Once in a while I begin to wonder. Why is it that I and so many others, are craving travel so much. How come the last 7 years I stayed nowhere longer then 2 years and keep moving around?

I get itchy when I stay to long, I start craving adventure and meeting new people as much as I start craving the feeling of just me and the road ahead.

What is settling down? And how come it feels like prison for me, but like the ultimate goal for others?

Maybe I haven’t found home yet, but I don’t think that’s what it is.

I am a nomad at heart. The road belongs to me as much as I belong to the road. There is this saying that ‘not the end is the goal, but the way ahead of us’. We learn who we are, by the ways we take to reach our goals.

But I don’t have a goal, I like to wander and float around.

Some say that I need roots, everybody needs a home. But what if you don’t feel any connection to a special place? Home is where my family is, but that could be all over the world.

There for sure are places that I prefer more than others and where I could imagine settling down, but I can’t say if I would stay forever. If I could be content with just going on short vacations and trips instead of wandering around for longer time?

China definitely isn’t my place to settle down, as much as I love to travel here…it is a stepping stone to my future and I am pretty sure I will be back over and over. There just is this connection which I can’t explain.

Ireland I actually could imagine living, I actually felt somehow at home there, the same feeling I had in the US, maybe France or Italy…but not settling down yet…

Maybe I only can settle down if I find the right person, but maybe I need a person who is as much a wander as I am, who can fully understand me.

The world is full of wonders and I intend to see them all. I want to drive over the oceans and climb the highest mountains. I want to sleep under the stars and ride on horseback through the deserts. I want to play Indiana Jones and go on adventures as much as I want to relax on a beach or visit Art Museums all over the world.

I am curious what the world has to offer and I feel it pulling me in all the directions, like a leave in the wind, once here, once there.

Those everybody have it? Or am I strange?

I need to wander, it seems like that is what I am….I am a nomad in a world full of settlers.


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