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I have two passions. Martial Arts and Travel. I write about both!




My Name is Sabine and I am

25 year old Law Student.


At the moment I am learning

Kung Fu in China.Β To live my dreams,

I decided to finish my Law Degree abroad,

while traveling the world.


This Blog is my Baby.


A project to tell you about

Martial Art Adventures,

Travel Inspirations

and Finding my own Path

in this confusing world.


It’s about never giving up and a dream

I am willing to fight for.

What Martial Arts taught me!

My personal reason, for why I am learning Kungfu and what I learned!

about me

About Me

Visit my “About Me” page , to learn more about my Blog, my passions and why I started this project!

Being "that bitch" - nice is Overrated!

I am very blunt, some say too blunt, but let me try to explain my life-philosophy a bit better.

See for yourself if you agree with me πŸ˜‰

BLOG Posts

how to get what you want in a chinese restaurant

How to get what you want in a Chinese Restaurant!

Ordering in China can be intimidating. Often there are no English Menus and even if you are lucky and there are a couple of pictures around, things still work differently, which often leads to confusion and nervous breakdowns. But actually ones you know how things...
world citizen

Am I Germany? – No I am a World Citizen – Discovering my identity!

You remember I had this big bike tour, for which I wanted to update you? Well the posts are written, but without wi-fi and often not even electricity or time there was no chance to update you all on my journey through the country. The posts will come, but this is not...
maling kungfu academy kungfu school life

Kungfu School Life!- What is new in Maling Shan!

It's time for another Update of my Kungfu School Life! I am still living in Maling Kung Fu Academy, so far all the same. You eat, you train, you sleep πŸ˜‰ Well not quite. I am sorry for not being very active with my Updates lately. This is mostly because I am still...
how to survive public toilets

You want to know how to survive public toilets? Let me share my secrets with you

Fears stop many people from traveling. Wether it is fears about safety (read this for some safety tips) or fears about filthy toilets and dirty hotel rooms. Things like this shouldn't stop you from discovering the world, because there are many handy tips and tricks...
10 things woman love

Girls Talk- 10 things woman love or hate! Your guide to crack the code!

I figured I will start a new series called: " Girls Talk". This my dear friends is because I am studying in a Kung Fu School with mostly guys and most of my friends during High School were boys. What I noticed is that then and now most men still have no freaking clue...
prepare your bike for a long tour

How to prepare your Bike for a long tour? -Its starting!

Can you believe it? Just one more week and I am going to tour in my Bike through Germany πŸ™‚ Remember this isnt just for fun, I want to raise money to support Amnesty International and work together with you to make this world a better place πŸ™‚ But back to todays...
fear of restarting

The fear of restarting – Why do we always leave things to grow as big as a mountain?!

Funny how hard it can be to restart a project after letting it rest for several months. Months in which I could have done great stuff. But the longer I wait the harder it gets to restart everything. Its a real fear of restarting, because there are so many what if`s...
Life in a shaolin school

Day 3- Life in a Shaolin School – Keep on rolling & Keep on fighting

Well hello to Day 3 of my Video Project. Today I got again a bit of training for you. We had Jumps and Rolls, which is all the fun acrobatics class and the thing I hate the most πŸ˜› I know it is important and it is freaking awesome if you can do it, but geez I am...
what to pack for a long city weekend

What I took with me to Milan – What to pack for a long city weekend?

Ahhhhhhhhh so excited =D (I am overworking this post in retro perspective) I am getting ready for my short trip to Milan and bought extra a little hand luggage, because my old one didn't fit the Ryanair requirements, it was 1 cm to wide and I am not taking any risk...
china is frugal

China is frugal – sometimes at least!

frugal= avoiding waste Many of you are now maybe shaking their heads. With all the trash and plastic bags, overfull plates in the restaurant, how can this place actually be frugal? Well it seems like they are frugal in all the strange areas and big spenders in all the...

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