Why Tai’Shan?

It is one of the 5 holy mountains in China, symbolizing the Celestial Kingdom and as such it is an important part of Chinese History, besides the fact that it is pretty damn beautiful and a welcome change to the industrial cities.

And it is the place where Chinas emperors paid tribute to the Heaven and Earth and one of the oldest palaces in China can be found there.

Besides that who doesn’t want to climb 6600 stairs for a great view? (
If you are more lucky than me, I went there two years ago and well not much of a view and in the morning it sadly didn’t clear up either, just me and my luck-.-)

How to get there?

There are several Night Trains from big cities in the area to Tai Shan Train station. The fast trains stop at Tai’an Train Station. Tai’an is the city at the foot of the mountain.

From there take a taxi, which is a much more relaxed way.

Or do it like I did (read about it here if you want to have a good laugh) and take a Bus if you are feeling adventurous and know some basic Chinese. Bus 18 brings you from Tai’an Station to Tai’Shan Train Station and the Bus Station. From there you can switch to other lines. Guessing you will go to a Hostel or Hotel before, check beforehand which Bus you have to take. Nr. 7 and 8 will bring you to the International Youth Hostel. (Do yourself a favor and make a picture of the Chinese name before hand, to ask for directions)

From most Hostels it is a short walk until the Stairs up the mountain start.

How much does it cost?

Entry fee is actually quite reasonable. It seems to be 127Rmb in high season and during the winter time it is 102 Rmb. I guess they have student discount, but I couldn’t find any information and last time I paid the full price because I didn’t have a student card.

Besides that accommodation on the mountain varies. You can either rent a tent, which is what we wanted to do first, but it was freezing up on the mountain, there even was snow (we went in March), so we rented a Dorm Room instead.

If I remember it right it was 100Rmb per person for the world most crappiest Dorm. Otherwise prices go easily up to 300-400Rmb.

If you don’t care much about the Sunrise, there are Cable Cars, so you just have to hike one way and take the Cable Car for the other way. If you are going to climb up or down is up to you 😉 The cable cars cost 100Rmb One-Way.

Best stay a night in Tai’an and let your Hotel/Hostel help you, so that you can find the best solution for you^^

Some impressions

But enough talking, how about I show you some pictures?

UPDATE 17.1.16

After I asked Kiah if it was ok if I uploaded her picture on my Blog, she sent me some pictures and insisted I had to upload them, otherwise parts of the story would be missing 😉 So here w go, 3 amazingly embarrassing

pictures of me =)

What else is to do in Tai’an?

Well actually not that much, but there is the Dai Temple, a pretty huge and pretty awesome place. Want to have a look? Check out this post =)


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