Wow you landed and now you are in Dublin, Ireland, itching to get into town as fast as possible and storming towards the tourist office to ask for help.


We thought the same, in other cities they were always surprisingly helpful. Yesterday in Dublin not so much.

I asked for the cheapest way into the city, not the fastest, but I just got the tourist offer and the tip to take the airlink express bus. I hate that when that happens, when I clearly state what I want and they just try to sell me stuff, it annoys me quite a bit. No wonder I am always checking everything online first -.-

So the first thing to do is quite simple, especially if you are arriving in the evening, don’t waste your money on the 24h Dublin Card, you are most likely not going to need it if you are staying in the city center, because you can walk everywhere.

1. Find out where the local buses drive from. In Dublin it was area 13, a bit hidden behind the parking area. We took line 16 to O’Connell Street and where right at the river in the city center, but instead of 6 Euro one-way, we paid just 3.30 Euro.

The people on the bus were super helpful and told us when we had to get off the bus.

2. Have the exact change. The local buses don’t give back any change so you always have to take the right amount of coins with you.

3. If you are not on a tight budget (we kind of are) take the express bus and save yourself the long ride 😉

Otherwise the local bus will do just fine ^^

This was just a short and simple information for Dublin Airport. Now enjoy your stay in Ireland and tomorrow I will tell you a bit about Newgrange and Hills of Tara, so stay tuned!

Ps. Did I forget anything, throw everything you got at me and share your experiences with airport transportation =)

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