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My Name is Sabine and I am

25 year old Law Student.


At the moment I am learning

Kung Fu in China. To live my dreams,

I decided to finish my Law Degree abroad,

while traveling the world.


This Blog is my Baby.


A project to tell you about

Martial Art Adventures,

Travel Inspirations

and Finding my own Path

in this confusing world.


It’s about never giving up and a dream

I am willing to fight for.

What Martial Arts taught me!

My personal reason, for why I am learning Kungfu and what I learned!

about me

About Me

Visit my “About Me” page , to learn more about my Blog, my passions and why I started this project!

Being "that bitch" - nice is Overrated!

I am very blunt, some say too blunt, but let me try to explain my life-philosophy a bit better.

See for yourself if you agree with me 😉

BLOG Posts

what to pack for a long city weekend

What I took with me to Milan – What to pack for a long city weekend?

Ahhhhhhhhh so excited =D (I am overworking this post in retro perspective) I am getting ready for my short trip to Milan and bought extra a little hand luggage, because my old one didn't fit the Ryanair requirements, it was 1 cm to wide and I am not taking any risk...
Meditation Challenge 10 weeks to inner peace

Meditation Challenge- 10 weeks to inner peace

This is it ! Time to learn to meditate. This is my first post of my 10-week challenge and I will set up a plan for each week, so that everybody can join this meditation challenge =) I have been delaying this for more than a year now. I even bought several books about...
things to do before a trip

8 Things to do before a trip!

Hey my lovelies =) I wanted to give you a short update on what is going on at the moment =) I will be leaving for China THIS Sunday and am finally done with my packing. My list will get online tomorrow 😉 I finally got my Laptop back and can relax a bit..at least...
biggest diet sin

Never stay hungry – the biggest Diet Sin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin First I think Diets are crap and being skinny fat ain't healthy for you! But more to that later. So who is wondering why they are not losing any weight, even though you are always on a Diet? This could have two reasons. You could have a...
Tai'shan Travel

Another holy mountain: Tai’Shan Travel made easy =)

Why Tai'Shan? It is one of the 5 holy mountains in China, symbolizing the Celestial Kingdom and as such it is an important part of Chinese History, besides the fact that it is pretty damn beautiful and a welcome change to the industrial cities. And it is the place...
first fight

And I did get my ass kicked! My first Fight ! Sanda Training Fight 🙂

I got my ass kicked. My first fight ever was, well, a disaster. This little slip of a girl just knocked me out. And it still was one of the most inspiring and memorable experiences yet. Well first some Background Information how it got to the fight. I asked my Master...
German Christmas Markets

Amazing Wintertime – German Christmas Markets

A little Quicky for this Friday. (If you are curious about how we celebrate in Germany click here). So you are going to spent Christmas or the Pre-Christmas time in Germany? Well there is one thing you shouldn't miss! The German Christmas Markets! This markets are the...

I will start a new Project on Monday! 7 Days / 24h in a Shaolin Kungfu School Video Diary !

Long time no Diary...(ähh on Sunday, this happens if you prep posts beforehand xD ) Time just seems to be flying past and I am already so set in my routine that I even forget to write, which is just crazy. I need to get myself better organized, with the travel writing...
Life in a shaolin school

Day 3- Life in a Shaolin School – Keep on rolling & Keep on fighting

Well hello to Day 3 of my Video Project. Today I got again a bit of training for you. We had Jumps and Rolls, which is all the fun acrobatics class and the thing I hate the most 😛 I know it is important and it is freaking awesome if you can do it, but geez I am...
maling kung fu acadamy people

26.3.2016- Introducing Maling Kung Fu Academy and my first week Training =)

Introducing Maling Shaolin Kung Fu School.   I arrived at Monday evening. The school is like I already said in this post in the middle of nowhere. Which is amazing, because there are simply no distractions. You train, you eat , you train, you sleep, you...

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