So as you know we are having some heavy performance stuff going on lately in Maling Kung Fu Academy.

But what if one of us has stage fright?

What even is stage fright?

According to the Merriam-webster Dictionary Stage write is “a nervous feeling felt by someone who is going to appear in front of an audience”.

How does one cure it?

Me going crayz before the performance ;) Visualise and concentrate is my Mantra^^
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Me going crayz before the performance 😉 Visualise and concentrate is my Mantra^^

First things first, feeling nervous is normal, even the most famous people will have these moments. There is nothing to be ashamed about. But it can really hinder some people from performing.

So here are my fellow students and my Tips and tricks to “cure” stage fright or to at least make the whole situation a lot less frightning^^.

Lets start of with something from my favorite painter Salvador Dali

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

You will never be perfect, there is no such thing, you just can give it your best.

And by the way just to let you know, most of the time the audience won’t even know you made a mistake, if you don’t let them know by your facial expressions 😉 Just you know the whole thing. If it isn’t something huge, like you falling off the stage, you’ll be just fine.

Please try not to fall of the stage, but come on how likely will that be? Get that stupid thought out of your head, you will be just fine and here are some of the tips to cure stage fright from me and some of my fellow students.

  1. Do not drink or eat to much 1-3 hours before your performance. Especially no coffee, icetea or anything else that will make you want to go to the toilet. I can promise you, you will be all fine until you are on stage before it will become uncomfortable. Seems like a cosmic law for these effects to always start when you least want them to.
  2. Jauffrey who is studying in the Kung Fu school since well over a year swears on “Deep breaths, especially on stage” He feels like when he can calm his breath he is able to focus a lot better at the task at hand. Clear your mind and force your body through breathing to relax.
  3. Go through your perfromance or speech in your mind. Picture yourself doing it without any mistakes. Know every movement or word inside out. Preperation is everything. Picture the reactions of the audience you want and tell yourself that you will be perfect at it. Your mind is a powerful thing and often the outcome just all depends on your outlook. You know the whole positive thinking attracts postitive reactions and the other way round.
  4. Your not much for positive thoughts? Some people try to imagine everything that could posibly go wrong. Any even so absurd idea. Think about it when was the last time something you thought would happen, actually did happen? Yeah right?! Life never happens as you imagine it. So with a bit of luck you just excluded pretty much every disaster you could come up with.
  5. FInd a ritual. Anything that will help you focus. Orlando Bloom for example is said to have a routine before his performances in which he reads part of a poem to himself. Lorde seems to have a nap with a blanket she takes everywhere with her before she goes on stage. Beyonce is said to pray with her band. You get my message. Find what works for you and do it as a good luck ritual everytime you hit the stage. Pray, meditate, sleep, eat something special, dance…whatever helps you calm your nerves.
  6. Get your mind of the performance or speach. People are different, while some like a bit of silent time to fully focus on the task at hand, other like to distract themselves. Find out what works best for you. Kasia my roommate swears by having chats with other people, enjoying the atmosphere, listening to music, she prepares best. She prepped all she could, there is nothing more to do last minute. So instead of fussing about it and driving herself insane, she tries to get her mind of the performance until it is her turn.
  7. Gotta envy kids...they just get there stuff done without overthinking it!
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    Gotta envy kids…they just get there stuff done without overthinking it!

    Get a bit of humor going. So what if you fail? So what if people may laugh? Isn’t that a good thing to? Well it might be embarassing at first, but if you really think about. Laughing means people are happy, right? Play with it, accept it, smile, maybe even crack a joke. Finish your show, keep on going and your easy attitude will leave a even bigger impression onto people then a perfect show. Mistakes are human and you have just proven that you are brave enough to keep on going or to laugh about it. You just showed the whole audience that you are a confident person. So what if you tripped? You are not the first, nor the last person that will ever happen to. Don’t be to sirious with your life. What do they say: Shit happens 😉


I know there are so many more tips out there. For example Greg, another students, swear that a drink before hand worked wonders for him. Now I wouldn’t actually advise that, figuring in the worst case it will upset your stomach or you might tumble of the stage, but then I see why it will settle the nerves. Most feel just a tad more brave after a drink.

Also you may are wondering why I am not mentioning the classic, imagine people nacked or as tomatos. Now I think that would be rather disturbing and also depending on your audience maybe inappropriate. Gosh to be honest I don’t see how that is taking away any of the stage fright. But then whatever helps, helps 😉



Which is my cue to wrap this up. I hope this helped you to get over that big ugly monster called “stage fright”. If you have any more tips to cure stage fright I am looking forward to hearing about them. Or tell me if any of my tips would work for you. Just leave a comment!

Have a lovely day and keep on being awesome =)

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