For those more curious about who I am, here are 10 random facts about me =)

1. I am scared of the dark ( I have a vivid fantasy xD )

2. I am 5.7 (170cm) and feel rather short in Germany –> That’s why I like Asia, there I actually can see over people’s heads.

3. I can’t lie. You will notice right away when I try to. That’s probably why I can’t stand liars xD

4.Also, I can’t stand talkers. If you want to change something, do it, don’t expect others to do the work for you.

5. If I can choose between steak or chocolate, I will always pick the steak.

6. If you try to bully me I will ignore you, trust me I am used to bullies. If you bully someone I love, I will make you regret it. ( Don’t worry, I don’t need physical force to do so.)

7. I am a bit geeky. Harry Potter is my big love and Cosplay the most fun thing ever.

8.The more other people panic, the calmer I become.

9. I hate mornings, don’t try to talk to me before I had my coffee.

10. I am to stupid to keep plants. I nearly killed a cactus, by forgetting to water it for more than half a year xD

Liked them? Well your turn, how about telling me some random facts about you, so that I get to know you a bit better? 😉

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