Wishing you a Happy New Year =)

Here we go I am back from my winter holidays. And that was a break I really needed. I was watching my favorite TV shows, eating all the stuff I love and sulking a bit that I was in Shanghai instead of home.

Ohh and I went out to Party, so there were some Hangovers involved. The usual I guess =D

Well but that year went by fast..how come the older I become the faster the year passes?

There are many important choices ahead of me this year and lots of stuff to try out and aim for…Next week I will be traveling for a month to find a good Wushu School.

I already booked the flight back to China for March, so there is no backing out anymore, I am going to train Kung Fu again =D

But for this whole thing to work out I actually have to be disciplined for a change and careful not to lose the big goal out of my eyes.

But I ain’t working to good with New Years Resolutions, I never stick to them.

So instead of new years resolutions I set up my goal list. I have a year to fulfill them. These are here to keep me on track.

The aim is clear, study Martial Arts and keep on exploring the secrets the world has to offer, whether  through travel or finding myself.

There are so many things I would love to do. Like painting and actually selling some, writing, travel more, getting a kung fu certificate, finishing my law degree, doing yoga in India…

I hate this, the world offers so many opportunities and things to try, but I have to get there one step at a time and will probably never be able to do it all.

This is a bit frustrating and a pain in the ass. How to decide what I want the most in my life?

This is at least what I want for next year.

Here are my 10 Major Goals:

1. Earn my first 100 Euro with Blogging/Writing

2. Get a Tefl certificate to teach English abroad

3. Write the Cookbook with my Mother

4. Finish my Novel, first draft

5. Photography Course

6. Climb Emei Shan

7. Travel to Barcelona

8. Speak at least Beginner Chinese and be able to read easy texts

9. Daily Yoga and meditation

10. Most important focus on the Kung Fu Training (taking it serious this time)
Well this is what is coming up next year.

So there will be a lot of traveling in China, a lot of training (finally), some traveling in Europe while I am home for a short time.

And the rest, well let’s see what happens. Whatever comes, thank you for joining my journey in the virtual world. We are going to have a blast, that much I can promise =D

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