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We got this planned since forever.And now is always better then later, so my sister and I are starting this challenge on a Friday 😉

I have gained quite a bit of weight, being back home and not being able to train. I was on a no training order until my headaches are under control from my doctor and I finally got the good to go and can start again. But this might get a bit tricky. (Living in the city sucks, gym ain’t an option because they just do 1 year contracts and getting to the park to run takes forever, swinging a sword around in the park maybe isn’t the best idea either).

So what is left? Good old Videos and Bodyweight exercises, well and common sense.

These are free and surprise, surprise, don’t take much space…even better not too much time, because you can do them right here or there or wherever, whenever you got a bit of time.

Who is this 3 Week Fitness Plan for Students for?

I am doing this for all of you people, who are like me always a tad short on money and busy (studying, part-time-work and writing 2 blogs might do that to you, don’t even get me started with my book project xD) .

So we all know busy, but that has been an excuse for too long.

I will prove to you that it is possible to get it all, even if you don’t spent 5 hours in a gym. You are no model. your body isn’t your business. In short no need to be ripped, how about being fit and healthy and maybe a bit toned 😉

You with me?

Great, the Food Plan for the first week you will find here. Because it is Asian, you might have to invest in some spices you usually are not using, but I promise next week will be cheaper.

Let’s get down to the Fitness Part!

3 Week Fitness Plan for Students

So first it has to fit into your schedule and then it has to be something that is free or cheap. What is left is working the training into your daily routine and your body!


1 . Walk!

So no more lifts, escalators or whatsoever. There are so  many people who take the car to the Fitness Studio and then do their thing and drive back, instead of walking those 20 minutes.

I know we all are always busy, but often you will need the same time walking then ,for example, waiting for the Bus. So why not walk instead? Or how about getting off one station early. I swear don’t you dare to take the lift. I am living in the 3 floor too and I will be skipping the lift, the higher the better, see it as “Microworkouts”

And there is a reason why most Sportwatches vibrate after 20-40 minutes of inactivity. When we rest for a longer time, the body becomes inactive too, which leads to a stop of calorie burning.

So remember always keep moving. This will do much more for you then you think. It’s the little things in live 😉

2 .Daily Strength Exercises

Figure out which areas of your body you want to focus on. For me that is Arms, Shoulders and Abs. So I will do everyday Push-Ups and Sit-Ups, Crunches and Planks. My Sit-Ups will vary, everyday another part of the abs, but still everyday!

I know usually you should rest in between, but we just have 3 weeks…this is about seeing results fast!

– Push-Ups (Start with your max. and add 1 everyday)

-Sit-Ups (1.Day Crunches, 2.Day Scissors, 3.Day Sit-Up Punches 4.Day Bike-Riding, 5.Day Sit-Ups and repeat! – again max out how far you can go and try to add some the next time)

-Calf Raises (great in the morning when you brush your teeth or when you wait for your bus – start with your max and add 5 daily, if to easy add some raises on one leg)

– Chair Dips (Start with your max and add 2 everday)

-Plank (Start with your max. add 10sec everyday)

-Horsestance (well I still train martial arts) (start with your max and add 10 sec everyday)

(Total 20 minutes)

3 .Cardio Elements

No proper training without Cardio.

3-times a week my friend^^

All Sit-Ups of the world are useless if the muscle is hidden under a layer of fat. So take your pick.

Bike, Run or go Swimming. It is important that it lasts at least 20 minutes, better 40-60min and that you push yourself. So no slow jog, I want you to be out of breath at the end of your training!

4 .Actual Training

Now the extra training. 4 times a week.

Pick whatever you want to do, best do a workout for the whole body. If you are short on time take HIT- Programs, where you do something fast for a short time, rest and then go again. Otherwise Yoga is great, especially Hatha or other Flow Styles, that keep you moving or plain old Strength Training. Always remember to warm up a bit if it is just strength training. Otherwise go to your football practise, boxing or you name it. Whatever you feel like.

Just do something where you sweat and work out. You have to at least feel that you did something afterwards.

Here are some tips from me. For great free and fun workouts there is Age of Pandora from Darebee , where you play a survivor in your own apocalyptic story, where the exercises match the story. I am doing this at the moment and it’s fun =)

Darbee has loads of other free workout programs too that can give you some inspiration and the best, most are with bodyweight!

Otherwise Youtube is your friend and helper, so many awesome tutorials and fitness programs, I am sure you will find something you like!

Also meeting friends for a football match or dance session counts too and even if you go out for a Party, I will let it count if you dance it all out and do not drink more then one beer. Because Alcohol otherwise counteracts your training results.

Got the rules? Great =) Let’s start this together and see how far we will get.

By the way write your beginning weight somewhere and take a picture, to document the beginning of your journey.

I am starting off with 62.8kg at a height of 170cm and I will upload my picture tomorrow =)

Let’s rock this together and I would love your input and recommendations =) Share this with some of your friends, because together it is so much easier to reach our goals!

3 week fitness plan for students





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