A little Quicky for this Friday.

(If you are curious about how we celebrate in Germany click here).

So you are going to spent Christmas or the Pre-Christmas time in Germany? Well there is one thing you shouldn’t miss!

The German Christmas Markets!

This markets are the best thing ever.They are always in the middle of each city or village (some just have it over one weekend, bigger cities have them over several weeks, some have one market, others have several at different locations).

No matter how cold, these are always outside.

Lots of stands selling all kind of delicious hot food and mulled wine (2.5-4 Euro for one cup), hot chocolate and other drinks which will warm you up right away.

They sell christmas decorations, wooden toys and other special gifts.

Music is playing, sometimes there are singers and also different organizations, school classes and sport teams sell sausages or pancakes, home-made Christmas cookies or other things to earn money for their cause.

In general you go there with friends or family to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

Me and my family last year, at the Christmas Market in Esslingen.
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Me and my family last year, at the Christmas Market in Esslingen.

Some are medieval markets, which I love the most.

All the people selling there are dressed up in medieval clothes, they serve traditional medieval food (which is absolutely yummy) and honey wine(3,5 to 5 Euro for one cup). Ask for a Cub of Met, that’s how it’s called.

By the way when you buy something to drink, you usually have to pay a deposit for each cup. Something between 1-3 Euro, which you will get back when you return the cup, it’s called “Pfand”. Or if you like the cup, just keep it as a pretty souvenir 😉

There are shows for everybody to watch and different games for the kids, like archery, pony riding or some rides.

One Medieval Market has even a hot tub, like they used to have in the bath houses at that time. So you can chill in a hot tub at the christmas market, while other people walk past doing their christmas shopping 😉

By the way my favorite one is in Esslingen, which is close to Stuttgart. If you have the chance go there and enjoy it.

Famous none medieval markets are in Nürnberg, Dresden, Lübeck, Berlin and Rostock. Well and in pretty much any other big city 😉

By the way, the entry is always free (I know of no market where you have to pay an entry fee).

If you are in Hamburg, you maybe want to check out the Pink Christmas Market, trust me it will be an amazing adventure 😉 ohh Cologne has a Pink Market too, but that one is sadly really tiny.

All in all these markets shouldn’t be missed, they are perfect to get you into the christmas mood. Just get yourself a “Glühwein” and enjoy the lights 😉


Did you ever go to a German Christmas Market? How did you like it? Leave a comment =)

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