Yuyuan Garden – Visit Shanghai old City !

yuyuan garden

Shanghai allows the 72 hours Visa free entry (Update since this year they bumbed it up to 144hours) . Read here for information about the Chinese Visa.

But 144 hours are acutally a lot of time to discover a city and with 24 million people living there and a history of more then 1000 years, it definitly has much to offer.

So what should you see when you are visiting this buzzing city?

I used to live there for nearly half a year and my favorite place is pretty much Yuyuan Garden and the surrounding Yuyuan Basar.

Let’s discover the place together shall we?

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Let’s get started =)

How do you get there?

Take Metro Line 10 and exit at the stop Yuyuan Garden. Now either follow the crowds or the signs. The Garden is surrounded by the Bazar, right in the middle.


Do you have to pay entry?

The Garden costs 40/30 Rmb depending on high/low season, the bazar area is free. Well but I am pretty sure you will spend some money souvenir shopping 😉

What are the Opening times?

The Garden is open from 8.30-16.45. The Sellers at the Bazar usually will close down somewhere between 17.00-19.00 o’clock, depending on winter or summer and on the crowds.


What should you eat?

Let’s get this straight, prices in the Bazar and close by are a tad overpriced, but then one always pays for the experience and atmosphere too 😉 The most famous place is the Xiaolongbao restaurant right next to the Garden and the scenic bridge, where every tourist takes pictures. How you recognize the place? Simply look out for the usually huge waiting line outside of the restaurant. If you go inside the second floor has slightly higher prices and sit down possibilities and the third floor is the most expensive and posh. Otherwise just go to the big cafeteria style restaurant for the same food, but without the waiting.


Enough talk, shall I show you some pictures now?^^

No Shanghai Visit, without a obligatory picture at this bridge!



Yuyuan Garden- Water, Stones and lovely Buildings =)

Arriving at the Old City from the Metro- This gicantic crossing will welcome you!



Delicious Food (Maybe a tad pricy, but so yummmmmm)

The Basar around the Garden. Wander off into the Streets of the Old Town later, for cheaper sales and more food!




Hope this gives you an idea about this Must-See in Shanghai, don’t miss out on it 😉 And remember, touristy places are touristy for a reason, it really is a lovely place^^

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