesseldorf area, it is one of the most important places when it comes to trade, banking and sales.

But what else is there to do? Is Frankfurt maybe even worth a trip or at least a stop on your travel route?

I discovered it a bit for you this week, as I had to spent 1 Day in Frankfurt to get my new Visa for China and to pick it up again.

If you just want some impressions watch my video, for more and in detail informations read the rest =)


So what is there to do, to eat and to see?



For Breakfast I would go to one of the many coffee places and backeries and try out a piece of the so called “Frankfurter Kranz”. This is a kind of pound cake with a delicious cream filling…just do yourself a favor and don’t count the calories.

On you go to the tourist center to get the informations you need. One is in the old city center close to the “Römer” and the other one is at the train station. There are four options I would consider, simply because they make your life easier.

  1. Get a Frankfurt Card – I am usually a big fan of these cards, because they give you all kind of bargains. For example a free drink in certain traditional restaurants, 20% cheaper tickets for the ship tour, 15-20 % for the theater and opera, also for pools or 50% for the Zoo and also 50% for most museums. It includes free public transport in Frankfurt City. All in all this can save you some money if you are a museum fan or you have kids. The single one day ticket costs 10,50 Euro, but there is a group ticket 8max. 5 people) which just costs 20,50 Euro for one day. This can save you quite a bit money if you are a bigger group.
  2. Option number 2 is the Museums Card. For 18 Euro for adults or 10 for students you get free entry into many museums in Frankfurt, f.e. the Goethe House. And it is valid for two days. Most museums are in walking distance of the city center, which means you do not necessarcly need the public transport. Both of these options I would consider if you either love museums and learning about history, got kids or if it is cold and rainy.
  3. There are city tours, yes in English too. This is the option I took and it was worth every penny. (12 Euro for students and 14 for adults) We were just four people with our tour guide, so it was awesome as it was a very relaxed athmosphere. The guide knew pretty much everything there is to know and showed us a lot of stuff we otherwise never would have discovered. Sure it was very historical, but I never knew Frankfurt had such a interesting history with Romans, Crowning Ceremonies, Trade Center, Beginning of the German Democracy and more. The tour ends on top of the Main Tower (entry included into tour) and gives you an amazing view over the whole city and all the “mountain” and hiking areas around Frankfurt.
  4. There is a I-Tunes tour for Frankfurt, which you either can buy for a small fee in the App Store or you can rent an Iphone (you have to leave your ID.) For all of you who like tours, but prefere doing them in your own pace. Ask in the tourist office for more informations.

What you should know!

  1. Most museums are closed on Mondays. There are just a couple of places open.
  2. The last Saturday of each month (expect August and December) many museums offer free entry and tours.
  3. The Frankfurter Stock Exchange (Börse) offers free 45min tours during weekdays at 10, 11 and 14 o’clock and you get to peek behind the scenes. You need to contact them with the phone at least one day in advance to book the tour. Here is the number: Tel.: +49-(0) 69-2 11-1 15 15. Ps. Do not forget a valid passboard or ID-Document.
  4. There are many more tours f.e. for blind people, specials for kids, christmas markets in winter and special history tours, simply ask =)
City center...from here you can get to all important places with a short walk =)
City center…from here you can get to all important places with a short walk, like the old city =)

If you do not want to do any tours.

Go to the “Römer” the city hall of Frankfurt and the only part that is left (or better restored) from the old city, which got completly wiped out during the second world war. Have a look around and head up the “Römerberg” which isn’t really a mountain, but simply a high spot in the city.

“Römer” means Romans and that’s where the name is from. Because old settlements where found there, as Frankfurt was a very strategic point because of the River.

Right now there is a lot of construction going on, because now, over 60 years after the war, they decided to reconstruct parts of the old city. This is supposed to be finished 2017, but more likely 2018 and I am looking forward to the results.

If you keep on walking you get to the “Kaiserdom” This is the grand church on top of the hill. Here where several crowings of kings, thus the name. Quite nice chruch and also the inside is rather impressive. Peek in, it’s worth it and it’s free 😉

The impressive interior of the church!
The impressive interior of the church!

By now it should be 12 o’clock. If you start getting hungry you are in the perfect area, with quite a couple of traditional restaurants.

Typical Frankfurt Food would be Frankfurter Sausages, “Grüne Soß” a green sauce, served with egg an patatoes (supposly Goethes favorite food) or “Handkäs” which is a rather strange cheese, covered with raw onions and vinegar and with it some bread with mustard.

To adventurous? There are lots of Kebab and Sausage Snacks all over the city 😉

Looks so normal? But this place is where the original Paulskirche(destroyed during the war) stood and this is where democracy started for Germany!
Looks so boring? But this place is where the original Paulskirche(destroyed during the war) stood and this is where democracy started for Germany!

After you snacked I would head to the “Paulskirche”. This is where the democracy in Germany was born. Quite impressive picutres inside and upstairs is the room where several of the biggest prizes in Germany are awarded, like the litrature prize.

Now go to the river and take a bit of a stroll downwards. Either you change the sides to get to the Museums or you go for the skyscrapers.

I would go for the tall buildings and get up into the Main Tower ;). Not the tallest building, but the only one open to the public. The view is quite worth it and the wind makes it all a tad adventourus.

If you have more time, you could stroll through some of Frankfurts parks before dinner.

Dinner I would head towards the “Fressgaß” which is supposly famous for all it’s restaurants. I have to say I was a bit dissapointed, because I expected it to be bigger and more, but maybe I simply didn’t find all of it. at least there are many options for dinner here. Take your pick 😉

If you go out at night. Frankfurt is famous for their wine, especially the apple wine...give it a try it is yummy =D
If you go out at night. Frankfurt is famous for their wine, especially the apple wine…give it a try it is yummy =D This was the hot winter version ^^

While there are quite a couple of Bars, Clubs and Pubs, I went to my host ( I couchssurfed) after my dinner, beccause I had to get up super early the next day, so I didn’t check out the nightlife.

Here I would simply do the usual, ask in your Hostel/Hotel/or your couchsurfing host ;), they will know best. Or book a ticket for the opera, which is in a rather famous old building and looks really impressive at night 😉

Here we go, this was your Day in Frankfurt. There isn’t super much to see, so it is not really worth an extra trip, but if you are already there, you won’t be bored. Here are some of my pictures!

Got more time? A Day Trip to the Taunus Area for lots of old castles or to the Odenwald for a scenic hike might be worth considering.

Frankfurt is a great base to discover the areas around, with lots of castles and places straight out of a fairytale book 😉


Have you been in Frankfurt yet? How did you spent your day? Leave a comment =)

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    LOVE your video! I’ve started to think about doing some videos in my blogging, nice to know how it’s done 😉
    Also, when I was there the weather sucked too but it was still awesome! Good post! xx

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Thank you Jaimee =) I am still trying and experiementing but I like to hope they get better 😉 And yeah the weather is such a thing in the winter in Germany…it is hard to come by some good days 😉

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    This is a really awesome guide. I love german sausages… I would probably do everything with a sausage in hand! hahahah

    • Kungfuprincess Post authorReply

      Uhh that picture is amazing…If you ever visit Germany give me a call and we will find the best food places for you…I really want to take a stroll with you through a city now 😀

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