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My Name is Sabine and I am

25 year old Law Student.


At the moment I am learning

Kung Fu in China. To live my dreams,

I decided to finish my Law Degree abroad,

while traveling the world.


This Blog is my Baby.


A project to tell you about

Martial Art Adventures,

Travel Inspirations

and Finding my own Path

in this confusing world.


It’s about never giving up and a dream

I am willing to fight for.

What Martial Arts taught me!

My personal reason, for why I am learning Kungfu and what I learned!

about me

About Me

Visit my “About Me” page , to learn more about my Blog, my passions and why I started this project!

Being "that bitch" - nice is Overrated!

I am very blunt, some say too blunt, but let me try to explain my life-philosophy a bit better.

See for yourself if you agree with me 😉

BLOG Posts

impressions of dublin

Impressions of Dublin – To like or not to like?!

Dublin oh Dublin! Just a year ago I strolled through your streets and for some reason I really didn't like you quite as much as the rest of Ireland. Sometimes you just love a city and other times you don't. But I started editing my Videos (I know right, I am about a...
How Wushu helped me to love myself

How Wushu helped me to love, what others made fun of!

To all the bullies out there, you didn't succeed and to the wonders of martial arts, I lost my heart to you. This is a very personal post for me, but I hope it helps you to understand, why martial arts are so very important for me and how they helped me to live my...
halloween in china

Mini Halloween in China – Celebrate the little moments!

So first for everybody who doesn't know it. What is Halloween? Halloween is an originally Irish Festival, the night before All Hallows Day, which is a Christian Holiday to remember the death. It is believed to have Pagan roots as Samhain falls on the same date. It is...
keep safe while traveling

Trouble in Paradise- How to keep safe while traveling

Just now my mom is talking with one of her friends on the phone. She just told her that I will be going back to China in a couple of month. "Alone?" is all her friend asked, "that's brave!". I tend to get these reactions a lot. Many don't get why somebody would travel...
first fight

And I did get my ass kicked! My first Fight ! Sanda Training Fight 🙂

I got my ass kicked. My first fight ever was, well, a disaster. This little slip of a girl just knocked me out. And it still was one of the most inspiring and memorable experiences yet. Well first some Background Information how it got to the fight. I asked my Master...

What is the meaning of Gradings in Kung Fu Schools? A short explanation !

Hello Lovelies =) Did you research about coming to China to study Kung Fu? And did you stumble over some strange terms, which told you absolutely nothing at all? Well let's clear one of them up today! What is the meaning of Gradings in Kung Fu Schools? In the end it...
Dear Terrorist I pity you

Dear Terrorist I pity you ! An open letter to the world…

Today I am talking about a topic I usually try to stay away from, I rescheduled my original post to write about this instead. I am sure you all heard the horrible news. Sometimes I think I travel to run away from all the bad news. But as soon as I read them again, I...

Happy New Year and these are my plans for 2017!- UP, always up!

First: Happy NEW YEAR everybody =) I know it isn't so new anymore, but it had to be said! If you are to lazy to read- here is a short Video in Düsseldorf giving you the short information. For more you gotta read ;)...
Visit Tongli

Visit Tongli , an tiny and cute watervillage =)

You guys know me, I am a sucker for small places and hidden gems and today I will take you to a tour through Tongli. Tongli is a "village" (probably more people living there then in a middle-sized German city xD) very close to Suzhou and I will tell you know...
Travel to Duisburg

Travel to Duisburg – What to do/see in this German City!

First of I loved my Daytrip to Duisburg. It's super close to Düsseldorf and just a 20min dive by train and it's so quirky. Duisburg has a bit of this industry-but-still-cozy chic and some great sculpture stuff going on for any art-fan! I went there with my sister,...

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