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So let me guess, you haven’t been running for a while and to be honest your back to Square 1 in terms of fitness and speed. Whatever your reason was, an injury, you where super busy, travelling, just not feeling like it, it really doesn’t matter. It happens to all of us eventually.

And there is nothing more frustrating than having to start at zero when you were used to 100.

So many of us simply don’t start running again.

This was my favorite excuse not to restart running and also because I think it is horribly boring and I can think of so many different things I rather do. Because running just becomes fun once you are good. Then you actually start loving and craving it. Those little highs when you beat your last record or when it feels like you could fly.

But the beginning is painful and annoying and utterly frustrating. But you know there are some things that can get you straight back into running and keep you motivated.

There have been tons of posts about this topic.

So I compiled my own tips and the best advice I found over the web into this nice simple post for you.

Why? Well because I had to get back into running myself. Not because I wanted to, but more because my doctor told me too and I am desperate enough to give this a try.

Because of my migraines I am supposed to start any kind of endurance training and hopefully it will help. Figuring that training in a freaking Kungfuschool 6 hours a day didn’t help, I am a tad sceptic, but I didn’t have much of just moderate endurance training there. So whatever I’ll try. Plus it is an easy way to stay somewhat in shape until I am going back to training in China.

So I can feel you.

The lack of motivation as well as the frustration, the joints that aren’t used to the sport anymore as well as the very sore muscles because you pushed to hard.

Did a 6 km run two weeks ago and because I wasn’t really feeling that tired after 5km I kinda sprinted the last bit and well lets say my but muscles where so sore the next two days I was walking like a toddler who just did his first steps. I feel you trust me and I do the same stupid thing again and again xD.

So first some good news.

You are not going to start completely at zero. It might feel like it, but you won’t. Your muscles remember and they adapt much faster to the training then the first time. But for that you have to start again first.

11 Tips to make your running comeback or to start running and stick with it!

1. Get pumped

You hear me. You need to want it. Wanting to get back to your former glory and look absolutly amazing at the beach in the summer. Get excited about restarting, don’t see it as a chore, but as a challenge. Stay focused and positive. Need more convincing to start running again? How about checking out these 14 very convincing and awesome reasons from Fit & Me.

2. Find a Running Buddy or a Program to follow

Most people are super motivated but then they don’t feel like running once, so they skip and fall straight into the being-a-lazzy-bun- trap. Well you can’t skip  if you scheduled a date with a friend or if you got a bet going. Because who liked to disappoint or lose?! Best if you are both at the same level, so nobody gets frustrated.

Can’t find a running buddy? Try a program. Best a paid program. Why? If you had to spent money on something you are much more likely to make use of it, because nobody likes to waste money.

Or make a bet with your sister, friend, mom, so that you have somebody who will keep you accountable for your running training. Choose your personal buttkicker and listen to them, they are doing you a favor here. Don’t ask for help if you won’t stick with it.

3. Set up a schedule

Write it down. Plan it into your calendar. Or best get a proper running log to keep you motivated. Like this one for example:

Believe Training Journal (Lavender Edition)

Much harder not to train if you got it standing in your little black book. Don’t go overboard. Your body probably won’t take everyday or every second day in the beginning. Start with twice a week. Or maybe even 3 times, but schedule one of them at a more relaxed pace, just to loosen up.

4. Keep your Motivation

There comes the icky part. You started but you are so not motivated, because it is so boring to start again. Well make it interesting.

Search for running stories like Zombie Run or Storys from Runtastic to keep you motivated.

Or treat yourself after every three succesful runs to an ice cream at the great Italian around the corner. Bribery isn’t a sin and if those bribes get you where you want to be, then go and do yourself something good. Or do the opposite. No “Games of Thrones” before you have finished your training.

Whatever gets you into those shoes and out of the door.

5. Preparation

Which gets me to the next point. You are much less likely to skip a training if your running shoes are standing next to your bed when you wake up. Prep all your stuff the day before and put it somewhere where you simply can’t ignore it.

6. Start Slow

I know. You want to fly again.

But that won’t happen.

Even though your muscle memory will allow you to get back into shape much faster, you still lost muscle, endurance and strength. Don’t injure yourself by going to far to fast. No use if you have to take another break.

So start with an easy run and test your limits first. Do Interval training, mix up the lengths as well as the speed of your runs.Variety helps your muscles adapt and strengthens them. Be patient and slowly raise you speed and length of the runs.

It will go faster than the first time, but the most important is to listen to your body.

So if you feel like your joints won’t let you, the running break was very long, you had an injury or you gained a lot of weight during your break, there is no shame to start walking first before running. It builds up your muscles and gets your body used to movement again. Start aiming for those 10 000 steps a day and when you feel like you can take the first step then you can do the transition to running,f.e. runningstrong.com explains you how to do that transition.

7. Go shopping

Well this actually belongs to motivation, but there is no better motivation to start running again then having a new pair of extremely cool running shoes or a great outfit to show off.

First you don’t want to let it waste in a corner and second if you feel like you look good, it is much more fun to do something. You rather show of the hot new outfit instead of the old sweatpants and washed out T-Shirts. Simple psychology. Feel good in your skin when doing something and you will connect that feeling with he actual activity.

8.  Crosstrain

Now I know quite a few runners, who just run. Duh! Which is a bit of a mistake. Because if you want to get back into shape quickly or get good fast, strenght training for the win. By building up strength you can greatly improve your running. If you want to know more about this head over to runningstrong.com, they are the pros on this 😉

In short strength training, but also Yoga, general Fitness, swimming ect builds your muscles, which supports your joints and protects them when you are running. That’s how easy it is. Plus my favorite Yoga will help you to really stretch out those muscles, improving blood flow and flexibility.

9. Hands of Medications

I know it is tempting to use those painkillers to ease the sore muscles and go for another run the next day.


Pain is there for a reason and while we all need to push past our pain threshold to improve sometimes, going to far is just plain stupid.

You do a shitload of damage to yourself and in the end instead of actually improving you just stay the same, because you body can’t fix itself fast enough.

Stop destroying yourself.

Pain tells you something. So listen to it. And I am not the only one who thinks that way. Runnersworld.com has the same opinion.

10. Consult your Doctor

If you start feeling any unusual pain, next to the normal sore muscles, consult your Doctor. As soon as possible and listen to his advice. Running is no use if you are destroying your body as a result.

11. Lastly have fun!

Track those small wins, don’t compare to what you could do in the past. Take it one training at a time and be happy about what you are achieving. You started again. You are running. Be happy and enjoy it 😉

Have a great Day and let’s meet on the next run 😉

Back to you. If you liked these tips, then show me your support by simply clicking on the share button. I’d really appreciate it ^^

If you want to add some tip or got other great ressources which everybody should know about, drop a comment =)

kick ass - tips to make your running comeback
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