What I took with me to Milan – What to pack for a long city weekend?

what to pack for a long city weekend

Ahhhhhhhhh so excited =D

(I am overworking this post in retro perspective)

I am getting ready for my short trip to Milan and bought extra a little hand luggage, because my old one didn’t fit the Ryanair requirements, it was 1 cm to wide and I am not taking any risk with having to pay the extra fee for the luggage!

(In the end I took my big, ugly handbag, because it was easier to carry through the city and the other luggage was still half empty xD – last minute desicion, 15 minutes before I left the house )


This means I have to pack everything I need for 3 days + 1/2 days (the flight early morning, when I come back) into this cute little thing.

(As you can see it fit into my even smaller horrible blue bag :D…I have really gotten good at packing^^)

I used to have so much trouble with minimalist packing 😀

So watch me set together 3 stylish outfits+ 1 comfy for two days sightseeing in Milan and 1 Day visiting Lake Como (Which I didn’t need because I hurt me knee badly and stayed in the city).

And yes I am trying to be stylish, I mean it is freaking Milaaaan, not like I have a choice 😉

My first three rules for what to pack for a long city weekend !

  1. Set together the outfits before. That eliminates the need to take unnecessary stuff.
  2. Take travel size items to take with you.
  3. Limit yourself to max. 2 Shoes.

Remember we are going with just a Carry On and want to have some space left for souvenirs.

(Which in my case, where cheese and coffee, ohhh and a wonderwoman leggins. Now I ruined my reputation, stylish and me didn’t work. I just didn’t find one thing in Milan that I wanted more then those leggins :D)

What to pack for a long City Weekend! – My Milan Packing List

  • I used these lovely travel compartments to pack* (affiliate link), it keeps everything in place, easy to find and also reduces the volume of everything you pack by quite a bit. My bag looked half empty, exactly what you want to avoid Ryanair checking the weight. travel compartments


  • Medications: Safe yourself the time to look for a Pharmacy. Get some bandaids against blisters, headaches pills, something against a bad stomach, any other medications you need (and in my case my knee braise, so that something like this desaster won’t happen next time)


  • Make-Up(stick to the basics, you won’t need much in that Italian heat, it will just be sweated off any way) and some small basics. In my case I had Sunscree, a small conditioner, shampoo/showergel, a razor, bodymilk package (perfect are those try out pakcages from magazines or douglas).
    what to pack for a long city weekend
    Sooo cute =) and they really save your life…cosmetiques can be expensive when you travel and buying big bottles for just a weekend to throw away later is such a waste!


  • Underwear for each Day, Socks, 1 Bra and 1 Bikini (ergo functions as second Bra 😉 ), something to sleep in – I picked my silk top and silk shorts, because they are super light and super small when packed and they are great for hot italian weather.packing for city weekend

All of this stuff fit into this little box…this is what I mean by those travel compartments make everything seem smaller 😉

  • My Outfits! 1 Skirt, 1 Dress, 1 plain T-shirt, 1 light Blouse, 1 White Blouse, 1 pair of hotpants, 1 dressy Top, 1 thin wool pullover (just in case, and I really needed it at the airport when I left). So Day 1 I had my red blouse with the hotpants and in the eveining I switched to the white Blouse when we went out. Day 2 I had the black long skirt with the grey T-Shirt (visiting the cathedral) and later replaced it with the dressy black top. Day 3 was the dress planned (but I was lazy and more comfy in my sport outfit)packing for travel


  • A sport outfit. Just in case, nothing better then taking a jog in a new area. (Just that I hurt my knee so badly that I couldn’t walk -.-)sport outfit


  • Stuff for the Handbag. In my case, my laptop, cellphone, passport, tickets, Fitnesswatch (had to count those steps ), Diary, Planner, Gum, Headphones and some drawing stuff.what is in my handbag


Those where the major things. Obviously there are always some things that were not planned, like another lipstick, some wetwipes ect.

But really consider if you need those things or not. If you are not sure that you will need it, leave it at home!

And that’s it =)

pack for a long city weekend


Hope this will help you for your next weekend trip =) If you liked it please pin!

One of my outfits I already was wearing on my flight. So in my case the hotpants, the red blouse and the scarf =)

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