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I have two passions. Martial Arts and Travel. I write about both!




My Name is Sabine and I am

25 year old Law Student.


At the moment I am learning

Kung Fu in China. To live my dreams,

I decided to finish my Law Degree abroad,

while traveling the world.


This Blog is my Baby.


A project to tell you about

Martial Art Adventures,

Travel Inspirations

and Finding my own Path

in this confusing world.


It’s about never giving up and a dream

I am willing to fight for.

What Martial Arts taught me!

My personal reason, for why I am learning Kungfu and what I learned!

about me

About Me

Visit my “About Me” page , to learn more about my Blog, my passions and why I started this project!

Being "that bitch" - nice is Overrated!

I am very blunt, some say too blunt, but let me try to explain my life-philosophy a bit better.

See for yourself if you agree with me 😉

BLOG Posts

Fitness Challenge Day 14

Hey guys...I am back xD Sorry for the long break, but with traveling to Frankfurt for my Visa and helping my pregnant aunt with her two kids I was not just without my laptop, but also incredibly busy xD. Here is what I did: Monday: Walked over 9 km in Frankfurt and my...
pre book train and bus tickets in China

Lessons I learned the hard way – ALWAYS pre book train and bus tickets in China

Whom I should know better. What did I RE-learn? Always pre book train and bus tickets in China . I have been lazy lately. Usually in the winter time you always get a ticket, but spring festival is coming up soon. One of these things I should know better. It is China...
Kungfuprincess rants

How dare we complain about other peoples clothing!- Joining the Burkini Disscussion!

Who are we to ask other woman to show their skin, even if they are not comfortable with it. Who are we to demand from mothers or elderly people to stick to our very free clothing styles, when they were brought up in a completely different society. Are we now going to...
short blog update - kungfuprincess

Silent Blog – Short Break for the next two weeks

      Hey you all...instead of simply not posting, I figured I might as well give you a small heads up... I am going to be studying for my law finals, which means I will be really busy. So I will try to write some posts but I cant promise anything 🙂 There will for...

Just some Poetry…a little Quicky from the Road =)

Sometimes I just can't help it. There are these things on my mind, which I have to write down! And these piece of writing has been lying inside my notebook since months, so I figured I share it with you today. I do not have time to upload my planned post today,...
Top 10 sights in Cologne

Exploring Cologne- Top 10 sights in Cologne (because we know you never can see everything)

These are my personal 10+1(for the kids) things you should see in Cologne Here we go again. I did promise a while ago to make my very own Cologne Guide (which had been put on ice for a while thanks to technical reasons and the fact that I was really dreading writing...

I am a Being of the Old – A Poem, no more no less 😉

Hey, hey =) I was a bit creative these last days and had this words stuck in my head. In the end I wrote this little poem. I do know most probably won't be interested in this, which is fine, I hope you still enjoy reading it 😉 Ps. Don't you dare to correct my...

Sunday Update – Being injured and going to start screaming if I have to do anymore Pushkicks!

This one is for my family and friends. Figured I will try to give you small updates on Sundays from now on about Life, Training and living in China. I really can't keep up with writing the long emails to everybody, so instead you get this here...want to know more...
Chinese will screw you over

“Chinese try to screw you over” Sounds like an insult to you? I tell you why it isn’t

As you might know I will be back in China in September. Yesterday I met some of the other (law) students going to Shanghai too and as usual at some point you talk about the typical tourist traps. Because I lived in China for 8 month I just said "If you know the prices...

Qibao Old Town – Shanghai’s forgotten paradise

  In between all the famous sights, grand skyscrapers and famous places, Shanghai is actually hiding a little gem in its outskirts. A small place where time stood still and the old Shanghai invites to explore.   As many of you maybe know, Shanghai is a River City. It...

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