Nothing feels better than an intense workout, if there just wouldn’t be the horrible muscle aches the next day.

Sometimes like when you are training in a Kungfu School you have no other choice but to suck it up and deal with it. Because you are training everyday.

Here are my 5 tips against muscle aches – to get over the worst.

1. Stretch after the workout. For some reason people ignore the stretching often, but it should always be part of your workout routine as it improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles so that they can heal faster. Stretch also when you already have the muscle ache for the same reasons. Just take your time and go with your breaths.

2. What many sports people are doing, they actually take a bath in ice water, which comes of a bit extreme. But cooling down stops the swelling, so you could go for a cold shower or put some Tiger Balm (the white one with menthol) on the muscles that hurt, to cool them down. Do this after the training, before the actual pain comes.

3. Drink Cherry juice (I do not know if this is more of a myths or actual a bit of truth inside, but supposedly cherries help you to get over muscle aches faster. They help the muscle heal. (If it is more a myth, then it at least tastes good and stops the worst sugar craving after the training 😉 ) or eat/drink things with lots of Protein, Magnesium and Calcium…in short eat healthy and try to get all the nutrients your muscles need to heal, especially magnesium.

4. If the muscle ache is already there, warming up will help. No more cooling down. Now the blood has to flow freely, so that the muscles can be repaired faster. Hot showers, red-flower-oil or hot water bottles will help to release some tension.

5. Light training. This is the one I am totally ignoring right now, because there is no light about this training in china, but you do not have to overdo it like me. Go for a gentle jog. Losen up the muscles a bit, so that they do not get all stiff.


And then just keep on Training =) After a while, something pretty cool starts Happening. Your body will naturally adapt to the intense training and you will start to recover from muscle aches much faster.

And you won’t get them so fast anymore either.

So hit the gym, go for a jog or do your exercises, the pain will pass, but the results will be pretty amazing 😛


Btw. do you have anymore tips against muscle aches? Feel free to share them =)



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