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this is me explaining German Carnival Traditions.

Aschermittwoch = Ash Wednesday

You are going to be in Germany during the Carnivals Season but you are confused about what is going on which Day? First some Basics: Carnival is also called Fasnet, Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval or the 5th Season.


When is “Aschermittwoch”

Ash Wednesday is the official end of this season, the dates change everyday year.

  • 2018 it will be the 14th of February
  • 2019 it will be the 6th of March
  • 2020 it will be the 26th of February
  • 2021 it will be the 17th of February
  • 2022 it will be the 2nd of March

What is “Aschermittwoch”?

This Day is the official start of the Christian Lent, 40 Days before Eastern. This is to remind of the 40 Days Jesus spent in the Desert.

So why Ash? And what is the connection to Carnival?

Ash always has been a sign of repentance in the church. It is to remind us that we are merely human and to lead us back to the church and how all life has an end and beginning.

The Day is purposly the last day of the Carnivals Season, where everybody goes crazy one last time, before the lent.

What happens during ” Aschermittwoch”?

For you Carnival People this means that often the night before or on Ash Wednesday people say goodbye to the Carnivals Season and this often happens with (fake) crying and a nice bonefire, to burn all the sins away, we commited during the Carnival season.

My tip for this Day:

COLOGNE – The Tuesday Night before Ash Wednesday, the people will meet in the streets in front of several pubs and carry Hay Puppets, the so called “Nubbel” to a bonfire. The crowds will scream and blame the “Nubbel”‘s for all the Sins they commited during the crazy times and in the end when the bonfire burns, everybody sings the last Carnivals Songs together. This is trule a spectacle which I wouldn’t want to miss.aschermittwoch

Otherwise in some regions everybody will meet up for a Fish-Lunch and eat together one last time. Fish obviously simbolizing the beginning of the Lent.

Also it is known as the “Political Ash Wednesday” and all over Germany political parties meet up and have big talks. Which are actually quite entertaining if you speak german, because they are as straight forward as usually never. A true verbal wrestling match!


So this means there won’t be a lot going on, but it is still quite interesting to witness the tradition, if you are just in the right area.

I would recommend Nord-Rhein-Westfalen for the Carnival Season, but there is something everywhere in Germany to be found =)

Enjoy and let me know about your exeprience !

Your Kungfuprincess ^^

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