Well you might now, but I am quite headache prone, the come and go…but when they are there, there is not much moving around for me. (Here are my tips, which I usually at home follow when the headache strikes).

Which really isn’t working very well if one is training full-time in a Kungfu School.

So I figured I might as well share the insane ways to cure a headache with you which where not very succesful, but for my roommate, very entertaining.


Just so you can get an idea about just another day in Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, where I am studying martial arts for the next year. (If you want to know more about the School itself, this link will bring you to their Homepage).


It started with me waking up from my siesta with a horrible headache and ending as guinea pig of my Kungfu Teacher, who just seems to love riddles, especially if they are involving any kind of health issues. He will try his best to figure it out and help you to become better…but sometimes ohh well you’ll see 😉

While some tips where less strange, others where rather crazy. Let’s start with the most harmless tip shall we?

  1. Drink Sugary Drinks & Lemon Juice – Wait stop isn’t sugar supposed to cause headaches? Not so sure, but I guess the idea is that I might be undersugared from all the training and my brain simply is asking for energy. Well I tried it and even with the help of Sprite and a Red Bull (I figured I maybe was just in the dire need for coffein) my headaches refused to leave. The lemon I guess is in case of a lack of Vitamin C and maybe to get me away from my slight coffee addiction 😛
  2. Next tip was, make it dark and but a cool towel on your head. Well darkness might help against migraines, but my doctor already stated I don’t have migraines…so it got me into a nice and sleepy mood, but I didn’t really get much sleep xD
  3. My Teacher came in to look after me and I told him all I tried and mentioned the acupuncture points in between your thumb and index finger. That got him thinking and he immediately started googling. Well there is another point under your elbow which is supposed to help. If any of you have pressed any acupuncture points before…it hurts like ****! Even more if somebody is pressing and massaging this single point for about 20 minutes on both arms. At the end I had tears in my eyes and was short before biting into my arm not to scream. My gosh I know why they say this helps, because you will just say your headaches are gone to make the other person stop pressing the point. Well at least my headache was a lot less during the massage, because my brain was occupied with the other pain…but as soon as that was over the headache was back.
  4. Not giving up yet, my teacher went into the kitchen and came back with raddish to stuff up my nose, finely chopped on Q-Tips. Now that was probably the grossest thing ever. But I have to say the idea itself is actually pretty brilliant, if you do not own a normal nosespray. Figuring that I have one this will be a one and only think…no more raddish for my nose -.-
  5. Now  we are back to Stretches. I am supposed to do neck stretches everyday and write down whenever I have headaches and what I have been doing that day that could have caused them.


Well if you think about it  about it we successfully crossed of 5 typical reasons for headaches. First undersugared, second coffein withdrawal, third a classic migraine, fourth a normal headache which could be cured by accupressure and lastly it isn’t because of my always stuffed nose due to my allergic reactions to dust and certain flowers.

So let`s see if we manage to figure out what is causing my headaches and what is curing them. Kinda funny how my martial arts teacher is more focused on helping me, then my doctor at home ever would have been.

This is what I mean with they care for you at this Kung Fu School. Even though sometimes some ideas seem just crazy, it is simply with your best interest in mind.
And who knows, if I actually manage to get rid of these stupid headaches, I am willing to give this all a try. Stretching I can do…but I really pull my line with the radish, that stuff stays out of my nose from now on ( that was seriously a very jucky feeling 😉 ).
Besides the usual headache tips about which I already wrote about before…do you have any absolutely insane sounding tips? Anything your grandmother for example came up with? Share them and tell us if they helped you or if it is just a funny story!
Love to hear from you =)
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