Where am I at the moment???




My Name is Sabine and I am

25 year old Law Student.


At the moment I am learning

Kung Fu in China. To live my dreams,

I decided to finish my Law Degree abroad,

while traveling the world.


This Blog is my Baby.


A project to tell you about

Martial Art Adventures,

Travel Inspirations

and Finding my own Path

in this confusing world.


It’s about never giving up and a dream

I am willing to fight for.

What Martial Arts taught me!

My personal reason, for why I am learning Kungfu and what I learned!

about me

About Me

Visit my “About Me” page , to learn more about my Blog, my passions and why I started this project!

Being "that bitch" - nice is Overrated!

I am very blunt, some say too blunt, but let me try to explain my life-philosophy a bit better.

See for yourself if you agree with me 😉

BLOG Posts

1 day in frankfurt

What to do in 1 Day in Frankfurt – Stock Exchange and Skyscrapers

Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany and very often this is the place you will head to for a buisness trip. Next to Berlin, Munich and Cologne/Duesseldorf area, it is one of the most important places when it comes to trade, banking and sales. But what else is...
what does drinking do to your fitness

What does drinking do to your fitness? – Just a little kick into your butt during Party Season!

Summer is starting and so are Barbecue Parties, meeting friends for drinks in the Park or going out more often again. And well summer holidays are coming up, which means for quite a few people weekends on some beach, with lots of drinks and partying involved. But what...

What is the meaning of Gradings in Kung Fu Schools? A short explanation !

Hello Lovelies =) Did you research about coming to China to study Kung Fu? And did you stumble over some strange terms, which told you absolutely nothing at all? Well let's clear one of them up today! What is the meaning of Gradings in Kung Fu Schools? In the end it...

A journey through China : Find the right Kungfu School, Day 1

Here we go, yes this will be a bit of a travel diary for a change 😉 No need to worry I will keep my usual blog posts coming. If you are to lazy to read. I also started a Video Diary, here is the short Intro 😉   So why am i suddenly misusing this as a diary?...
world citizen

Am I Germany? – No I am a World Citizen – Discovering my identity!

You remember I had this big bike tour, for which I wanted to update you? Well the posts are written, but without wi-fi and often not even electricity or time there was no chance to update you all on my journey through the country. The posts will come, but this is not...
Martial Art

Wushu vs. all other martial arts

It took me some time to find the right martial art for me. I tried quite a few of them and did a fair bit of research, before I found out about Wushu. Not every martial art always works for every person. But if you really want to learn a martial art, trust me the...
first day in the kung fu school

My first Day in the Kung Fu School – Pain makes happy (sounds so wrong: D)

This was my first day in the Kung Fu School I picked (Read here about why I picked the school) It was my first day in Maling Kung Fu Academy. It is the 22th of March. If you are wondering why I didn't upload everything immediately, there are two reasons. First I do...


You maybe already heard about it =) Just a couple of weeks ago I had my first ever interview. It was all about my Travels and the cute lil' Blog I am writing here. I know I should have written this post straight away, but you know how it goes...Life happens and well...
zhongyue temple dengfeng

Dengfeng’s forgotten Temple- Discover Zhongyue Temple, a true hidden gem!

Huuuh where is Dengfeng even? And why would you go there? Dengfeng isn't very well-known, but the Shaolin Temple is and Dengfeng is the city next to the temple. The city with half of the population being Kung Fu Students, the biggest school being Tagou School with 40...
Chinese will screw you over

“Chinese try to screw you over” Sounds like an insult to you? I tell you why it isn’t

As you might know I will be back in China in September. Yesterday I met some of the other (law) students going to Shanghai too and as usual at some point you talk about the typical tourist traps. Because I lived in China for 8 month I just said "If you know the prices...

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