Hello everybody!

Here I am always talking about China and showing you plenty of pictures, but let’s face it I am not the greatest picture taker (working on it) and I haven’t had the chance to travel much lately due to my training in a Kung Fu School.

But China is stunning.

Yes even absolutely breathtaking. It’s crazy, busy, old, new and amazing. You would need months to see everything, that’s how diverse the nature and cities are.

So I went on Instagram and researched the best accounts to follow for some serious China Travel Inspirations! Damn people you got beautiful pictures!

So if you are thinking about going to China, and you are not sure if it is really worth it, check these out. I bet you will want to book that flight to China immediately 😉

Let the magic begin!

The 10 Best China Instagram Accounts to follow!

  1. This Beijing Account lives from its followers. But which better place to start getting to know China then in its Capital. Follow this account for the greatest pics from the Capital. Absolutely stunning =)


2. Ever wondered how the people live their lives? This whole account is about the Chinese people. In stunning black and white pictures, with a drop of colour here and there, the photographer shows China’s everyday life and lovable and strange quirks. Enjoy =)


3. From Beijing we had over to Shanghai. If you ever thought China is behind the Western World in terms of modern buildings and Infrastructure. Think again. While most of China’s Countryside is still on a different level, Shanghai is as modern as any big city at home, if not even more developed. Welcome to the future 😉

#zaishanghai by @veddievedder

Ein von Shanghai Instagram Community (@zai_shanghai) gepostetes Foto am


4. With Shanghai and Beijing already covered, we shouldn’t miss Hong Kong Instagram. Would you have believed that this city has such stunning scenery and hiking paths? Me neither…this account has blown my mind and I am so going to go hiking there the next time!

鵝肚行. . #iphone6onlydllm #mountainlife #discoverhongkong #hikingtgtdllm

Ein von Hang Ho (@hanngho) gepostetes Foto am


5. I like this account. The perfect mix out of people, nature, animals and all the small details which make live in China so special. She manages to capture the simple moments in soft light. Love the whole feel of this. It makes me miss China already and I just left a month ago!

The 10 Best China Instagram Accounts! Fall in love with China and it's Wonders! Click To Tweet (if you think this is interesting for your readers, click and share)

Mountain people of Shaanxi. An amazing woman, beekeeper and farmer living completely off the land. ???

Ein von Memories from China ?? (@miriaminchina) gepostetes Foto am


6. While Laurenz doesn’t upload a ton of pictures, the ones he shares are amazing. You can’t help but fall in love with his gorgeous pictures. I want to hike and see these places.NOW!


7. In my list of the Best China Instagram Accounts you can’t miss out on Unlimited China. They handpick the best pictures of you and everybody else who tagged #unlimitedchina in their caption. These pictures are the creme de la creme of China and will give you a serious case of wanderlust!


8. This is a still small, but nevertheless great account. A mix out of everything China. It will drop you right into daily life =) Really am looking forward to keep on following this account and see what more comes! Plus if you tag the account, they might share your pick!


Ein von Travel In China (@china_explore) gepostetes Foto am


9. Number 9 of my Best China Instagram Accounts covers the wild, wild west of China. Endless fields and areas where rarely a tourist gets lost to. You want to see an untouched and authentic China. This is where you will find it. Magical and Wild!


10. Last but not least. My account: Kungfuprincess. How stupid would I be not to add myself into this list 😉 Ok I may not be the best, the list is more the 9 best and me 😉 But I still want to show you some of my pics^^ My account is not strictly about China, but you will find plenty impressions of the scenery, the random things, training in a Kungfuschool in China, Kungfu and the food. So I’d say some of these pictures might give you an idea of why China is absolutely awesome. How about we start with the food 😉


These are my personal favorites!

If you know any other great accounts or you want your own Instagram Account added to the list, drop me a comment, why not make it 15, 20, 30 well even 100 Best China Instagram Accounts!

Otherwise which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you =)


Please share!

The 10 Best China Instagram Accounts! Fall in love with China and it's people! Click To Tweet (if you think this is interesting for your readers, click and share)

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