There are millions of books out there, trying to teach you about Kung Fu, but which teach you the real stuff and which are just scam?

I will now present you my top 5 wushu books, 4 of them I own myself and the last one is very well known and get tons of positive reviews.

1. Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin by Jin Jing Zhong (*affiliate link)

This is my absolute favorite!

This books lets you dive in straight into secret techniques and unbelievable stories. It is old and there are no new editions, but it is still accurate and worth every penny.

You need previous experience with Shaolin Wushu, if you practise Wing Chun, Tai Chi or another style, you maybe won’t be able to use it or understand all of it, as there are many differences in training.

At first you will be like yeaaaah sure, so not possible, when you read about the techniques. That is the normal reaction. But there are some amazing martial artists out there.

One of my teachers got banned from national competitions because he pulled his opponents eye out, with his fingers. Then there is a wushu master who is able to do a head stand on top of a nail, one false movement and the nail will pierce through the skull.

All of them picked a set of skills and practised them daily, for years.

This book shows you some of the skills and how to practise them, so that you will be able to do the impossible, too. But be cautious some of the techniques should just be practised with an experienced supervision and all of them should be practised with caution.

2.Analysis of Shaolin Chin Naby Jwing-Ming, Yang (*affiliate link)

This book is all about grappling techniques.

Did you ever shake hands with a person and he had a grip strong as steel? Or did you ever see a situation were one person completely controlled the opponent with just a small hand movement? Grappling techniques are found in every martial art. In china they are called Chin Na.

This book has many great exercises and shows picture by picture how to apply them.

The only negative thing is that you will need a partner to train these.

3. Living the Martial Wayby Forrest E. Morgan (*affiliate link)

Book 3 is not really a Shaolin Kung Fu Book. So why am I mentioning it here? Because it explain the essentials of being a martial artist and being a warrior, better than anything else I’ve ever read.

Next to practical tips on how to train efficiently and how to stay in control at all times, it also offers a little guide on how martial arts training can change your life to the positive and on how to be confident in yourself, not just on the matt, but also while doing business, going shopping, talking with difficult people.

This was the book is a guidebook for me and it showed me my aim, to become a modern world warrior and how it is possible.

He is a bit over the top and maybe a bit to arrogant, but then I think he is just very confident. So you could overlook that part and focus more on what the book is trying to teach you, instead of the authors attitude 😉

So if you like some philosophy, next to some badass training tips and tricks, that is your book to read =)

4. Essentials of Chinese Wushu by Bin, Wu (*affiliate link)

So what now if you don’t really want to do any fighting yourself, but you are really interested in the history?

Book N° 4 is just right for you.

This book was written by a wushu researcher. It tells you all about the different styles, schools, weapons, tournament rules and much more. Also it explains the history and how it all started and what wushu is nowadays.

I give you that the book is quite old. The newest edition being from 1995, but I actually love older books. Less fancy pictures and more useful information.

5. The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to transform your Body, Mind and Spirit with Kung-Fuby Sifu Shi Yan Ming (*affiliate link)

This is the last one on my list. I wasn’t sure about adding this one. It is highly rated at amazon and I was several times close to finally buying it, but something in me always cringes when I look at it. Maybe it’s the perfect pictures or the price.

I have no clue why I am not finally getting that book, because it seems like this book is great for you if you are interested in learning some proper basics and also having a badass workout. And come on peeps, without solid basics you are not able to do the fancy stuff either way.

I will probably get around to it soon and buy that book. Naaa I will probably set it onto my christmas list and let somebody else buy it 😉

These books here were just my personal favorites, but there are so many great books out there, which I haven’t read yet.

When I’ve read them and they are good, I will add them to this list =) Do you have any great Wushu Books or Martial Art books in general, which you think I should read? I am more then happy about every new tip I am getting =)

* this post contains affiliates links, when clicking these you will be redirected to the sellers website. I just add links from products I love and own or have many positive reviews from friends and family.

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